Dawat E Ishq:A swasan ff part 5


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Part 5

Swara entered the office inhaling deeply.She had to confront sansker today.He had proved a part of his challenge.But till today,she couldn’t make him understand a little bit of love lesson.

“Where is sansker?”she asked jenny.

“He hasn’t come yet.”jenny replied vaguely.


“he called in 5:30 in the morning but he didn’t come yet!Why is he so late?”swara thought.

She then went to her work.Only two days left for the wedding.She had to go shopping of necessaries for decoration but this idiot sansker didn’t come yet.

“I will fire you!U r always late!”

This shout made her startle a bit.She looked back to see the reason and voice of that shout.She found sanskar standing there frowning and looking everywhere but Mr. bose who was shouting over him.When shouting was beyond the volume a human could tolarate,Sansker shifted a little,Placing hus both handa in both ears.

Sansker:Why r u shouting like a dog?Kutta ne kaat liya hai kya?

All people present there were shocked hearing his reply.Mr. Bose waa beyond shocked.

Mr bose:What!You called me a dog?How dare you!

Sansker:Firse galat sun liya…i said u r shouting like a dog! i can understand why u r so deaf..because ur own shouting damaged ur ear!
Mr bose:I am ur boss!Do u remember that?
Sansker:Haan haan..pata hai…that’s why i am saying.Chilla chillake mujhe bhi apni tarah deaf bana dogi toh treatment ki paise bhi apko hi dena parega.

“Wow…first he is late,and now he is arguing unnecessarily.Seriously he is a masterpiece!” swara murmured under her breath.

Mr bose:You r fired!!Go away

Sansker:O hello…u can’t fire me like this!In our contract paper it is written that if i join here,i have to work for at least 3 month!So u can’t fire be before 3 months!

Mr. bose was fuming in anger.But sansker’s point was correct…that thing made him more angry.He left from there.Swara came near sansker.That time Sansker was cursing under his breath.Swara waves a hand in front of him.

Swara:Oye hello!!
Sansker:Arre miss idiot!How was today’s gd morning?
Swara:Why did u do that?
Sansker:This ia just beginning babes…age age dekho hota hai kya…by the way i am one point ahead now!
Swara:Hell with ur challenge…tell me why were u late?
Sansker:Wo i woke up late!

Swara scrunched her forhead hearing that.

Swara:Late!!You called me in 5:30!And u were wide awake then.So what does that means that u woke up late?
Sansker:I didn’t got up then..i went to bed then.I slept after cutting the call.
Swara:Hein??What did u do the whole night then?OMG!!R u a thief really??I had a doubt but now i am confirm.You tried to steal that car too!!!

Sansker:Stop talking rubbish miss idiot!!Listen it’s my habit of being awake tye whole night.I have insomia.
Swara:Ohh..that’s bad!
Sansker:Yeah…only who keeps awake the whole night…he knows how does that feel…it’s like the silence tries to absorbs u…u feel alone in the world…sometimes it feels like ur breathing will stop….i feel like…

He was saying this as blurting out all his heart..all hus pain…swara was listening to him carefully…she felt like there is something which made this boy like this…she just had to know that.Seeing her strong gaze on him,he stops talking.He realized that he was telling his all his heart to her which he didn’t want.

Sansker :Why r u watching me like this?Don’t u have work?
Swara comes oit from her thought.
Swara:Yeah..we need to go shopping.
Sansker:Let’s go then.

“We should use the white and blue balloons..what say?”swara asked.

Finding no answer from sansker she looked on his side.And found him watching something with lots of emotion in his eyes.Swara llooked at that direction.A women around 30 years was in that shopping mall with her son.The mother was giving the boy some toys.The boy was jumping on joy amd hugged the lady.Lady placed a kiss on her son’s forhead smiling.

Swara smiled seeing the scene.She looked at sansker again.He was still watching them with hardened expression.She placed a hand on his shoulder.He startled and looked at her.

Sansker:What were u saying?
Swara:That’s called Love.
Swara:Love between mother and son.

Sansker:I can’t understand what u r saying.
Swara:That lady and her son,whom u were watching.Sansker..love isn’t always between a boy and a girl…love is a bond.It has different name according to different relationship.That is mother’s love.

Swara:Ohh pls…that is just show off..nothing else…that lady is showing just the world that she cares for her son…nothing else.

Swara:Why will a mother show off?
Sansker:Because they want to be great mother in others eye.

Sansker didn’t meet her eyes while saying all this.Swara noticed the anger on his voice and his reddened eyes.

Sansker:Let’s go from here..our shopping is done.

