Dawat E Ishq:A swasan ff part 6


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Part 6

All the wedding rituals got completed but sansker didn’t come yet.Chris and flora exchanged the ring.Swara was looking for sansker.

“He had gone a long time ago.Why didn’t he come yet?Washroom mein ja kar mar gya hai kya?Let me check “swara thought.

She was going to search sansker.But laksh stopped her.

Laksh:Where r u going?
Swara:To check on sansker.Cowdung flavor khane ke baad use diarrhoea toh nehi ho gya!

Laksh:The dance is going to start soon…and i want to dance with u.


Ragini came in between.

Ragini:Di..u stay here…ur good-for-nothing bf needs u.I will go check on sansker.

Laksh frowned.

Laksh:R u helping me or insulting?
“Both “ragini told before going to washroom.

Laksh dragged swara to the dance floor where other coupless were dancing.Swara was dancing with laksh but her mind was on sansker.

Sansker was washing his mouth till now.He used mouth freshner,chewing gum…but it seemed like the smell of cowdung was stuck in his mouth.

“Why is not this smell going?Lagta hai pura India mei jitne cows hai..sab ka cowdung mila diya laddu mei!”sansker told with irritation.

“There was no cowdung sansker!”

Sansker looked back hearing the voice and found ragini leaning against the door of the washroom.

Sansker:Then what was it?

“Cowdung flavor “ragini said coming towards him.

Sansker sighed in relief.

Sansker:Why did u lie then?

Ragini:Just to teach u a lesson.Next time if u try to play some prank on di…remember this.Next time flavor nehi…real cowdung milega.

Sansker:U r joking right?

Ragini:Nope…i am damn serious

Sansker mentally was aafraid hearing that.Ragini stopped for some time and observed his thoughtful face.

Ragini:Now stop thinking and come with me.

Sansker nodded and went behind her.

“I will definitely take revenge of this prank!”sansker thought.

When they both came to the dancing area,all the couples were dancing.Swara was dancing with laksh.Ragini looked on the other side seeing them both together.Sansker noticed this.He went near her.

“From when did u like him?”sansker asked ragini.

Ragini startled hearing this.

Ragini:What r u talking about/?
Sansker:Don’t lie.You like him…i can see that.

Ragini:I don’t like laksh!

Sansker laughed.

Sansker:I didn’t take his name.

Ragini:I don’t like anyone.

She avoided gaze with him.Sansker thought of something and dragged her to the dance floor.

“Come on…dance with me”he said grabbing her wrist.

Ragini resisted but she had to go with him.Swara looked them both dancing.

“That’s why i hate the L word.It only gives pain…just like u r in pain now!”sansker told while dancing slowly with ragini.

Ragini:U can’t even say the word love..then how can u judge that love only gives pain?

Sansker twirls her and pulls her again.

Sansker:I saw many people suffering for this.U r another example…the person u like,is in a relationship with ur sister.

Ragini smiled weakly.

Ragini:Sometimes..happiness comes from seeing ur loved ones happy.

She saw swalak dancing together and smiling.She showed it to sansker.

Ragini:I am happy..cause the both person i love r happy with each other.But u won’t understand..cause u r not in love.

Sansker was in deep thought.Suddenly the song changed and their was announcement of changing partners.Sansker released ragini and laksh released swara.Swara ended up on sansker’s arm while laksh got ragini as partner.

Swara scrunched her face seeing the partner.

Swara:Tum??I don’t want to dance.

She tried to go but sansker pulled her by wrist and placed a hand on her waist.He guided her hand on his shoulder.

Sansker:Dance toh tumhe karna hi padega miss idiot!

Swara:You r such a disgusting person!

Sansker:You know what?No girl has ever said me disgusting person.

Swara:Ohh..seems i am the first one to tell u the truth.

Sansker:No..u r the first girl i am not flitting.
Swara:So u flirt with every girl?
Sansker:Ummm…kind of!
Swara bit her lower lip.Sansker saw that.
Swara:Then why didn’t u flirt with me?
Sansker:Kyu ki…
Swara:Kyu ki …kya?

Sansker made her turn within his hand and placed his hand tightly around her.Her back was pressed against his chest and he placed his mouth near her ear.He whispered on her ear,”Kyu ki flitting se darr nehi lagta miss idiot…L word se darr lagta hai.”

He told this line so dramatically that swara couldn’t resist to laugh loudly.

Swara:U changed the dialogue too!!

Sansker again twirls her around and made her face towards him.

Sansker:Ab kya kare?I can’t say the word!
Swara:Come on sansker…it’s not so hard!You can say this…say L-O-V-E.Say with me.

Sansker:I can’t.

Swara:You signed in contract saying that u will help me winning the challenge and i will help u.You have to say the word.If u can’t say love…then how can u realise it’s meaning?

Sansker:Simple…i don’t want to realise.

Swara shook her head in disbelief.Then she dragged him out of the dance floor and stood near the drinks area.

Swara:What’s ur problem sansker?You have to say today…utter with me..PYAAR…tell.

Sansker:I can’t tell this swara..don’t push me!

Swara:Why?U r not a dumb…!!Tell with me!LOVE…if u can’t then i will think u a coward.

Sansker’s temperature started to rise.

