Dawat e ishq: A swasan ff Part 2 (the challenge)

Hi friends…chaitali is back with a new update Before starting i want to clear one thimg…this is swasan ff…don’t be confused seeing swalak first.

Part 2

Swara was sitting in the bench and recalling the incident with sansker.She was being more and more irritated seeing the cactus.Suddenly someone keeps hnads on her eyes.
Swara:Who is this?
Person:Guess who?

A smile forms in her face.
Swara:Laksh!How do u know that my mood is off today?

Laksh releasess his hands from her eyes and sits beside her.

Laksh:Mood off?I didn’t know…i just came here to give u the gift…
Swara:Gift!Show me!

Laksh takes out a beautiful watch from a box and swara jumps in joy.
Swara:This is beautiful!
Laksh:Now don’t say me that ragini has gifted u watch too!

Swara smacked on his arm.

Laksh:Ouch!What’s that for?
Laksh:Now tell me..why is ur mood off?
Swara started to tell the whole incident from morning.
Swara:And he gave me cactus as gift!

Laksh started to laugh hearing all this.

Swara:Stop laughing!Now i have to work with him.

Laksh:He is a masterpiece…i must say!Now i am eager to meet him.

At that time sansker came there.

“Talk of devil,devil comes…here is ur masterpiece “swara whispered to laksh.

Sansker:Listen miss idiot…

He stops seeing laksh.Laksh furrows his eyebrows.

Laksh:Hey…i am laksh…laksh taneja!Her boyfriend….we r going to get engaged soon!
Sansker:So u r mr. idiot of this miss idiot?

Sansker:Actually ur gf told me that her name is idiot…so what can i do?
Laksh:Her name is swara!(with little anger)

Sansker:Ohh..toh miss swara…boss is calling u…he has got another contract of wedding.I just came to call u…bt seems u r busy..so come after romance!And nice to meet u mr. taneja!

Both swalak watch him weirdly as he goes away.

Laksh:Masterpiece! !

“So…this is a Christian wedding…so u must plan for it sincerely.Swara u will go to see the venue.They have selected a church.You and sansker will see the venue today and will decide how to decorate it!And u will meet the bride there..so u will select her dresa too.”Mr bose says to swara as all r gathered to listen him.

Then he distributed all others work.

“Uff..now i have to stick with this idiot!i am having worst birthday ever!”swara murmured to herself.

“Hello miss idiot!”

She jumped in surprise as someone shouted on her ear.She looks her side to see sansker.

Swara:Stop calling me that!U knoe my name now!
Sansker:U didn’t tell me yet! So how can i believe that it is ur name?

Swara:Okey fine….my name is Swara Gaddodia…i am 21 years old…i am working here for 2 months…and now i am stuck with some idiot as working partner….Do u want to know anything else about me?


Swara:Now let’s go!


Swara:To the church!
Sansker:Jo hukum..miss gaddodia.

Swara groans and started to go..sansker follows her.

“i can’t go inside “sansker says as they reach to the church.
Swara:Oye hello…i am not going to decorate it alone!You will help me in that…so u have to see!

Sansker:I will help from outside.

Swara:You have to go inside.Come.

Sansker’s jaw clenched and his hands fisted.He was trying to control his rising anger.

Sansker:I am not going inside miss gaddodia! i hate going inside this places
Swara:What places?
Sansker:Temple,church…i never go there…why am i telling u this! i am not going inside and this is final!

Swara thinks this is the time to take recenge.

Swara :Look…i don’t like to mix the personal matter and work…u don’t like going that’s ur personal matter…u have to go as it is ur work!Now let’s go!

She holds his hamd and drags her inside the church.They meet the bride and groom there.

Swara:Hi…u must be flora..i am swara..ur wedding planner.And this is sansker..my partner.

Flora:Ohh..ur life partner?

Swara felt embarrassed.
Swara:No no…my working partner.
Sansker was silent.He was feeling like running from there.He didn’t want to stay in church.

Flora:I am sorry…this is chris..my fiance.

They shake hands.When chris forwardssl his hand to shake with sansker,he was too absent minded that he didn’t notice.Swara waves a hand in front of him.

“Back to earth!”she says.

Sansker comes back in reality and shakes hand with him.

Swara:So..flora..what kind of dress would u like to wear?
Flora:White…the ones which everyone wears..but the design must be uncommon.

Then they talk about the wedding,the decoration and about the food.After knowing the important things swara asks flora how did they meet.

Flora:We met in college.He used to like me..but couldn’t tell me!
Swara:Aww..then what happened?
Flora:I could sense that he liked me..but always wanted that he would talk to me first..then on the last day of college…he called me and took me to the garden and proposed me.
Swara:Aww so cute!

Sansker’s POV~

The stupid Christian bride was telling her most stupid story…Her L story…hell..i can’t even mutter the word!The L word.It was getting boring for me.

