Dawat E Ishq:A swasan ff part 4


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Part 4

“Swara hide me behind u,that inspector is looking at me for past 2 hours”sansker whispered to swara.

Swara looked at sansker and then to the inspector.He smiled foolishly to her.Swara returned the smile awkwardly.Then she returned her eyes to sansker.

“That fool is smiling disgusting sweetly at me for past 2 hours and u r saying me that he is looking at u?I mean what do u think of urself?Miss India?Oops sorry mr. India?”swara asked mockingly.

Sansker:U r mistaken!He is checking on me.I think he likes me!

Swara raised an eyebrow.

Swara:Do u think he is a gay?Or u r a gay?
Sansker:May be he is!That’s why i am saying to hide me behind u!
Swara:No..i think u r a gay!He is looking at a girl..and u r thinking that he is looking at u!
Sansker:I am not a gay!
Swara:Huh..how can i believe/?
Sansker:U can check if u want..u know!(with a mischievous smile)

Swara made a disgusted face.

Swara:Chii…u r such a disgusting person!We r behind the bars for past 2 hours for u!And u r talking rubbish!Do u have any repentance?

Sansker nodded his head negative.

Sansker:Ur boyfriend is coming to rescue us right?
Swara:Will u stop talking pls?My head is hurting!

They were sitting in the floor behind the jail for past 2 hours.But sansker had no headache about that…he was arguing with swara over at whom the inspector is looking at!

Suddenly their eyes fixes on the pair of legs which was approaching towards them and stopped just before them.They looked up and saw laksh.Swara stood up immediately.

Swara:Thanks God laksh!You r here…i was feeling suffocated with him.

A police came and opened the cell.Swasan came out.Swara hugged laksh immediately.

“Uff typical boyfriend girlfriend “sansker murmured.

Laksh didn’t say anything,he just eyed sansker weirdly.They came to the inspector who was quite disappointed right now!

“So…ur brother freed u two”the inspector said glancing swara tip to toe.

Laksh:Excuse me…brother?
Inspector:U r her brother right?

Swara and laksh looked at each other and then to the inspector.Sansker burst out laughing.

Swara:Do we look like brother sister?

Inspector raised an eyebrow.

Inspector:So what’s ur relationship?
Laksh:None of ur business sir!Thanks for releasing them(with a tight smile)

They started to leave but inspector called them.

“Miss swara,u can call me anytime…i will be at ur service”inspector said placing a card in her palm.

Swara looked at tge card and gave him an awkward smile.Then they left the police station and entered in laksh’s car.

Laksh sat in the driving seat and swara beside him,sansker sat in back seat.Before starting the car laksh opened his mouth.

Laksh:Will someone tell me how did u two got here??

Swara looked at sansker and he looked at her.Then it goes to a flashback.


Swara was standing where sansker told her.Here sansker walked through the road and found a traffic police there.He went near him and gave him a broad smile.Police looked at him confused.

Sansker:Sir,ur dress is very pretty..looks like adjuct police dress…u r looking like real police.

Police:What r u saying…i am a traffic police.

Sansker:Seriously?No no…u r joking right?
Police:Why will i joke??I have my ID card!

Sansker:ID card??I will not believe until i see it!
Police:Don’t try to create a scene..i am a real police…go away or u will be in trouble.
Sansker:See…i knew u have no ID card!U r just an actor!

Police got angry and took out the id card and slammed it on sansker’s palm.

Police:This is my id card and i am a real police…samjhe tum??(shouting)

Sansker looked at the card with wide eyes.Then looked at the stick on his hand.

Sansker:That means that stick on ur hand is a real one?

Police:Yes!!And this whistle too!!Now go away and don’t disturb me!

Sansker:I have to hold the stick and the whistle too…i am still confused if u r real or actor!

Police gave the whistle and the stick to his hand angrily and shouted,”Now do u believe???Ab ja yaha se aur mujhe shanti de!”

Sansker grinned showing all his teeth and said,”I am going buddhu raam!”

Saying this he started to run with the id card,whistle and the stick of the police.The police was shocked and started to run behind him.

“Arre mera ID card deke ja badmash”he shouted while running.

But who cares?Sansker didn’t stop and as the police was little fat,he easily left behind.Sansker reached the place where swara was standing.He gave the shocked swara a quick nod and ran to the left road.After some time police man came there.

As swara was the only person standing there,he asked swara where the person went?Swara showed the right one without uttering a word.She was too shocked to say anything.

After the police was gone,she also ran left,until she found sansker.He was standing on the road with the whistle and the stick.She came near him and rolled her eyes.

Swara:What have u done?Why was that police running behind u?
Sansker:Umm…nothing..i just stole his stick,whistle and id card.

Swara:What??!!What will u do with this?

Sansker:See this!

Swara narrowed her eyes and stood there crossing arms.Sansker played whistle and gestured through the stick to stop as a car was passing.

There was only a boy around their age who was driving the car.He stopped the car and opened the glass.


Sansker leaned to him and showed him the id card.He was covering the photo in that with thumb.

Sansker:I am the traffic police here,and i can see u r driving in a drunken state.So get out of the car and show me ur license.

Boy:First of all i am not drunken…secondly if u r a police then where is ur uniform??

Swara started to cough hearing that.

Sansker:Umm..i am not wearing any uniform because..um…i am doing the job of bodyguard of the daughter of Deputy commissioner right now.See she is the daughter of deputy commissioner.

He pointed to swara.The boy narrows his eyes and looked to swara.

Sansker:Ma’am tell him..
Swara just nodded like a puppet.

Sansker:Now come put and show me the license.

Boy came out of the car and stood in front of them.

Boy:First show me ur id card.

