Dawat e ishq: a swasan ff Part 1(Happy birthday miss idiot)


Hi guys….chaitali is back with the first part of new ff…thanks for the comments….

Part 1

It’s midnight…may be 11:55 at the clock of a beautiful house in kolkata.The house was already dark,so it seemed like everyone was asleep.But no they were not…well some of them were not!

“Walk slowly papa!U will awake di before reaching her room!” a young girl whispered to a man walking by her left side in the darkness.

“And mom…just try not to spoil the cream of the cake..di doesn’t like imperfection”the same girl told to the lady to her right.

“Yes boss”the both lady and man told in unison!

And the girl slapped her own forehead in frustration.

“What did i tell u about being quiet?” she asked.

“Sorry ragini beta”the man apologised.

Then the trio makes their way to a particular room as quietly as possible.

[Here i present u the gaddodia family(except one special member)
The youngest daughter ragini gaddodia…who always like to order everyone.And it’s really weird as her mom sumi gaddodia and father shekhar gaddodia always bound to follow her orders.They feel happy in doing this.

Well there is another member in this family.Coming to her.]

The trio reached to the wanted room,before the clock turning into 12 o’clock.Sumi turned on the lights destroying the beauty sleep of an innocent girl who was sleeping in that room peacefully.
And then BOOM!


The trio exclaimed so loudly that the girl almost fell frm the bed startling.But then she composed herself.After all this is the same thing happening every year on her birthday.She rubbed her eyes and smiled seeing her parents and sister with a cake on their hand.

[Here i present swara gaddodia..who is the perfect girl in this family.
Let’s check her room.It was as perfect as her.The wall was crim colour shade.The bedsheet was blue.Matching with this all the curtains of the room was also blue.Remember the fact that the girl has a sickness called perfection.Everything around her need to be perfect.Otherwise she will be pissed of anyway]

“Thank u mom,dad”swara said with a smile.

“What about me?I planned all this!”ragini said with a pout.
“That’s why i am going to give u special thanks!That’s why it is so perfect”swara said pulling her cheeks.

“Let’s cut the cake”shekhar said as he put the cake on the table beside the bed.

Swsra cut the cake as the other three clapped and sang the birthday song to her.Then swara took a piece of cake and feed it to shekhar.

“Happy birthday beta”he said smiling.

Then swara fed cake to her mother and ragini as they hugged and wished her again.

“Where is my gift?”Swara asked hopefully.

The trio looked at each other before shekhar took out a large packet and gave it to her.

“Open it”he said.

Swara opened it and found a beautiful white anarkali with some design of stone on it.

“This is beautiful “she exclaimed.

Then sumi took out a gift box.Giving it to her she gestured to open it.Swara opened it to find a pair of white earings matching with the dress.She awed seeing that.

Then the last gift.It was turn of ragini.She gave her a small gift box.She opened it and found a silver colour chain with a S shape stoned pendant.

“This is the best gift ever ragini…i will wear it always.”swara exclaimed and wore it without wasting any time!

Then three of them again hugged swara wishing one more time and went away from her room to let her sleep for the rest of the night.

When everyone left the room,swara was alone.Her phone rings.A smile appears in her face seeing the name of the caller.

“Perfect BF calling ”

She took the phone.
Swara:U missed it already!
Caller:So i am the second one this time too?
Swara:Nope…4th one!
Caller:Yeah…they beat me everytime! in this 2 years,i could never be the first person to wish.
Swara:After all i have a perfect family…they always wish me in perfect time!
Caller:Okey…i surrender!Now come to near the window.
Caller:Ahh..come na!

Swara goes near the window and opens it.She was stunned to see the view there.

From her window,the nearby street could be seen easily.In the street,there was written with flowers


And near that a person was standing with a bouquet of white roses.Swara couldn’t but smile broadly seeing this.

Swara:Laksh!!!You did all this??

