Dastur A Love Story Dependent On Time And Destiny Chapter 8

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Recap-Truth revelation sanchi nd others miffed with kaveer leap

Let’s head to Today’s epi

It was time for engagement

Kabir was thinking that how will sanchi stop this engagement while veer was dam sure today his bestie will rock nd due which he started thinking about how to make kabir nd sanchi kanchi once again (well it’s really tought job bt don’t worry I’ll help u out nd happy belated anyversary varun nd dhanya u both r really a very sweet pair may god fulfill all ur whishes)

It was Rishi’s turn to make sanchi wear the ring he hands were shaking sanchi took out her hand which was bandaged everyone became worried except veer.

Kabir was about to go to her bt veer stoped him

K-She has got hurt let me go to her

V-Mere bhole bhaiya natak kr rhi hai haath nhi kata hai uska. Upar se DDLJ ka technique copy kr rhi hai (My inocent brother she’s acting her hand has not got any cut and she is coping DDLJ’s technique)


V-Yes I m her bestie I know her more than she knows herself nd to add in the note we were patners in crime I hv only taught her these techniques remember we used to scare u that was my plan sanchi jst used to help me in executeing them once there was a cockroach in coffee that was also my plan nd

He stoped as he saw kabir giving him death glares

V-I sud run from here

He ran from there with all his might

Kabir cudn’t control himself nd bursted into laughter Thx god he was standing at last nd none noticed him otherwise everyone wud stare him as if he is an alien

Jaya was concerned about sanchi nd ran to her

J-How did this happen

S-Actually maa while cuming over here I slipped so in order to save myself from falling I holded a nearby tree god knows from where a nail came over there nd I got a cut over my finger

J-K do something wear ring ur other finger for now when this wound will heal then u will ware ring in that finger

R-That’s a gr8 idea

He made her wear ring in another finger

Now it was sanchi’s turn to make rishi wear ring

She saw her phone a msg was typed she pressed send

Suddenly a vase fell which caught everyone’s attention sristi who was standing in middle of SanRis made rishi wear the ring everyone turned back nd saw ring in Rishi’s finger

This was an end to the function everyone went to theirrespective homes nd all the family members of SanRis slept

The only people awake were KaSanVeeRisSri

They were on the terace involved in a serious discussion

R-Guys anyone got a plan

V-I hv

S-I know if u hv a plan then that’s 100% risky anyone else

K-I think I cn help

S-Did u ever planed anything like this before


S-I m sure u will hv a useless plan

V-U sud listen at least

R-Yep veer is ri8 kabir tell ur plan bt veer I agree with sanchi for ur plan

Veer made face like a child whose teacher said him useless


He said something which was muted

V-I had same plan bt u guys didn’t listen to me

S-Oh hello we worked with ur plan many times nd each time it was too risky

R-BTW awesome plan kabir what do u think sanchi

S-Not bad

R-So we will go with this plan

Nxt day

It was SanRis haldi function

Everyone applied haldi to rishi now it was time to give his jhuthi haldi to sanchi according to rituals this responsibility was given Rishi’s younger brother Sahil who was of 12 years

Kaveer went to him

V-Hello sahil

Sa-Hello bhaiya will u pls excuse me I need to delever this haldi at bhabhi’s place

V-Wait answer my question first

He took haldi bowl from him nd kept it on the table beside him


Veer holded him in a way so he face veer nd then signaled kabir to exchange the bowl

V-Sheela jawan hai pr badnam nhi munni badnam hai pr jawan nhi aisa kyun

Kabir exchanged the bowl but his finger got dipped in the bowl wgich he kept on table


Kabir signal veer that work is done

V-Tum bache ho tumhe smjh nhi aayega chalo bhai(u r a kid u won’t understand)

He kept bowl in sahil’s hand nd left with kabir

K-What was that


K-What a kind of question was that sheela nd all

V-Don’t u watch movies


V-It was a dialogue from student of the year nothing came in mind my so I said that

K-U r gr8

V-Well I m there’s no doubt in it

They applied the haldi which they took from sahil to sristi

Kabir’s jhuthi haldi was applied to sanchi

So today also they succeded in their plan


Author’s note :

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