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Hii frnds well no one know me and this is not my os . Also you don’t need to know,actually this os belong to my frnd. Due to some reason she is not update I am doing it. Read author’s note also..
Swasan were engaged with each other. Soon they going to marry.
both are soon going to put step in their new life. As like every couple, both were thinking about their upcoming life specially swara, she is thinking about him and blushing seeing her engagement ring.
Soon her trances broken by some phone call.
Swara excuses herself and went to balcony.
With trembling hand, she picked the phone.
Voice” where were you? I am calling you since long.”
Swara” arre sanskar calm down. I was with ragini”
Sanskar” ohh that means you’re not missing me..”
Swara( cuts him) “ who said you that”
Sanskar” no one, I just think. Moreover if you were missing me then why not you call me”
Swara “ I was only thinking about that but before I could you only call me. Is their any special reason “

Sanskar “ why ? For calling my fiancé is I need some reason?
Swara” nothing like that vo I was just wondering why you called at this time.”
Sanskar “ actually I want your permission”
Swara “ my permission, but why?”
Sanskar “ vo I was thinking to take you somewhere”
He said all this with little hesitation.
Swara” but ma baba”
Sanskar “ you just say yes or no”
Swara” yes but..”
Sanskar “ no more excuses , I will handle everything. You just be ready at 4:00 pm”
Without listening her further he cut the call.
She lie down on bed and started to think about him.
Swara “ oh god ji, I am feeling hell nervous. Where he will take me?”
Soon she dozes off thinking about him only.
Next day
12 ;00
Her room is fully messed with clothes, all are lying here and there.
Ragini entered there and became shocked+angry.
Ragini “ shona,what is this?”
Swara” chill pill laado,I don’t getting what to wear”
Ragini “anything special?”
Swara become red due to shyness and turned her face
Swara” vo sanskar had called me for…”
Ragini interrupt her and says” take it”
She passes something to her. Swara take it with confuse expression.
Swara” what is this?”
Ragini” see your self, someone specially send it for you”
By saying it,she went away controlling her smile.
Swara open it and become speechless by seeing it. She take note from that package and read it.
“ I know you must be confuse, what to wear or what not. So this small gift from my side. If you like it then pls wear it .
Your’s sanskar”
She blush little and went for becoming ready.

At 3;55 pm
Sanskar reaches gadodia houses at sharp 9.
Swara came down wearing white and blue mixture of gown with minimal make up. Her hair is little curled from side which is making her true diva.
Soon she felt intense gaze on herself which make her cheeks crimson red.
Without blinking eyes sanskar was contounisly staring her.
She sees toward him who is not looking less than Greek god.
Forgetting everything both were staring each other.
Soon both came back in this world by fake cough.
Ragini “ di, jiju if your staring session is over then you can take her”
Both become shy and started to look here there.
After taking elders blessing , he take her from there.
All bid bye to swasan.
Sanskar open car door for her.
Swara” thanks”
Sanskar” anything for you”
He sited at driver sit and tie seat belt.
Whereas she still struggling with it, he came close to her.
Both again lost in each other eyes, unknowingly his hands touched her cheeks which sends shiver to her body. She came in sense and turned her face.
He also came in sense and tied her seat belt properly.
Both started their journey with utter silence, no one is saying anything.
Swara thought to break the silence, she finally speak.
Swara” sanskar, still you not told me where are we going”
Sanskar” that’s surprise “
Swara “ but pls tell na,I can’t able to wait”
Sanskar “ only 15 minutes”
He said it puppy face, seeing his face she can’t able to resist him. She nodded in yes.
To avoid silence, he tried to turned on music player.
At same time, she also tried to on music player.
In this process both hands touched each others. That send shiver to their body,he take back his hand.
Swara” vo sry, I just …”
Sanskar” you don’t need to say sry”
She smile and nodded in yes.
He turned on music player.
BG music
“ hua hai aaj pehli bar mai ese muskuraya hoon”
He remembered their first meeting,she remember his confession.
Both started to look toward each other with immerse love. Both of eyes reflecting unconditional love for each other.
Soon they reaches their destination.
He come down and gave his hand to come down.
She held his hand and came down.
He turned her and tied her eyes.
Swara” sanskar”
He put finger on her lips.
Sanskar “ shh, how much you speak. Don’t you trust me…”
Before he could complete, she keeps her hands on his mouth.
Swara” more than myself “
He smiled, take her from lips and planted kiss on her hand.
Feeling his kissed she blushed little.
Sanskar” now without uttering even single words just come with me”
Swara” but my eyes are closed”
Sanskar” don’t worry till your eyes are closed I will become your eyes”
He gently hold her hand.
Both reached at some place . he untied her eyes and whisper in her ears” till I don’t say ,not open your eyes”
She nodded in yes.
After some second he told her open eyes.
She slowly open her eyes and become speechless seeing scenario.
She was standing near pool side, at every bit of corner only her pics were there.
She smiled with teary eyes, he came from behind and back hugged her.
He wipes her tears.
Swara” is this things for me?”
He turned her and nodded in yes.
Sanskar “ hmm, do you like it”
She nodded in no.
Sanskar” sry I didn’t know your choice, don’t worry I will make changes in it”
He began to go, she held his hand.
Swara” can’t you wait for sometime “
He become confused.
Swara” I say I don’t like it”
he again tried to open his mouth to speak something
Swara” shh,let me complete.”
He nodded in yes.
Swara” I don’t like it because I love it. Yes sanskar maheswari I love all this”
Lisenting this, tears brimmed in his eyes.
Swara” I didn’t know sanskar maheswari can cry also”
He smiled at her and says” still many things,you don’t know about sanskar maheswari “
Swara” but I will love to know about him”
Sanskar” later, now come with me I have more things to show you”
She nodded in yes, both held each other hand .
They reach other side of pool, that side was decorated with simple curtains and balloons. Yet it was looking amazing.
Swara” I have no words to describe how much I love it”
Sanskar” you don’t need to say anything, your eyes are speaking a lot”
She blushed and started to looked down.
She looked up listening his words.
He was sitting on his knees.
Sanskar “ I don’t know any romantic line, I am not poet who can describe his feeling to you. I just wanna simply say something to you. Will you wanna listen me?”
She nodded in yes.
Sanskar “ you already knew I love you. I don’t wanna repeat that , I wanna ask your feeling. Will you wanna become my better half? Will you love me as I do? Will you always stand with me in every situation?”
She “ I wanna become your better half. I will love you more than myself. In every situation I will stand with you. Before any problem could reach you that have to face me”
She make him stand and buried her face in his chest.
He warped his hand around her body.
Feeling his touch,she parted herself from him.
He smiled at her.
Sanskar “ Aren’t you hungry?”
She looked toward him, he gave his hand to hold. She held it. he take her inside tent.
He make her sit on chair and himself sited in front of her.
Sanskar” I didn’t know you will like it or not”
He serve her some starter.
Seeing all this tears welled in her eyes.
Swara” thanks for each and everything “
Sanskar “ shh no thanks, still there are many things”
Slow romantic music started.
Sanskar “ can I have chance to dance with this beautiful lady?”
Without saying anything she gave her hands to him.
(((( now read each and every line))))
((aasmaan, tera mera hua
khwaab ki tarah dhuaan dhuaan
aasmaan, tera mera hua
saans ki tarah ruaan ruaan
jaaye jahan tu jaye
paaye mujhe hi paaye
saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye
Saiyyara main saiyaara
sayyara tu saiyyara
Sitaron ke jahan mein milenge ab yaara

