Dawat E Ishq:A swasan ff part 7


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part 7

3 days passed and sansker didn’t come to work.On fourth day swara went to office.Mr. bose called her.

Mr. bose:Look ur partner didn’t come today too!The next wedding is coming near.You have to plan for that!Where is he?

Swara:I don’t know sir…his phone is off too!

Mr. Bose:Look..if he doesn’t come then u have to start ur work soon.

Swara:But how can i do all alone?

Mr. bose:Then look for him!He admitted his address while applying for the job.Here is the address.

He gave swara a paper with sansker’s address.Swara took it.

Swara:I will go there alone??
Mr. Bose:Toh kya mai tumhare sath chalu??

Swara:No sir…okey i am going.

She went out with that address.

“First of all he behaved like a jerk with me!Then he didn’t say sorry,then he went missing,now i have to go to search him!Wah…wow!”swara murmured with irritation.

“Looks like i am going to apologise to him for his mistakess!”she continued murmuring.

She looked to the sky.

“Hai bhagwan…aap hamesha uske side kyu lete ho?He kept insulting me and u made me talk with him first!At least I owe a forgiveness right?”she said looking at the sky.

Then she took a long sigh and went to the road for a taxi.She gave the driver the address of sansker.

She got a call from laksh on the taxi.

Swara:Hello laksh
Laksh:Where r u?
Swara:Sir told me to find that idiot..i am going to his place now!

Laksh:Idiot?That sansker ?

Swara:Yeah…ur masterpiece!

Laksh:Do u want me to come with u?

Swara:No it’s okey..i can handle.

Alt that time the taxi stopped and the driver told that they have reached the destination.

Swara:I will call u later laksh..i have reached there.

Laksh:Ok heartbeat…take care.

She cut the call and came out of the taxi.She was in front of a white building.In one of the apartment of the building sansker lives.At least that is written in the paper.She showed the guard the apartment number and he showed her the direction.

After some time she was in front of the door of the apartment.She knocked the door but nobody opened it.She called sansker’s name but no response.

She opened the door…it was not locked from inside.There was dark inside…no lights.The room was also not so clean.

She called,”Sansker”

But no response.She went to the bedroom.She found a figure lying on the bed.

“Sansker?”she called not being sure.

She turned on the lights and saw the figure is sansker.When the light fell on sansker’s face he shouted.

“Who the hell turned on the lights?”

“First tell me why the hell r u here now?”

Sansker sat on the bed.

“Swara?What r u doing here?From where did u get my address? ”

Swara:Yes i am swara.I am here because we have a new wedding to plan together and u were missing.And sir gave me ur so much important address so that i can hunt u here and take u back to the work.


Swara:Ohh???I gave all the answer of ur questions…now ans me…why were u absent for last 3 days..and what r u doing in this dark room?This apartment stinks!How can u even live here?

Sansker:God…swara!!Stop shouting on my ear!

He covered his ears with hands.

Swara:Only if u give my answer!

Sansker:Okey…first of all my apartment doesn’t stink!

Swara:I doubt that!Because it is smelling like rotten eggs.

Sansker:May be the eggs r rotten in the kitchen.

Sansker:Will u let me complete?

Swara:Yeah tell me.

Sansker:I was absent because i had fever.

Swara:For 3 days?
Swara:Did u go to doctor?

Sansker:I hate hospitals.
Swara:What?That was the reason!!Comeon…u will go with me now!

Sansker:No way!

Swara started to drag sansker and took him out of the apartment.

“I said i don’t want to go to doctor! Leave me swara.”sansker kept shouting while swara kept dragging him outside.

She made him sit on the taxi and told the driver to go to the clinic.

“Why r u taking me to the hospital?I don’t want to go!You want to take revenge?Then do something else.I won’t go to hospital..pls”sansker kept saying all the way.

All swara could answer him was “SHUT UP IDIOT”

The reached the hospital and swara took him to the doctor.

“He won’t inject me right?”sansker whispered to swara.

They were sitting in front of an old typical doctor.Looking at his face i seemed like he will catch every child and inject them and then will laugh at their pain.Sansker was feeling exactly the same.

“If it is needed then he will”swara whispered.

Sansker:I am afraid of needles!
Swara looked at him weirdly as he said something insane.

Swara:So that’s the reason? U don’t hate hospital.. u r just afraid of needles?

Sansker sighed.

Sansker:Yeah…now my secret is open to u…last time i was injected in 7th class.And i fainted on the spot.

Swara:Seriously??I watched on movies and serials that heroines r scared of needles…but always thought that baseless bakwaas.But in real life…u r the first man i know who is afraid afraid of needles.

Sansker:What to do?It’s truth!Hell…why have i told u that even?Only my family knows about that…not even my friends!

