Being A Daughter- os for daughters


hey helooo everyone I hope u guys know me
OK fine let me introduce my self to you I m suman, suman malik one of the daughter of my parents who left me looooong ago no no year they are alive but thy don’t wanna live with me u know r they don’t wanna keep the burden on them
ohk so I was 5 when my mother told me that they r shifting to Mumbai
I was like hell happy that I m going to Mumbai with my parents

no no don’t worry thy didnt take me to Mumbai I m in goa onlywith my sweet nanu and Nani Amma they r amazing they love me like hell and seriously saying I love them more
so where I was yup they said that they cnt take me to Mumbai as my new baby sister was born those days and they can’t take the responsio of two daughters together
I cried a lot listening their convo those were the worse days of my life
was that my fault to be a daughter????? no naw so y y I was kept separated from them who r the most important person for me at that time of my life

they left me in Nani home saying they will take me one day
I never waited for that day cuz I knew that day will never come in this life at least
I was very very small for all that I spent dozens of night weeping crying suffering
my Nani ma used to told mW that I was calling mother in sleep
was she the mother?????
nope I really don’t think so she any my mother noooooo she can’t be
mother are not like this mother are the ammmmaaazing creature of this world how could she left me????
was it this much easy for her to leave me after my birth in this big world????
solo my baby sisi
she was verrrry sweet but I was lil bit jealous from her ciz my mother took her with her why????

cuz she was just 2 months
oh that’s natural I was jealous still I loved my sisi
then after 5 years we got a bro he was sweet sweet as I saw his photograph once which my mother sent to mynani in order to express her happiness my dad mom everyone was happy except my nanu who wept whole night by hugging me at that time I was not able to understand
but now………..
I was damn sure that my mother will send my sisi to nanu as she can’t take care of two child
but it doesn’t happen she doeanot do that after all that was my fathers princess
I was said o be misfortune to their family by some pandit that’s y I was kept to nano home that was the reason which my nanu told me when I became 20,
can a baby of some days can be misfortune for her parents and the most amazing thing they decided was to leave me in some anathashram
wow like seriously????

thanks to my nanu who took me with him he is my hero
otherwise my father was like suman I m not ur father just gt out of my sigh
my father Mr raj kapoor the most famous businessman of decade thought like that and sent me to my nanu home when I was 5 and when I needed him most
princess my sisi preeti kapoor she is dad princess
prince my bro kabir kapor he is my dad Prince
like really dad prince and princess what was me???? was I not born to them ???
any way now the most amazing thing
my mom and dad now suddenly want me to get back to them live with them be with their family
hhahahaha isn’t it strange?????
thy want me to get back y any specific reason?????
yup there is a specific reason
5 days ago my nanu on my 22 birthday gave me some papers
iread them thy declared that all my nanu property will be transferred on my name after his his 70s
on my name not my mother name
I refused to take those papers cuz he already had done a lot for me took good care of me made me Dr suman malik provided mW with each and everything
but those papers???? I can’t take them
but he said that he had given it to me and I have to tale it as it was his order and I can’t disobey him I took the papers

now u got to know why my father and mother want me to gt back???
cuz they want that property
hahahaah not that much easy I will not handover my thing to anyone like they hamdovered me
I have decided not to ho back
I took the right decision naw????
nanu says its right
so I think its right
so I m not going back cuz now I need my nanu and Nani and they too need me as they have become old
I don’t need that motherly affection now which my mother is offering me
so u must be thinking why I m suman malik, not kapoor
yar how could I take my dad name when he doesn’t think me as his daughter I m my nanu daughter
raghav malik

I m his daughter suman malik
yeah I forgot to tell you I will be suman malhotra soon
vuz I m gonna marry shr in some days he is the best ever thing happened to me I just love him
he loves me a lot take care of me
he makes me feel secure
I m very happy with him
and the most important thing he has no POV of differnce btwn a boy and girl fortune and misfortune
he is just perfect
oppps I spoke a lot shr must be waiting gotta go
she closes her new diary and leaves towards hall
hugs her nanu and leaves with shr hand in hand feeling secure
so guys the purpose of me writing this story is just to tell u that v guys r not misfortune to anyone we r not less than boys
thank god I m not blessed with amazing parents who love me more than their 4 sons and I m their princess
my nani ma used to tell me that when I was born my father had a big loss in his business my motjer et with accident
she.people said I have brought misfortune to them
but my parents they were hljuat incredible my father said: now she is born naw now my good luck will start again

and he distributed sweets
according to my mom; bete sirf naam se piyare hote hain betiyan dil se pyari hoti hain
and she has always wished for at least one more daughter but destiny………wants me to do esh alone hahhhaa
so being a daughter is our gud luck which will bring gud luck to our parents imshallah
the discrimation of boy and girl should be finished and the concept of fortune and misfortune is rubbish just rubbish nonsense
so are u guys happy being daughters?????
I m veryyyyyyyy happy
love ya mom dad

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  1. RinaSivaguru

    A very true story……… Due to some pandit who said their child is misfortune people just disowned and throw their children like that….. A child which is made by them…… A child who were being their symbol of love….. How they have the heart to do that….. A third person’s view be their decision…… Parent’s for.once never thought people like pandit won’t be always right…..they can be wrong too…. They are not God who can predict and calculate everything to be true….. Everyone also forgot that the same God was calculating their good and bad deeds…… Throwing or disowned their own child is not a good deeds and sure will get their punishment for their actions…… Most of all people need to face karma…. Thank u for this supeb os ufaaq…..keep writing…..

  2. Fatimagulesarfraz


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