A date to mystery land gave me my mystery man raglak is -2

Ragini was looking at the ceiling ,she was thinking bout her Mr.zorro.She slept in the sweet dreams of him.

Morning sun woke her up,she raised her head slowly out of soft quilt. She smiled remembering his face with a mask.She opened her eyes n took her coffee.She slowly sipped it. She came out of her bed.she was staring at the sun.She wanted it to vanish,so moon comes soon to meet her Zorro. But,she has to wait for 1 week to meet him.

Ragini was getting ready to her school,when she saw something flying into her room. It was a small helicopter with a rose. It read good morning from your zorro.She rushed to her balcony,but couldn’t see him.She smiled while walking to school.She entered into school.She imagined her Zorro standing near the tree.Her lips stretched into a smile .she saw her own self dancing with him near the tree.she was brought into world from bell ringing in school.

Ragini left for her class.She was daydreaming about her zorro.Sanskar came to her apologised in break.But she twirled him saying thank you,because of you I met my Zorro n went.

Ragini wanted to meet her zorro.Day by day,her heart was waiting to meet him.His eyes was only thing she could remember .It has captured her.

On Friday night ragini was dancing on her bed, on a hurry to meet her zorro.She was jumping all around her room.she was twirling around n saw the moon.She said go soon n come soon tomorrow as I want to meet my Zorro okk.she was hugging her pillow n squeezing it.

On Saturday morning,ragini woke up with a dance, she freshened up n moved toward dining table.She was about to eat cereals when her loves face flashed in front of her.she was so lost,that she was kept on mixing milk with cereals.When her mom asked, she hugged her mom.

Sollen new I love you
Nee than En kurinji poo
En kadhal endrum true
I make sure you never feel blue

Atlast moon peeps in the sky welcoming ragini to her most waited Saturday night.

Saturday night,ragini became ready,she met the lady n took her Cinderella dress with a hurry to meet her zorro.When she saw ,someone hugging her zorro.She was angry,she moved to pool.When her zorro followed her, he said that girl was his sis. Then only Cinderella smiled.Zorro asked so milady,ur reply for my confession.She said what confession n acted like thinking i dont remember anyting.

Zorro said so u dont remember anything na.ok let me go n search someone to love.ragini pulled him as a result bith fell in pool.ragini held him n said dare you mr.zorro as you belong to me.

Zorro said then milady,could you say it more clear n smirked lovely. I love you Zorro. I don’t know can love occur in such short time,but I believe in you moreover ur eyes which tells me that it always ready to capture me in it..I hope you would. Laksh pulled her dangerously close n replied I would take care of you princess.I love you,from my heart.

But I want to see ur face once zorro.she was about to remove his mask,when he said golden words milady to see me.ragini chased him,tired she sat on the grass.He too sat beside her n held her hands. She looked at the stars n said

I LOVE YOU MR.ZORRO……. Zorro took off his mask. He was none other than our Laksh, she hugged him.

He slowly whispered I LOVE YOU TOO MY CINDERELLA….

Screen freezes over them.

Zorro hold his his Cinderella hands n said
I don’t know if I can give u all happiness,but I assure you that till I’m with you, I won’t let a single tear from you to fall down.

She holds his hand.

That’s how I ragini got my zorro oops my laksh.that’s how a date to my mystery land gave me my mystery man.

Hope u all liked this guys .

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