(Yes the person is laksh..swara’s perfect boyfriend)
Laksh:Yeah…now can u come outside heartbeat?

Swara brushes the hair,puts a light make up and lip gloss.And then she runs to downstairs.Ragini sees her going outside and follows her.

She comes standa near laksh with a smile.Laksh gves her the bouquet of roses.

Laksh:Happy Birthday to the most perfect girl in the world.
Swara:Thanks..i can’t believe…u did all this!
Laksh:So u liked it?
Swara:Of course!! i loved it!!
Laksh:There is another gift for u.
Swara:Come on…give it!
Laksh:First close ur eyes.
Swara rolled her eyes but closes it then.Laksh takes out a chain with a S shape pendant.

Laksh:Now open ur eyes.
Swara opens her eyes and saw that.It was same to same tge pendant ragini gave her.
Swara:It’s beautiful…but ragini already gave me same of this.
She reaveals the pendant from under her dupatta and shows it to laksh.His face fell due to disappointment seeing this!
Laksh:Ohh..this girl!!May be she was my enemy in last birth!

Swara giggles hearing him.
Laksh:Okey..i will buy you another gift!Sorry for this!
Swara:No..it’s okey…u already gave me a best birthday surprise!.
Laksh:Really?So…u owe me a return gift!
Swara:Of course…tell me what do u want?

Laksh moves closer to her without saying a word.Swara becomes nervous.


Their lips r just a few inches apart..both close their eyes.Just then

“Diii”someone screamed in a high pitched voice and laksh immediately pulled apart.

“I am sure now that not only in last life,she is my enemy in this life too!”laksh murmured being irritated.

Swara giggled seeing him irritated.Ragini came stand near both of them.

Laksh:What r u doing here baby girl?
Ragini:I am not a baby girl..and i was just trying to make sure that someone doesn’t take advantage of my innocent di!(with a protective face)
Laksh:I wasn’t taking any advantage!
Ragini:I could see that!(turned to swara)di,how came u made a typical boyfriend like him?And i wonder how mom dad accepted him as ur future life partner.

Swara:Stop it ragini,he is my perfect one!
Ragini made a face.
Ragini:Come fast…i am waiting right here!I am not gonna leave u alone with this…this chipmunk!
Laksh frowned and swara slaps ragini on shoulder.
Swara:Shut up ragini!Wait over there..i am just coming after some talking.

Ragini went away after giving laksh a death glare.

Laksh:I can’t understand why she hates me that much!
Swara:Ohh..she is just jealous that i love u more than her!
Laksh:I love u too!
Swara:Waise..it’s good she came.. i want my first kiss to be perfect…and this is not a perfect place to kiss!
Laksh:Okey..i will wait….now go before she kills me!

They shares a hug and laksh went away in his car.Swara came to the place where ragini was standing.

Ragini:I hate him(with irritation)
Swara:But i love him!

The next day

Swara gets ready in the white anarkali and the marching earings that her mom gifted her.She wore white sandal matching her white get up.Her parents wished her again as she came and seated in the dining table.Sumi and shekhar started whispering which made swaragini confused.

Swara:Mom,dad…what is it?
Shekhar:(clearing his throat) We were thinking about ur marriage!
Sumi:Yeah…u turned to 21 now..and laksh is a good guy…i want to see my daughter get married….i already talked with laksh and…he is ready to take the responsibility of marriage.

Ragini choked hearing this.
Swara:But i am not ready!i want to settle in my life first..and then i will think about that.

Swara got up and said “mom…bye!”

Swara reached at the office of Mr. Bose.He is the well known wedding planner of kolkata.Though he never work by himself,he is the one who was the founder of this office.Swara is one of the member of his wedding planning team nowadays.

Mr bose doesn’t like his workers being late..he always keeps to scold almost every member here.Though he never scolded swara as her works r always perfect,still she doesn’t like him as a boss.The only reason she is working under him is one day she wants to be ann independent wedding planner.

