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I’m disappointed by d no of comments I got for my previous episode but thankyou for all of dem who read it n commented

Sab soch rahe honge isne tho kahav ki exams hai phir yaha per kya kar rahi hai
Well d reason is aaj humari pyaari ADYAA ki bday hai tho misss kaise kar sakti this isiliye


iknow adyuu at present u ave quitted tu for exams
I have dedicated dis only for u hope u will njoy n guya Today is myy best frnd bday is also der her name is sphoorthy my one n only childhood bestieee.

ADYAA I hope u will read dis n if u den plsss do comment my sis
Ok aaj bohat bak bak karli na

Let’s start wid a smile


A datura flower
A school is shown where everyone r gossiping n njoying aong themselves as it’s set some timme to start classes. All r present at playground n someone r playing where as someone r gossiping.
N there stands a boy group where all r discussing something when der reaches a boy perfectly dressed up in scl dress n looking so handsome n be is none otjer den our kunj n he is studying in 9th class. A boy says
B-hey kunj
K-Hey uv
Uv-what’s up bro
K-nthng much
N dey both having random talks while kunj attention caught by a girl n he was simply stairing at her lovingly n she is none other den our twinkle she was wearing her uniform wid high pony tail looking so cute n kunj was lost in her n comes back into senses bcoz of uv
Uv-heyy where r u lost
K-no where
Uv-ohhh so lost in ur lady love ha
Kunj blushes ((aww kitna cute hoga )
Uv-upto when u will hide ur feelings just go n tell her dat u likes her I mean u love her from d day u saw her
K-no man I cant
K-she rarely talks n dat to topper n she is my frnd n rarely talks wid me if I’ll propose her den she will never see my face too I fear dat I may loose her frndship
Uv-what if she accepts just give a try
They all heard bell sound n all run to der respective classes n both twinj r in same classes. Kunj always listens to class at d same time he steals glances of twinkle whenever twinkle sees him while he was stairing at her she just simply smiles n he smiles back .
At lunch
In class
Finally kunj decides to express his feelings
Kunj goes to twinkle n twinkle was alone sitting on bench n doing her work.
T-yup kunj
K-I want to say something
K-voh… ummm voo
T-yeah vo vo kya karu rahe ho justt say what u want
K-nthng just came to ask about lunch
K-had ur lunch?
T-yup N uu
K-yeah ok bye
In diis many times his plans got failed due to lack I courage.
Now dey r in 10th class n today dey have practicals n in a class if half class have physics practical de other half would have biology. So today Kunj have physics practical whereas twinkle has biology one.
All reached scl n today wid practicals der is a bday of twinkle frnd or say eat frnd n she is adya (apni adyaa guys).

Twinkle reached her frnd adya n gave her tight hug n wished happy bday adyuuu
A-thankyou so much twinkle
T-oy u saying thankyou to ur best frnd
A-oops sry
T-angrily folds her hands across her chest sry
A-acha baba no sry no thankyou ab khush
N dey again hugs eo.
Here twinkle was studying (guys exam hall mai jaane se pehle ek baar dekhlete hai na)
A-have u brought datura flower for practical (guys der madam asked to bring datura for practical as it’s imp)
T-oh shit I forgot at home only
A-what ! What u will do now
T-don’t know
Twinkle was highly panicked
Kunj was fully n finally decided to propose twinkle bcoz afrer dis der will be boards so dey all get busy wid preparations so he decided n went to her .
He took a datura flower to propose her firstly he thought to give rose but he can’t as instead keeping rose he kept datura wid him (bechara koi chara bhi nahi tha)
He went near her n it has nearly 20 minutes for exam n twinkle was highly panicked n font know what to do. Kunj caame to her
K-Twinkle I want to tell u something which I want to say from past days or years but have no guts but today I want to say
Kunj realized dat she is paying no heed to him
K-Twinkle where r u lost?
Twinkle comes to senses n sees datura in his hands n a ray of jope raises in her heart
T-kunj which practical u have today
T-can I take datura as I forgot n u too have physics so it’s of no use for u
K-yup for sure
She immediately takes it n pulls his cheeks n kunj smiles brightly by her gesture but before kunj can confront his feelings twinkle went frm der n kunj also disheartenedly went to give his exam after dat dey have boards n kunj never get time to meet his twinkle . After completing boards kunj went for abroad for higher studies.

At holidays adya went to twinkle room casually n der she remembered something
A-do u remember kunj twinkle
T-ofc ourse
A-u know he loves u
A-yup n at dat day also I think he came to propose u
T-I think u have misunderstood
A-no I’m sure firstly I have doubt but later got to know from uv
Twinkle also likes kunj alot from start she was so happy to know dat kunj also likes her but now she can’t do anything as kinn went abroad n she doesn’t know how to communicate him as she doesn’t knows atleast his number she fell so sad.
Later both frnds have some random talks.
N twinkle also went to abroad to complete her studies.

