Dating -True love will meet uh !! Prologue + Chapter 1

When you love someone truly….

Age,distance,height,weight are just numbers

Dating~ True Love will meet you!!

Swara bose- A college going girl who lives in Calcutta. Kiddish by nature but mature enough to deal with tough situation. Biology student. Dancing doll.

Believe in love but still didn’t find her mr perfect who will understand her so decided to be single. Rowdish. Logical minded. Loves her family a lot only have one enemy his lil bro laksh.

Sanskaar Maheshwari- Final year account student. Lives in Rajasthan. Youngest in his family. Frnds are life for him. He respects girls. He is waiting for her lady love. He don’t even see girls. He is quite guy but not shy. When angry his anger can destroy every thing. A cool guy. His maa his strength. His dad is business tycoon while he believes in living a simple and sobar life.

Note parents of swasan are same but laksh is bro of swara and ragini sis of sanskaar.


His piv

While checking fb I saw a frnd request of a girl. I was awre that it might be my frnds so I accepted without knowing that this activity will change my life completely.

Her pov.

Hey !!! Wtf .. I sent that by mistake and he accepted.. may be a playboy or roadside romeo he might be. I thought firstly but that person would be my life in future I never thought.

Long distance relationship!!

How der love would blossom!!

How they will meet!!

Will this love story would be successful!

Love or attraction or tympass!!

Will they would date like this forever!!

If they meet will there parents agree due to distance!!!

Lets find out!!!

Dating~True love would meet you!!

Chapter 1 -Frnd request.

Morning Rajasthan (jodhpur)

A bright morning in the bluecity/Sun city of Rajasthan.

The mirchi badas the kachoris the tea stalls were shown for which jodhpur is famous for .

A big mansion was shown and a room of a teen boy was focused.

The guy was sleeping while he laptop was on.

He had headphones also and his Mobile lay near him.

His mobile rang. Mr flirty name flashed on his screen.

The boy woke up with a jerk. He lifted the call.


Boy2:ohh god sanskaar still sleeping!!

(Yeah he is sanskaar)


Boy(interuppting):Well sanskaar u don’t have any gf but still you sleep late at night?? May I ask you are reason!!

Sanskaar(making face):Common Arjun. If I sleep late at night it doesn’t mean that I am in love may be I sleep in afternoon that’s why I don’t feel sleepy at night. Okk

Arjun: so sanskaar we are going for movie today . Will you join us.

Sanskaar: Ok!!! I would be there. But which movie.

Arjun: veerey di wedding.

Sanskaar: who all are joining??

Arjun: All of us along with our gfs.

Sanskaar: then I will not join.


Sanskaar: you all will tease me for not having gf..

Arjun: okk baba I will not tease!!! Now coming..

Sanskaar: okk catch uh soon.

He disconnected the call.

Sanskaar’s pov.

Yr.. why should I hear taunts for not having gf. If having gf makes u macho then sorry I am not at all macho. The fact is that I didn’t find a girl who is caring who is kiddish but matured enough at same time. I want my gf to be independent and self dependent. She can be little rowdish but not a ill mannered one.

Pov ends.

Morning West Bengal(Kolkata)

Swara’s room.

“Ohhh noo late again!!!! ” cried a girl.

The girl was utterly beautiful. She had angelic eyes, Long hairs and rosy pink lips. She was an angel.

Yeah!!! She is non other than swara.

He ran to washroom but she found it looked.

Swara(cried): oyee laksh come out fast

Laksh:No way!!!

Swara: I will kill you lucky!!!

Laksh:ohh really..

Swara: I will complain to dad!!about your gf ..

Laksh:aree no dii… I am just coming don’t complain..

And he immediately opens the door.

Swara steps in and teases laksh by making funny faces!!

After some Time swara reaches bus stop.

But the bus was already gone!!

Swara(to herself(:Not again!! Yrr its third time in this week.. this lucky Monkey will have some slaps from me someday. Now I need to run to catch metro or else … no no … no time for silly talks.

In metro

Swara sat on the seat her college was 15minutes away so she took out phone

And opened fb firstly she was just scrolling but when the station arrived there was very hustle and bustle so accidentally a FRND REQUEST was sent to a guy but swara was not aware . She simply placed her phone in her bag n moved away..



Movie theater

Sanskaar’s phone vibrated. He got a new FRND REQUEST on fb.

All his frnds were engrossed in their partners and sanskaar was bit uncomfortable their. There he saw one of his frnd using phone

Sanskaar(to himself):I think this is fake Id of my frnds they will do pranks I know … okkm I just accept it I also would get entertained.

He accepted the request and concentrated on movie.


Swara was all alone in her room she was checking her phone there she found a notification that


Swara was bit confused but soon she remember that what happened in metro.

Swara(to her self):Oh no!! What is this… I don’t even know him and he as well then also he accepted the frnd request. Wait swara he is a boy and u know naa boys these days always looking for the chance.

Let me check his profile.

Swara opened his profile.

Swara: ohh he is from Rajasthan!!

At the same time sanskaar was online.

Sanskar: so my frnds are online…

K I just text them and see what’s their new plan. But first I check the profile .

He while checking: so now my frnds are from kolkata omggg!!!

To be continued….

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