Swara just nodded and went out with him.

“R u planning to wear that dress?”ragini asked as swara was checking on her black dress.

Swara:Yeah!Ye dress thik nehi hai kya??

Ragini:Worst choice di!First tell me who told u to wear this?Your dumb bf??
Swara:No…sansker told me that it will be perfect..as the bride will wear white.If i wear black then black n white will be great combination.

Ragini hits her forhead with palm.

Ragini:He has fooled u di!Christians wear black in funeral…not in wedding!They will be angry if u wear this!

Swara was shocked and angry.

Swara:What!!How dare he! wait..abhi batati hu!

She takes out the phone to call sansker.But ragini takes away the phone from her.

Ragini:Arre wait di…uska cls toh mai lungi…first of all we have to find u a western dress.

Swara nods and ragini smiles evily.

On the wedding day of chris and flora.

Sansker was checking on all the arrangements.Everyone reached on the church except swara.Sansker looked at the watch.

Sansker:Kaha rehe gyi ye ladki! i had to check on all the decoration!When will she come wearing that black dress?It will be fun to watch miss perfect to wear the most imperfect dress.Hahaha!

Just at that time he feels everyone looking at the entrance.They were murmuring among themselves seeing the person there.They were all awestruck seeing that person.Sansker followed their gaze and looked at the entrance.His mouth hung open seeing swara there.

She was wearing a blue floor touch sleeveless gown with silver colour design on that.She was wearing silver colour earings and the pendant which ragini gave her.Her hair was open.They were flying with the wind.She was looking like an angel.Sansker’s heart skipped a bit seeing her.

Le lawaan main jind vech ke
Je mera sajan mill jaaye
Aaye jaaye dil teri janib
Aana jaana lagta hai wajib
Ishq mein tere dil hai musafir
Bhoola dhadkane teri khatir
Hai ye waaste tere haazir
Ishq mein tere dil hai musafir
Neendein bhi le gaye
Mujhe yun de gaye
Bechainiyan.. bechainiyan..

He felt a strange feeling,like he never felt before.He started to walk towards her.She was also coming to him.

Aaye jaaye dil teri janib
Aana jaana lagta hai wajib
Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein (x2)
Din dhadakne lage hain tujh mein
Saans lene lagi hain raatein
Kal talak lafz bhi nahi thhe
Aaj hone lagi hain baatein

Meri tu ho gayi
Tabhi toh kho gayi
Tanhaiyaan.. tanhaiyaan..
Aaye jaaye dil teri janib
Aana jaana lagta hai wajib
Dil musafir hai tere ishq mein

At last they came face to face,but their expression were different.His was amused,and her was angry.She waves a hand in front of him.But he kept staring at her with open mouth.

“Mu toh bandh karo uncle!”someone said from swara’s back.Listening the word uncle he came to sense.He looked past swara.Ragini was standing with cross armed.

Sansker:I am not any uncle!

Swara:Then what?Grandpa??

Sansker rolled his eyes to her.

Sansker:In which angle i am looking like an uncle?

Ragini:Ohh sorry…u don’t look like uncle…u r looking like grandpa.

The both sisters started to laugh and shared a hi five.

Sansker:Swara…why r u taking her side?Who is she?

Swara:O hello…she is my sister ok?And how dare u to tell me to wear black dress here?U knew that black is not allowed in wedding?
Sansker:That means u r that sister who…
Ragini:Who told u that she will kick ur ass and feed u cowdung.Yes..i am that sister.

Sansker gasped hearing that.

“Why r u torturing this young man too baby girl?”

They all looked behind and saw laksh standing there.He came and put a hand around swara.

Ragini:I am not a baby!

Laksh:Okey…u shouldn’t torture him like this!
Ragini:U r right this time…i am sorry sansker..look mom has sent this laddo for u..plz forgive me and take this laddo.

Sansker was confused seeing her sweet behaviour.He hesitantly took a laddo from there.He took a bite from that.After chewing that he realized that it was not a normal laddo.It smelt like cowdung and it’s taste is very disgusting.He throws out them from mouth.

“What is this?”he asked with a disgusted face.



Then he didn’t wait a bit to run to the washroom.Swaragini shared another hi five and burst out laughing.

Laksh:This is ridiculous!Cowdung??Have u gone mad?

Swara:Chill babes..that wasn’t cowdung.

Then she remembered how she and ragini added the cowdung flavor and some bad tasting elements in that.That’s why it’s taste was bad and it smelt like cowdung.

“Now he won’t dare to take panga with me”swara told in a determined face.

Precap:Dance in wedding.

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