Swara:Really!You r really confusing me about ur gender.In jail…u felt like the inspector is checking out u…nd here u r behaving like a girl!What r u actually?Boy or something else?

Swara raised her one eyebrow.Sansker rolled eyes at her.Suddenly swara remembered something.

Swara:Speaking of family…where r ur family members? I didn’t see them in the apartment!Where r they?Do they know that u r sick?

Sansker was silent for a moment.

Sansker:No…they don’t live here.

Swara was going to ask something else about hus family but stopped listening the doctor’s voice.

Doctor:You r having seasonal flu.I have written the medicines here.I will give u injection now…i hope u will be allright within 2 days.

Sansker panicked hearing the name of injection.

Sansker:No…i won’t take the injection.

The doctor looked at him confused and then looked at swara.Swara smiled a little at doctor.

Swara:He will take the injection sir.

Sansker closed his eyes and holds swara’s hand tightly as the doctor was injecting him.Swara looked at him and then his hand.She wanted to release his hand from hers.But for some odd reason she didn’t.She thought of some movie scene.

“In movies always the girl holds the boy in this situation.But here the whole scene is opposite!He is really weird!100% imperfect! i should be angry on him now…but seeing his action…i can’t be!He is more like a child the cover of an angry young man!”swara thought silently.

Her thought was disturbed by doctor’s voice.

Doctor:You can take him home now.

Swara nodded and started to get up from the chair.But then noticed that sansker was still holding her hands and closing eyes.

“Ye phirse faint to nehi ho gaya!”she thought.

She nudged sansker a little.He opened his eyes.

Sansker:The injection giving is over??

Sansker:But i didn’t feel that!

Swara:That is normal…now if u leave my hand then we can go back.

Sansker left her hand and quickly stood.

“Sorry”he muttered.

In taxi while returning

Both were silent.At last sansker spoke breaking the silence.

Sansker:Why did u do that?

Swara turned to him.

Sansker:Coming to my home,taking me to the hospital..

Swara:Because i am a human being!
Sansker:You should be angry with me!

Swara:Oh really?And why for?(sarcastically)

Sansker:I behaved rudely with u at the party after wedding.

Swara:Oh my God!You realized that ur behaviour was rude??

Sansker shrugged.

Sansker:Yeah…i know!I shouldn’t have pour the drinks on u…and obviously shouting on u was rude.

Swara:I am honoured as u realized!Now what should i do?

Sansker:You shouldn’t check on me…u would have left me there…that would be normal!

Swara gave him an unbelievable look.

Swara:Really ur thoughts r also abnormal like u.I did what a human should do for a human in crisis.And don’t think i forgave u.I am still angry with u!

Again there was silence for some time.At last sansker spoke.


Swara looked at him widening eyes.

Swara:Whay did u say?I have gone deaf or u just said sorry?

Sansker rolled his eyes.

Sansker:I said sorry.And i thought u r deaf already…how can u become deaf again?

Swara:Unbelievable!U insulted me even while saying sorry!That explains that ur sorry is also fake!And u don’t know the meaning of sorry.

Sansker:What..i know..

The taxi stopped at sansker’s place.And swara stopped sansker in the middle.

Swara:Get out of the car sansker.


Swara:Get out idiot…ur apartment is here.


He gets out of the taxi.Swara lowers the glass and almost threw the packet of medicine on his chest.

Swara:Take this medicines..and wish that u will be more rude to me after this help!Bye!

Sansker:Sorry swara…i was being jerk…i am…

But the taxi already moved.

“Shit!”sansker muttered stamping his foot on the ground.

The next morning

Swara came to office at time.She first went to mr. bose.

“Sir..sansker didn’t come in this three days because he was ill.And he will join soon”swara told standing in front of mr. Bose

Mr bose:Yeah…he has told that.He has joined today too.

Swara:What!He is here already?That too so early?

Mr. Bose:Yeah. He is here…he was waiting for u.U have to plan for wedding.

Swara nodded and came out of his office.She was face to face with sansker as she came out.Sansker tried to talk to her but swara ignored and walked past to him.

After some time a chipd came to her and gave her a bouquet of white roses.The girl ran from there after giving her the bouquet.

“Laksh is here?”swara thought after taking the bouquet.

She found a paper written “SORRY” in that.She looked around and found sansker.

He mouthed sorry to her.She ignored and looked away.She looked at him again and found him holding ears and mouthing sorry again.

“Not so easily buddy!U made me suffer a lot!Now it is my turn!”swara thought.

She kept the bouquet on the table where she was standing and walked away from there fully ignoring him.

After a long time right?Sorry if u frogot the story already!What do u think?Swara should make him suffer like he did with her?Or she should forgive him that easily?

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