my daughter ss part 2


“Ahhhhhh” I yelled as  jolted up from my bed water trickling down my leg soaking  my beige colored leggings

“ahhhhhh” I screamed even louder causing Gayu and her parents to barge in breaking the door my eyes now brimming with tears that I couldn’t hold back anymore a it was like the dam in my eyes had broke letting out a river of tears that were now clouding my panicked and tired eyes .
every single sound I heard was muffled as I tried to block out the pain but it was unbearable it was like someone was stabbing me over and over.  I felt someone picking me u and then the next second here I lay in the plain dull hospital bed with my bundle of joy. Yes I gave birth to the most beautiful baby anyone can have after at least an hour of torture and me screaming and yelling. Her cries for some reason gave me the assurance that this is actually happening

I was tired , my eyes threatened to black out but I couldn’t take my eyes of my baby I always wanted a British name for my child so there I lay staring at the ceiling my mind filling with beautiful names.

” my God she is beautiful ” said Gayu as she again barged in waking me from my slumber that was just me dreaming about my happy family with Kartik  

” her eyes and hair are just a duplicate of yours ” Gayu’s mum added on

” to bad her nose and moth looks like that scumbags but naira she is just breath-taking ” said Gayu’s dad  it was like my baby knew about all the compliments as  she giggled and scooted over next to my waist. We all just took 2 min staring at her with awe.

”  I am going to name her Serena , she is so serene so the name matches her ” I think the babay like her name as she held onto my pinky finger.
Lucky for all of us my baby was healthy so I was let out a day later when I got home I was awestricken the little room next to mine was transformed into a Disney nursery for Serena I looked at Gayu’s parents with a look of approval and thanks they just smiled and looked at a cooing Serena in my arms wrapped in a baby pink blanket .


3 years later

I looked at Serena who was hugging my side snoring lightly I knew that habit of hers did not come from me . She was a chocolate addict just like me and had a sweet tooth. I just kept staring at her every day she would ask for her daddy I would always say he is on a trip and she would just say okay. I was her mum and dad and I always made sure she had everything without soiling her of course the least I want is her to become a mean snob , she will be the most kindest person just like she is now . She never makes a fuss and always helps but sometimes she is just a devil . I wonder how Kartik is doing.

” Mumma ” I was brought out of thinking when my cute baby called to me she stood up and started jumping on the bed with her frozen pajamas . I ran around the room trying to catch the giggling and screaming child. I changed her into a purple dress and purple shoes and she ran of to find her grandparents yes Gayu’s parents offered to be her grandparents as my parents died.

” masi ” yelled Serena to Gayu who just picked her up and fed her a cookie. Serena was addicted to chocolate cause of me but now she also loved cookies due to her favorite masi.


I went out shopping and when I came back the kitchen was a mess.  Egg yolk on the floor  , chocolate smeared on the oven and fridge and flour all over the place . Utensils chucked In the sink I looked around and saw small footprints in the flour on the floor. I followed the footprints to the garden and I froze and admired the view in front of me. Gayu’s mum and dad along with Gayu and Serena ( all covered in flour and chocolate ) were washing a small adorable puppy Serena dancing in the water that Gayu’s dad was sprinkling over her   . As soon as Serena’s eyes landed in mine she ran over as fast as she could with her small wobbly legs.

” mumma we washing a shmall puppy. I chuckled  at her pronunciations picked her up not caring about my clothes and joined the mini carnival.

” she named the puppy as well ” said Gayu I glanced over at Serena and saw her prancing and dancing with the puppy . I walked over to her took the puppy in my hands as it licked my face

” what did you name it ” I asked Serena

” cookie ” she replied jumping I should have known it I started laughing I looked back and saw Gayu laughing as well

” SERENA ” shouted Everyone I looked back and it was like time had stopped as Serena was coughing blood and her  eyes closed and she fell upon the ground but before she fell I caught her

” Serena baby open your eyes please listen to mumma please baby open your eyes ” I screamed as I tried to jolt her pat her cheek shake her nothing would wake her. I RAN towards my car while everyone followed me and drove to the nearest hospital with Serena buckled up at the back.

I reached the hospital and yelled for a doctor Gayu following me a doctor and 2 nurses came out the doctor turned and as his eyes met mine time stopped for a second before I remembered Serena. Kartik  followed my gaze and saw Serena my heart skipped a beat and before I knew it he played Serena on a stretcher that miraculously appeared my mind clouded with thoughts that he would find out Serena is his and he would take her away from me . I let go of the thought ad followed the stretcher taking Serena’s hand in mine. Kartik stared at me confused and shocked.

” don’t worry baby girl mumma won’t let anything happen to you I felt Kartik’s brown orbs gaze in my head when I said that line crying hysterically

” Baby ”  we stopped in the middle of the tracks when we heard on over sickly sweet and sarcastic voice . I turned and saw Naina she was surprised but made her way over I stared at my baby girl impatient

” you promised we will go out ” naina said 

” I am busy later ” yelled an annoyed Kartik

” no leave the ugly baby to another doctor you have to come on a date with me ” she continued

” WHAT THE HELL my baby girl here is running out of time and you are here bickering about a date don’t you have any humanity left in you it is your fault for dating a doctor” I made sure to drag the word doctor both were shocked on my outburst but Kartik quickly took her in to the ICU and the bulb started glowing.

” My baby girl ” I cried as I felt Gayu’s hand on my shoulder she was crying as well

” he will take her away from me ” I cried hysterically

” no he wont you raised her she is yours he wasn’t there with you at any time and while you gave birth to her he has no right over her ” Gayu consoled me

It felt like ages until the light went out and Kartik came out blood all over his clothes

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    wow loved the update it was really good cute name for nairas baby pls post next soon eagerly waiting for it

  2. Fenil

    Awww such a Fantabulous Chappy.
    Paining start with birth of child Happy moemnts of Daughter and family and Paining ending again.
    Hope nothing happened to our princess.
    Loved it all bonding and puppy cookie.
    Loved it to the core.

  3. Zara123

    I think this is the same one as you posted a few days ago.

  4. Shivaya khanna

    Hey when will you post the next part waiting for it

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