Dawat E Ishq :A swasan ff part 3


Hii guys…Thanks for the comments in last part…aand sorry for not replying them…Here is a new part for all of u..

Part 3

Swara’s POV~

I was standing there in the rain,without any umbrella and a ride.I was completely drenched in rain.But i was not feeling cold.The only thing i was feeling,was anger.I was feeling like an idiot to come with sansker here.

It was turning into a dark night and No other taxi was ready to give me a ride.Being frustrated,i took out my phone and dialed the number which was in my heart.He picked up the call in second ring.

“Hlw heartbeat,what’s up?”he asked softly.His voice was soothing.

“Laksh…i need a ride!”i said without wasting a minute.

“What happened heartbeat?Why r u so worried?”he asked being tensed.

“This is being dark and i have no ride to go home.Come quick”i said.

“Just tell me the address…i am on my way”he said further.And i heard him starting the car.

I told him the address and within 15 minutes,he was here…to pick me up.I entered in the car and told him the whole story.I thought him to be angry.But he was calm.

“Forget that heartbeat…he is a jerk.”he said calmly.

How can he be so calm after hearing this stupid incident with his girlfriend?But laksh was always a peace maker.

“How can i?I am leaving the job tomorrow..or i will ask mr. bose to change my partner.”i snapped at him.

“Calm down baby…u can’t leave a job for such a useless people.This is ur dream and it is important to understand the work being here.”he pointed.

Literally he was calming me.I looked at him with affection.How can a person be so perfect?But laksh was.He was perfect for me.

We met by an accident.Me and ragini were crossing the road where ragini was a little ahead than me.When she looked back to search for me,a car almost ran over her.But the driver pulled the break before it hit ragini.It didn’t give so much injury without some small scratches to her.

And from that car,came out an angel.Laksh!Though his driver was driving the car and the fault was ragini’s,he kept saying sorry for hundred times.Ragini kept bursting out her anger on him but he was silent.He just kept saying sorry.

I liked him on first glance.Then we met again and became friends..then something more than that.He never gave me any chance to complain.Day by day i am falling more in love withth him!

“We have reached to your house”laksh’s voice brought me out of my thought.

We were in front of our house.He got out of the car and opened the door for me.

“Thank u…come inside “i said.

“No..i am not going to face ur baby sister’s rage at this hour of night! “he said with a fake afraid expression.

I forced him to come inside.Ragini opened the door for us.Her jaw dropped seeing me in that condition.And after that,that happened what laksh said.He had to face my baby sister’s rage.

She shouted over him without knowing the reason of my this condition.As usual…laksh didn’t say anything and listened her shouting quietly.

“I always told u not to go with him in night..u never listen di!”she snapped.

“Calm down ragini…i didn’t go with him.In fact without him i couldn’t come back home!He drove me home.”i said.

Her anger calmed down after hearing me.But it felt like she is always angry at laksh.

“Tell him to go!U can’t invite him inside at this hour of night!”she snapped again.

I gave laksh a quick peck on his cheek before he went back.Ragini stormed out from there suddenly.I couldn’t understand her sudden leave from there.

“Don’t mind..u know her right?”i said laksh softly.

“It’s okey..i just can’t understand why she hates me!”he asked me.

Then he waved me bye and went out.I changed my clothes and lied on the bed thinking about sansker.His rude behaviour to me.This person doesn’t believe in love.I felt pity on him thinking that.I need to take the noble work of changing his mind.

I think that is some reason behind this rude and idiotic behaviour.I need to change his thought to change him.

“From today,mission changing his thinking about love starts”i said closing my eyes for sleep.


I was determined to start working on my challenge once i entered to the office.I was sneezing continuously from morning.

“You look sick!”jenny said with a concerned face.

“No i am okey…where is sansker?”i said followed by another sneeze.

“Bless u!No ur partner didn’t come yet!”she said.

“Talking about me?”

We both looked back hearing the voice and saw sansker in black t-shirt and white jeans.As far as i remember he was wearing black last day too…but that t-shirt was different.He is fond of black colour i thought.
We both looked at each other and sneezed at the same time.