Someone bumped into her as she was about to enter in the office,and all the cold drinks that the person was having in her hand,spilt all over her white dress.

“Sorry…but u should look on the way u r walking! “the person said.There was no feeling of sorrow in his voice.Moreover he sounded that swara was the one who was at fault.

Swara looked at that person completely annoyed.

Swara:Look..whoever u r..u r the one who bumped into me and spilt the whole can of cold drink all over me…and u r saying that i should look on the way!
Person:If u looked then u wouldn’t clash with me!So basically it was all ur fault!

Swara crossed her arms against her chest,all ready to fight with that jerk.

Swara:Excuse me!U r the one who was at fault!U should apologise and u r saying all this?
Person:I said sorry!
Swara:Say it again.
Person:i never repeat my words!

With that he walked away.Swara looked at his back with disbelief.But then entered into the office as it was late.

“Happy birthday to u”

All the members present there sang to her as she entered.They stopped seeing the condition of her dress.The cold drink left a red stain on her white dress.

“What happened to ur dress?”jenny,one of her friends here asked her.

“Some jerk spilt the whole bottle if his cold drinks over me,and didn’t even bother to say sorry!”swara replied being annoyed.

Mr bose walked to her.

“Swara..i want…”he stopped seeing her condition.

“Uh-oh…I think it is a bad start of a day for u.!Well i think it’s gonna be good…as u have a new partner in ur department.”he said.

Swara:Yeah…it’s a bad start…whatever….can i meet my new partner?

Bose:Of course…sansker..come here.

A man around 24 years came there wearing black t-shirt and a blue jeans.Swara immediately recognised him.He was the one who spilt the drink all over her.

“You!!”they both shouted on each other.

Bose:U both know each other?Wow..that’s cool!I don’t have to introduce u to her!Sansker…ur thus friend is now ur partner in work…have fun!
“Friend my foot!”sansker murmured.

Bose:Did u say anything sansker?

Sansker:No…nothing…we will be great together!(with a fake broad smile)

Mr. bose gave them his most pleasant smile before leaving.Sanskar turned to swara.

Sansker:So..partner in crime…i mean partner in work..may i know ur name?
Swara:Idiot!(with a disgusting expression)

Sansker:Idiot?Cool and uncommon name!Nice to meet u IDIOT!

Swara frowned at him.

Swara:My name is not idiot!
Sansker:What then?I asked ur name and u said idiot!
Swara:I told u idiot!
Sansker:Excuse me…may be u heard my name wrong! I am Sansker maheswari.

Swara:The ultimate stupid…who keeps bumping into people.

Sansker was about to say something but stopped as one of swara’s friend came and wished her happy birthday.Swara thanked him and he went away.

Sansker:So it is ur birthday today?
Swara:That’s none of ur business!
Sansker:After all u r my partner…we have met today and it is ur birthday…so i must gift u something.

Swara:I don’t need ur gift!

She turned to go away.But stopped hearing sansker’s call.

“Miss idiot”

She squeezed her eyes shut.And turned to him.She was confused to see the tob with cactus in his hand.He forwards the cactus to her with a smile showing all his teeth.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS IDIOT “he says as he handed the cactus to her.

It was heavy so she almost fell it from hand.But composed herself anyway.She looked to sansker’s back as he started walking away.She stood there with perfect irritation all over her face.

Phew…the first part is always hard to write.Done with it.So hiw did u like miss perfect?And how much u liked the gift of sansker?Cactus??

Let me know in ur comments.And thanks for the comments in intro.

i will be back soon…and prakriti:i hate biology too…it was my parents choice to admit me in medical college…this is so boring…only study n study!

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    1. Chaitali

      Nope…it’s a swasan ff for sure…Thanks for reading my ffs and liking it…keep reading dear!

  2. Deeksha

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      Thank u so much di

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    1. Chaitali

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      Thank u so much princess!

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