Moreover miss idiots stupid “aww” was adding more irritation in that.How can a girl be so typical…She was telling like The L word is the best thing in the world! i just hated that word.

And over that i was in a church…where people come to pray.I hated to go to that kind of place too.So i couldn’t bear anymore and walked outside…or i can say ran from there.I could feel miss gaddodia’s gaze on me.But i didn’t care.

It was raining outside…i stood there,drenching in rain.I stood there untill a high pitched voice shouted all over me.Ughhh..i hated that voice.

POV ends.

“Why did u run from there?”swara asked.

Sansker:I was hating the conversation.
Swara:We were just talking about her love story…how cute couple they r right?

Swara told in a dreamy voice.Sansker scrunched his face seeing her like this!

Sansker:Eww..u girls r so dreamy and stupid!
Swara:How can u say us stupid?
Sansker:Because u believe in L word.
Swara:L word?
Sansker:Yeah..the word u say in every minute!
Sansker:Yeah..that word!i hate that word.

Swara:So u don’t believe in love?
Sansker laughed at that talk.

Sansker:I believe in what exists..and that L word u r talking about…don’t exist in world!
Swara:Love exists mr. sansker…and i have seen that in real life!
Sansker:Oww..really?So give me an example!
Sansker:Look at that couple.. they love each other…and they r happy!That’s because of love!
Sansker:Nope…think with brain..they r marrying because of some reason….because of some self motive.

Swara crossed her arms against her chest.
Swara:And what’s that?
Sansker:That..i don’t know..but one thing i can say that they r not marrying because of L word.

Swara:If i can prove that love exists?
Sansker:U can never proove that..not to me!
Swara:Ok..i give u a challenge…i will make u believe that love exists!
Sansker:Only in movies!
Swara:No…in real life!
Sansker:Then i will make u believe that tge L word doesn’t exist in real life.

Swara:Challenge accepted!

Sansker sneezed at this time as he was drenching for a long time.

Swara:Uh…we should go now!Our work is done!

She took out her umbrella and stood on the road waiting for a taxi.Sansker came under her umbrella as he didn’t have any..and he was freezing.Swara moved from him and denied to share umbrella.

Swara:Don’t dare to come under my umbrella!
Sansker:What!How rude! if i can’t use the umbrella then why will u?
Sansker:Matlab this!

He took the umbrella from her hand forcefully amd broke it and threw in the road!This gave swara so much anger.

Swara:How dare u!U broke my umbrella!
Sansker:We r partners right?So everything equal equal!
Swara:You moron…
Sansker:Nah…no gaali…partner…

Swara fumes in anger and stamped her foot.At that time sansker stopped an auto,and gestures swara to enter.

Sansker:Come on partner…let’s go!
Swara:I will not come with u!
Sansker:As u wish…bhaiya…chalo!

Swara was shocked seeing him gone!Ge left the alone girl in the middle road at the time of rain and didn’t look back.

“How disgusting “she muttered.

Precap:Mission believing in L word.

I know this part is kind of boring..but deal with that only for 2 or 1 episode…it will get interesting then….share ur views by ur comments….and let me know about ur thinking!

First tell me how many of u r in sansker’s side in this challenge?And how many of u r in swara’s side?I am in the side of love….take care..bye!

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  1. Vyshu10

    nice…i m on swara’s side

  2. Awesome and I’m in the side of swara.

  3. I’m seriously going rotfl! Why do I think that Sanskaar dusnt believe in love bcz of Kavita? Anyways, that’s just a guess! Read ur epilogue, it’s just amazing….I bet!

  4. Jwala

    don’t dare to call this boring ha.. I loved it.. I was laughing on sanskar’s pov.. poor guy.. swara will teach him what L word really means. . superb dear..

  5. Jwala

    and I’m in side of sanskar.. hehe. otherwise poor guy will be alone..

  6. Soujanya

    Awesome…. Update soon

  7. awesome episode!!! I am on sanskar’s side!!

  8. Deeksha

    It’s awesome dear….. Loved it… Continue soon……

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    Its awesome….. Its not at all boring dr…. I m om swara’s side

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    It was veryyyyy nice???
    I loved it. Sanskar’s POV was tooo good.
    So he doesnt like spiritual places also???
    Does this have any connection with his past?????????
    Waiting to know everything????
    It was not boring at all.?
    I am on ur side that is sanskar’s side but as u r on love’s side than i am on that side too????
    So i am on both sides??
    Waiting for nxt?
    Love u bro????

  11. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Outstanding dear doctor bro.I am in sanky side bcz I don’t believe in love.Actually,in real love doesn’t exist. It looks good in stories and movies.Heart beats (like ipkknd), it’s all fake from my pov.

  12. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Outstanding dear doctor bro.I am in sanky side bcz I myself don’t believe in love.Actually,in real love doesn’t exist. It looks good in stories and movies.Heart beats (like ipkknd), it’s all fake from my pov.

  13. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. I’m with sanakar

  14. Awesome and I’m on Sanskaar’s side

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