your sky, and mine,
has become all smoke, like a dream..
your sky, and mine,
is spread in parts, like breaths..
wherever you go,
you’ll find me only..
these shadows of mine are comprised in you..
planet, I’m a planet now..
Planet, you’re a planet (too)..
And we shall meet again in the world of stars now..))
He take her in middle of tent, he keep his hand on her waist.
She keep her hands on his shoulder and looked down.

((tu jo mila to yoon hua
ho gayi poori adhoori si dua
tu jo gaya to le gaya
sang tere mere jeene ki har wajah

since you have met, it has so happened,
as if some unheard wish is fulfilled..
as you left, you took with you
every reason for me to live..))
He cupped her face and make her looked in his eyes.

Without breaking eye contact ,he slides her hair which is coming on her face.
Slowly he parted her from himself, before she could think anything he twirl her.

((jaaye jahan tu jaye
paaye mujhe hi paaye
saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye
Saiyyara main saiyaara
sayyara tu saiyyara
Sitaron ke jahan mein milenge ab yaara

tum pe miti, tum se bani,
tum se hua hai haan khud pe yakeen
tu jo nahi to na sahi,
main hoon yahan to
tu hai yahin kahin..

I’m sacrificed on you, I am made of you,
(as in, am good due to you)
from you only I have belief in myself..
If I am here,
you’re somewhere here only..))
He pulled her more closely and back hugged her , his hot breath touching her neck.
Both were dancing slowly dancing with romatic beats.

jaaye jahan tu jaye
paaye mujhe hi paaye
saaye ye mere hain tujh mein samaaye
Saiyyara main saiyaara
sayyara tu saiyyara
Sitaron ke jahan mein milenge ab yaara
He turned her toward himself and his gaze fall on her lips.
Feeling his gaze she started to feel like this heat will burn her.
She looked down, he move more closer to her. He keep his hands on her waist, she encircled her arms around his necks. She closes her eyes due to so much closeness.
He wishper in her ears” can I?”
She nodded in yes.
He kept his lips on her soft lips.
In starting she not respond him, he kisses more passionately. She started to reciprocate him with equal passion.
Both don’t wanna to break this moment , they wanna this moment should freeze here only.
Both break kiss due to lack of oxygen.
Due to shyness she turned her face, he turned her face toward himself and kisses her forehead.
Sanskar “ I love you more than anything in this world”
Swara” I know”
Sanskar” do you will not say those magical words”
Swara” I lo..”
She hug him tightly and complete her sentence “ I love you too”
Both stood like that only, after some time. Both composes each other and finishes dinner.
Later he dropped her at her house and went from there kissing her forehead.
All night both started to think about their recent moments. Both slept with sweet smile on their face.
Hope you like this it. Anyone have any idea who’s its original writer???
She is none other than , arre why I tell you .you all should guess na.
If anyone of you wanna try their luck then pls try..
Specially you Shan( if you’re reading it), I have heard you’re guessing queen . So try …
Shreeyu don’t dare to open your mouth..
Just checking your guessing power, hope you will not able to guess and I win my challenge..
Till then bye, I will meet in cmnts..
sry if I wasted your time, I know it must be boring but if you like it then pls cmnt.
actually I write any os for first time, before it whenever I used to try it become something else only..
Waiting for your cmnt..

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