Sansker gave the id card to him.He examined the card and saw that the photo doesn’t match with the person who asked him to stop.

Boy:But the photo doesn’t match with ur face!

He looked up for am answer but was surprised seeing no one there.Sansker and swara qas already board in the car and sansker already started the car.

“Oye..my car!!Thief!!”The boy shouted running behind the car.

“What have u done!We will bee in jail for this!I am not doing this! i will say u kidnapped me.Put me down.Stop the car mad”swara keeps shouting on his ear.

Sansker:Shush!!Will u let me drive?

Swara:No!Stop the car..right now.

As sansker was talking to her looking at her so he didn’t see the car coming from opposite.When he saw,it was too late!He pulled the break and the car stopped hitting a tree beside the road.It gave the car some damage but they were not injured.

“Shit”sansker murmured.

Swara:See..i told u..now they will catch us..what will we do?

And it happened like swara assumed.The owner of the car reached them running amd he handed them to the police.

The police only gave her a chance to make a call and she called Laksh.He came after getting the call.And found them arguing over who is the police checking out!

Flashback end.

Laksh hit his head to the driving wheel hearing their antics.

“It’s all because of him!”swara told.

Sansker:It wouldn’t happen if u didn’t keep shouting over my head!


Laksh:Stop it guys…swara..u r practically a car thief now..who already went to jail…and mr. sansker..all because of u.

Swara:I have not done anything baby…don’t leave me…pls.
Laksh:Who said i am leaving u?If u r a car thief then i love a car thief.

Swara became happy and hugged laksh.Sansker scrunched his face seeing that.

Sansker:If u r done with ur romance then start the car.

They pulled apart and laksh started the car.They dropped Sansker at his apartment and went to swara’s home.Laksh walked with swara to the door.As usual ragini opened the door.

Ragini:Thanks God di..u r home!We were so worried!Ur phone was also switched off!Where were u??

Laksh:Go swara..now answer ur baby sister..i am going.

Swara:Thank u soo much laksh.

Ragini was confused.But before she could as anything…swara hugged laksh and remain in that position for some minutes.Ragini felt uneasy seeing them like that!She was feeling like an hour has passed but they were not pulling apart.So she coughed.

Ragini:If u r done with romance then u can let each other go from the embrace…because i am too much young to see The Dirty Picture movie here!

Swalak pulled apart being embarrassed.

Swara:What is this ragini…mind ur language!
Ragini:What would i do?U keep hugging amd kissing ur boyfriend in front of me…and ur this boyfriend always tells me a baby!So what will i say?

Laksh:Uh-oh…i think i should go now l…bye swara…and no need to be angry baby girl..u r really too young to see all that!

Ragini opened her mouth to give some strong answer but laksh was gone!Swara rolled her eyes to ragini who turned her face.

“What??U were in jail??”ragini exclaimed in shock and disbelief.

They were sitting in swara’s bed and swara told her all the story.

Swara:Yes..all because of that sansker.
Ragini:I think he need to learn some lesson…i will show him!

Swara:Calm down ragini ..and pls don’t tell anything to mom dad..they will be worried.

Ragini:No worry..i will not tell them…u take rest.And..uh…sorry for the rude behaviour…u know na i loss my temperature in front of laksh.
Swara:It’s okey..i am sorry too!

She smiled.Then ragini turned the light off and went from the room to let swara sleap.

At 5:30 in the morning swara’s phone started to ring.Swara turned on the bed side lamp and looked at the table watch.

“Why laksh called so early? He always called at 6:00 am.”she murmured seeing the watch.

She closed her eyes again and found the phone in the bed and received it without seeing the number.

“Good morning heartbeat…wake up..it’s already morning.”

Swara:Why so early laksh?It’s only 5:30.I will wake up at 6:00.

“Don’t be sleepy head baby…waking up early in the morning will help u to maintain a perfect figure!U have to do yoga too!”

Swara:You wake me up saying this every day!U know that i am conscious of perfect figure!

Swara got up and sat on the bed.Just then the person in the other side of the phone burst out laughing.

“That was an easy guess miss idiot! i must say i can guess perfectly.”

Swara’s eyes were widen and she was far out of the sleep.She saw the phone screen and saw that it was sansker on the call not laksh.


Swara hit her head with the phone.

Swara:Why did u call in this time and why r u talking like my boyfriend?
Sansker:Because i said that any boy can do what ur bf does…that doesn’t mean that he is in L term with u!

Swara:What do u mean?
Sansker:See…ur bf will call u now and will say just the same thing i said…so what’s the difference between me and him?I amm not in L term with u!
Swara:Stop saying love the L term!
Sansker:We will discuss that later..now listen what ur bf says.He is about to call u..i guess…bye!

He cut the call…and swara was confused.Well what was that?

Her phone rang again and this time ot was laksh.She picked up the call.

Swara:Hello laksh..

Laksh: Good morning heartbeat…wake up..it’s already morning.

This was the same line which sansker told a bit ago.She was too surprised to give a reply.Hearing nothing from her laksh spoke again.

Laksh: Don’t be sleepy head baby…waking up early in the morning will help u to maintain a perfect figure!U have to do yoga too!

She was again surprised.These lines are also told by sansker.

Swara:Why do u say the same lines every morning laksh?
Laksh:Then what will i say?
Swara:This words r so boring! i am hanging up!


Swara cut the call giving no chance to laksh say anything.Her mood was already spoilt.She couldn’t digest the fact that sansker was right!The relationship which she thinks perfect..is actually a boring thing according to that person.Her brain started to ache as she thought the possibility of being him right!Was she losing the challenge?

Phew…done with all adventure…did u like that?Or hate that?Pls do comment to share…it makes me disappointed seeing less response….u can tell me if it is boring..cause i would like to hear criticism.

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