“You both r partners in sneezing too….Wow!!swara talk to ur partner …i have some works!”jenny said before going.

POV ends

“We need to talk”swara said with a sneeze.
“About what?”sansker asked.

Swara:About last night…u abandoned me alone during rain and didn’t try to look back!(again sneezed)

Sansker:Why will i?Am i ur bodyguard?
Swara:I went there with u!
Sansker:So what?U said that u won’t come with me!
Swara:I said and u left?Didn’t u think once that leaving a girl at night in that time is not right!?(again sneeze)
Sansker:I just followed ur wish!And stop sneezing…it’s irritating!

Swara gave him an unbelievable look.Sansker just shrugged.

Swara:It’s all because of u…i caught cold because u broke my umbrella.Don’t u think that u should say sorry?
Swara:U r such a jerk!
Sansker:Thanks for the compliment!

Swara shoke her head and took a deep breath before starting again.

Swara:Okey..i forgave u for this time.Don’t dare to do the same in future.
Sansker:I don’t need ur forgiveness and i will do the same if this situation come again.So it is better if u stop talking about that…and we r here for work..not gossip.
Swara:Ok…there is no use to talk with u!
Sansker:So don’t!Simple!

Swara:But the irony of fate is i have to talk to u!
Sansker:Only for work…i don’t like to talk with u about anything else.

Swara:U have to!
Sansker:About what?
Swara:Our challenge.
Sansker:What challenge?
Swara:To make u believe that love exists in real life.

Sansker:Oh… that?U will lose.
Swara:I never lose!U will lose.

Sansker:Okey…let’s see.

Swara:I have some rules for that challenge.
Sansker:What rule?

Swara:We will agree in some condition.

Sansker:Tell me the condition..i will think.

Swara:We will answer all the ques honestly to each other…will always give the full chance to each other to proove our side,Will never cheat…and will do whatever we ask each other to proove our side right.

Sansker:Okey..i will try.
Swara:No try..u have to sign in this paper…so that next time u can’t say that there is no rule like that.

Sansker:R u insane?I will sign paper for this stupid challenge?
Swara:Oye..i am not insane…i need everything to be perfect in this challenge.

Sansker:I am not gonna sign.

Swara:Then i will think that u r loser.


Swara:Then sign this!

Sansker took the paper and signed that without looking.Swara took the paper and smirked.

Swara:So..let’s start with ques..first me…why u don’t believe in love?
Sansker:Because it never exists.

Swara:What made u think like that?

Sansker:I have seen many people taking advantage of this L word..and breaking heart of innocent people.

Swara:Give me an example.

Sansker’s jaw clenched and his hand fisted into a ball.Swara noticed this.

Sansker:The example is personal…i can’t tell u that.

Swara:Umm..okey..now ur turn..u ask me.

Sansker:Why do u believe in L word?
Swara:Because..i have found that in real life.
Swara:My parents love me,my sister loves me..moreover my soulmate..Laksh loves me more than his life.

Sansker:Laksh?That boring person?
Swara:He is not boring!
Sansker:I can tell u what he does..he calls u in early morning when u wake up,tells “I L you” gives u hug when u meet,gives u ur favourite colour flower on date,talks u at night before going to sleep and again tells ‘i L u” blah blah blah!
Swara:That’s what every perfect couple do!

Sansker:No..any boy can do that u know..that doesn’t proove that he is ur so called soulmate!
Swara:Any boy can’t do that!
Sansker:Oh..please..any boy can!

Swara went in deep thought.That time mr. bose called them both.They went to him.

Mr. bose:U two will go to the designer now…she will show u some designs of dress..u have to choose one for flora.

Swara:Okey sir.

They both leave for the designer show room.They reached there by taxi.Swara chose a designer dress for the bride.

“When will we get the dress?”swara asked the designer.

Designer:After two days ma’am.