A room is shown where a girl Is packing her stuff may be she is going somewhere n she is none other den twinkle. She was busy in packing den she got a phone.
V-hello jaan
A-how r u?
T-I’m gud n u
A-acha u r coming to my bday na i haven’t seen frm past 8 years i missed u
T-even I missed u
A-u r coming na
T-of course how can i miss my cutie pie bday
A-yup n u know all our school mates r coming n itss just like get together party
T-hmmm does be also coming
A-who ? Oohh kunj I hope so
Gguys in dis days twinkle realised dat she loves Kunj.
T-ok acha will ttaalk to u later should pack my stuff bye
A-byee love u
T-love u too
After hanging call she engrossed herself in packing. After all she is going to amritsar after 8 long years.
By next day twinkle reached amritsar n went to her home n had some family time.

It’s afternoon
A airport is shown
Where a handsome boy is coming n looking dashing nn he IS none other fen kunj. Later he goes towards his car n reaches sarna mansion n meets hisn has some family time (guys I can’t describe If I’ll start na it will become ff).

Where all r busy in der works n it decorated beautifully breathtakingly.
At dat time twinkle reaches der wearing rred n black floor length frock n looking breathtakingly n at d same time kunj also enters der by wearing black tuxedo looking hot n dashing.
Twinkle thinks -babaji I hope kunj also comes here n den I’ll express my feelingz for him

While thinking all dis she bumps wid a person n lost hher balance n abiut to fall when two strong arms held her to prevent her from falling. Twinkle had closed her eyes due to fear bit realising she was not hurted she opened her eyes to see kunj holding her in his arms. Both shares intense deep eyelock while sajna ve plays in background.
Twinkle breaks eyelock n stands
T-thankyou kunj
K-ur welcome twinkle
T-how r u
K-I’m gud n u
Botj r talking random stuffs as dey met after llong time. Twinkle want to express her feelings but she can’t .
Afrer a while all lights went offf n a spotlight ffalls on a girl who is coming ddown in her white floor length frock n looking like an angel n she is none other den our lovely girl aadyuu.
Sshe came down n everyone wished her. She cut d cake n met everyone.Later she goes to twinkle
A-hey twinkle
T-hi adyuuu n hugs her
Dey both talk for sometime
A-do u have seen kunj
A-so u r going to propose him
T-I don’t know I’m scared what if he ssays no
A-be positive twinkle
A-how u will propose him
Twinkle -thinks n says idea n says something to adya which is mmuted.
After sometime kunj searchs for twinkle but he cantt find hher so he ggoes to adya n asks about her to which adya replies she went to near by park n she also asks him to go there. So he went der.
As soon he reaches d place he was shocked to see d scenario. It iss a park of datura flowers n which looking damn cute so he went more inside only to find twinkle der.
Twinkle turns to him n ssat on her knees while kunj surprised.
T-I know kunj u must be thinking what I’m doing nut I just want to say u something important. Kunj I always had crush on u ffrom school days but i thought it as a mere attraction but as I’m growing n I went far from u I realised itt as love. Yes kunj I’m in love wid u n she brings a bunch of datura flowers in front of him n says when we were in scl u xame to me to propose me by daturaa flower but I didn’t gave any chance to speak u butt today I’m asking will u be love OF my life ? Will u e my better half?
Twinkle says widd a hope but kunj was shocked surprised n was full of mixed wid emotions. By seeing no reaction twinkle felt hurt n stood up.
T-it’s ok kunj i know I’m late n u must have forgot me.
N she turns to go but kunj held her wrist n turns towards her.
K-Twinkle I always loved from d day I saw u n even after going to abroad I never forget u instead I was falling more for u n here I came only to propose u
By saying dis he takess a ring n sits on his knees
K-so miss twinkle taneja will u be my love? My better half? Will u become Mrs.Twinklekunj sarna ?
Twinkle was so happy n she nodded her head n he made her wear ring n stood up n both hugged eo.
K-I love u twinkle
T-I love u too kunj
Kunj kisses her on her forehead N hugs her back
Screen freezes on der smiling faces


So how was it do u all guys liked it I jope so
Plsss do comment whether positive or negative

N aap sabko batau yeh idea kaise aayyahai mujhe

Chalo bol hi deti hu
So vo kya hai na when I was in 7 mai auto se jaati thi scl auto aur humare auto mai twin brothers hote the aur uunme se ek bhaiyane Bataya ki dusre bhaiya ne kisi ladki oo vaha per datura flower diye the n we all teased him but it was for fun dono mai sebkoi bhiserious nahi that .so I got idea frm him. But now I’m not in contact my those bros bit still I miss dem dey were so nice I love u B haiyas
AchA senti Kara dii
Koi nahi

Guya mere exams chal rahe hai isiliye mere ff update will be irregular I hope u all understand

Once again happy bday adyuuuu

Love u keep smiling gguys

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    sry dear I forgot o menttion u
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    Nd A very happy bday adya nd sans…
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    Adyaa happy birthday … Love you and I miss you so so so much . …
    Loved the is it was just too good . Tbe title itself was so unique …
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    Love you …❤

  4. SidMin23

    Adyaa happy birthday ramya all the very best for exam

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    Very unique idea of proposing ramya
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  8. Nice os
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    Hey jantus,,
    It was shooooooo sweat,,???.. I Love it soooooo much,,??? Well done Awesomely written,,?? and Best of luck 4 ur xm,,??..
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY 2 YOU ADYA,,??????????????????..
    Eat testy dishes,,?????????????????????????????????☕
    I Missed u and ur ff soo much,,??
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