Sansker:Swara stop it!

Swara:No i won’t…say LOVE…if u r a normal person..then why can’t u say that?

“Because i don’t believe in Love!”sansker shouted.

He didn’t realise that he has just told the word love.But swara did!

She nearly jumped in joy.

Swara:Yayyy…u said the word!U uttered love.My one mission is completed…now u will soon believe in love!

She patted his shoulder.Sansker so angry on himself for saying that word!He didn’t know how the word slipped from his mouth.But this girl…she is the reason for it.He couldn’t control his anger.

He took a glass full of cold drink and poured it all over swara.Swara was shocked!How can a civilized human do like that?

She pointed an index finger to him

Swara:You blo*dy…

Sansker:Keep it to urself!

He turned and went without saying any other word.Ragini ran to her leaving her dance.

Ragini:How dare he di?Why didn’t u say anything to him?
Swara:He didn’t give me a chance!

Laksh also ran to her.

Laksh:What just happened?

Swara:Just drive me home!(irritated)

Swara was sitting on the bed and recalling the incidents.Ragini came there with two cups of coffee.She handed over one cup to swara and sat beside her.

Ragini:R u angry till now?Just forget it di!
Swara:How can i ragini?Didn’t u see?First he talked rudely on the first day we met,left me alone on the road,then he shouted on me at the mall,he kept misbehaving with me all the time and i didn’t say anything.I always forgave him.Thinking that he is a rude man…he doesn’t know how to behave!But do u know what he told me today?

Swara:He flirts with every girl..except me!That means he knows how to behave well..but he intentionally keep fighting with me.

Ragini remembered her conversation with sansker.He was being a gentleman then.

Swara:This time he just crossed his limit!He poured the whole glass of drink over me..that too without any reason!And he never told me sorry for any of his mistakes!

Ragini:Tell me one thing di…why did u always forgive him?Why didn’t u just avoid him?
Swara:Because he is my partner for God’s sake ragini…moreover i took a challenge that i will make him believe in love.You know that i hate to lose challenge.But now..i have had enough.I just don’t care about him now…and not about the challenge

Ragini:If u took the challenge then shouldn’t u fulfil this?Losing on that doesn’t mean that he is right? That love doesn’t exist?If u turn ur face from him,then it will make u like him,who believes in hate more than love.

Swara:But he should realise his mistake and say sorry right?

Ragini got up from the bed.

Ragini:I just told about my opinion…u do what u want to do!

She then went out of the room leaving swara in deep thought.

“Ragini is right…but my decision is also right.I won’t talk to him till he says sorry.He has made enough mistakes.He has to say sorry that much!”swara thought.

Just then her phone rang.She took the phone and saw sansker’s name.

“See…now he is calling me to say sorry.I won’t receive the call”she told to herself.

The phone cut after ringing.Sansker called again.This time too swara didn’t receive the call.She expected more call from him but he stopped calling after that two calls.Swara kept the phone aside being disappointed.

The phone rang again.She quickly received the call without seeing the name.

“If u called to say sorry then i am telling u that i am not convinced.You have to try hard so that i forgive you”she told after receiving the call.

“What have i done now heartbeat?”the caller said.

Swara was surprised to hear the voice.She saw the screen…it was laksh.

Swara:Laksh you!

Laksh:Yeah..i called to say u goodnight…whom did u expect?

Swara:I thought it was sansker…never mind!
Laksh:You r thinking about him more than me nowadays!

Swara:No no…nothing like that..u r my first priority laksh…don’t think like that.

Laksh:Arre..relax swara…i was just kidding..chill!

Swara exhaled deeply.

Swara:Thanks God…i thought…
Laksh:What?I doubted u?I can never doubt on u heartbeat…i know u love me…and i trust u…


Swara got involved in a deep thought after cutting the call.Laksh didn’t ask her anything…but why did she start to explain herself?Was she afraid that she was doing something that can put her loyalty at stake?This sansker was making her mad.

“Laksh trusts me…i can never cheat him!How silly i am thinking about this!”she thought.

The next day she reached her office,and as always..she didn’t find sansker.She ignored it thinking that he always comes late.But when she was assigned with the decoration of another wedding and sansker didn’t come yet…it made her little angry.

He didn’t come at the end of the day too.Mr. bose came to swara.

Mr. bose:Ur partner didn’t come today…u have to make preparation…but see ur partner..he came late that day,argued with me..now he is absent today!

Swara:May be he had some problems sir!

Mr bose:He should at least call me!He didn’t even bother to tell me that he wasn’t coming!

Swara:I will call and talk to him sir.

Mr bose shrugged and went from there.Swara called sansker’s number.It was switched off.

“Hell with this boy.I had to hear so much for him!”she told angrily.

She came home after work and didn’t try sansker’s number again.

Next day she went to office again and sansker was absent that day too.She again tried his number and found it switched off again.

Same happened the next day too.Now she became a little worried.

“Sansker is absent for 3 days…what might happen to him?Phone bhi bandh hai!”she thought.

Screne freezes on swara’s worried face.

Precap:Swara went on sansker’s place and shocked to see something.

That was a long part right?What do u think?What happened to sansker?And do u think that swara should forgive sansker easily? Tell me in ur comments.

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