Sansker:Did u select any dress for u?
Swara:No..i will wear from my collection.
Sansker:Do u have a western dress?
Swara:No..i will wear desi dress!
Sansker:U r the wedding planner and u will wear a typical Indian dress in a Christian wedding where everyone will wear western!That will be imperfect right?
Swara:That’s true!What should i wear?
Sansker:Select any western dress from here.

Swara took some dresses and showed them to sansker.Sansker rejected all of them.Then he took a black dress and gave it to her.

Sansker:This will look perfect on u!
Swara:Black!Black means colourless! I won’t wear black!
Sansker:I thought this will be a perfect combination..thr bride will wear white and u will wear black!Perfect black and white!

Swara:U think so?Okey..i will take the black dress.

Then she purchased the black dress for herself.

“Now u will see what is perfection!Christians wear black in funeral..and u will wear it in wedding!That will be fun to watch!”sansker thought and smirked.

They waited for the taxi on the road..but there was none!Swara received a call from ragini.She picked up the phone.

Swara:Haan ragini..bolo.

Ragini:Di..there is a traffic strike from 4 pm.U will not find any taxi…no vehicle except personal car will be available.

Swara:What r u saying?It’s already 4:30.How will we go now?

Ragini:Call ur boyfriend!
Swara:He has a meeting till 6:30.How can he come?Moreover it will take 1 hour to drive from his office to here.How can i wait for him?
Ragini:Umm..who is with u?
Swara:Sansker..my partner in this contact.

Ragini:Give the phone to him.

Swara gave the phone to him.Sansker took the phone.

Ragini:Listen whoever u r!Just get my di home safely…otherwise u will face a lot of problem.

Ragini:Hein nehi haan.I know ur name already and i will complain to police that u have abducted my di!So don’t dare to leave her in middle road.Otherwise i will kick ur ass and feed u cow-dung!Now give the phone to di.

Sansker gave the phone to swara with a shocked expression.

Swara:What did she tell?

Sansker:That she is a murderer.


Sansker:Hein nehi haan.Now stop talking..i have to think how to get home.

Swara:Let’s ask for lift.

Sansker:No use!Nobody will give a ride!

Swara:We can try!
Sansker:U try..i am not gonna destroy my energy.

Swara made a face and tried to ask lift..every car passed her..nobody paid any heed to her asking hand!Swara gave up hope and returned to sansker where he was standing with a mocking smile.

Sansker:Done with ur lift asking?
Swara:At least i tried!What did u do?

Sansker:Nothing…now see how i get u home.

She took her to the part of the road where it was divided in two different roads.Swara was confused.

Swara:Why did u take me here?

Sansker:Just stand here and when anyone asks u in which road i have gone u will show the opposite road.


Sansker:Listen i will come running after 10 minutes and will go to the left.If anyone asks u which road i had gone..u will say to the right.


Sansker:Just do whatever i said..and yeah u will run to the left too…after the person ran to the right.

Swara:What r u going to do?

Sansker:Uff..u ask too much!Just do ur job miss idiot.

He went from there and swara stood there confused.She had no idea what this mad was going to do!

Precap: Adventure!

Do u have any idea what sansker was going to do?Guess guess! I am not going to tell!!
Tell me how did u find the chapter?Good or bad?Tell me in ur comments….And wishing Eid mubarok to u all…in Bangladesh today is Eid day!Have a great day!

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    1. Chaitali

      Thankd shreya..i will think about it…love connection was a special ff…i can’t damage it’s name without a nice idea for it’s story..if i get any idea….then i will surely write season 2

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    2. Chaitali

      It’s okk prakriti…no need ro say sorry..i am glad u commented in this part!

      Yes..i am from Bangladesh…i really need the good wishes to deal with that boring medical subjects!

      And u too take care…love u loads!

  6. Srivarsha

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    1. Chaitali

      Hey shan..swara is angry with sansker…but she is doing all this for that challenge….u will see her anger on upcoming parts…i assure u sansker will be tired saying sorry to her!

      1. Abirsha

        Wow…. Thanks soo much dr…. Then no pblm…. Update next asap….

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      Thanks laddo…in wedding…let’s see what swara does after knowing the truth!

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