Dastur A Love Story Dependent On Time And Destiny Chapter 7

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Recap-Sanchi’s alliance got fixed sanchita’s granny’s birthday

Let’s head to Today’s epi

Place-Delhi at sanchi’s home

Sanchi was hving a sad expression on her face

J-Try 2 understand sanchi if u won’t marry tomorrow then there’s no auspicious date until nxt 20 years we made pandit ji see ur nd our wud be SIL’S Kundali

S-bt maa

She was intrupted by sunil

Su-I hv solution for this problem only ishgya, kaveer, anand nd we three will be there U both will marry in temple for sake of this date then u cn remarry after ur internship with full promp nd show until that we won’t tell anyone that u r married nd u wud stay like unmarried girls stay only 1 month is left in ur internship pls sanchi I hv fulfilled ur every whish till now in return of that cn’t u do this for me pls

Sanchi agreed halfheartedly

At Malhotra Mansion

Anand came home nd saw kaveer there he told them about date nd sunil’s plan veer agreed nd went to his room kabir was luking a bit sad Anand noticed it

A-I know u don’t want to make sanchi unhappy as she is ur friend as well as student u won’t be happy if anything cums in way of her career bt try to understand kabir veer luvs her nd 20 years r too long he will be 44 that time that a too late age for marriage

K got a 440volt shock-Hmm u r ri8 dad i m going to my room

Kabir brusted out in flood of tears which he was trying to hold back from a long time bt this was the end of his struggle with tears at last his pain came out which he was trying to hide from his father downstairs.

every passing second made situation harder for him He was in a rage nothing was able to console him If he tried to be strong then he’ll became an imotionless person with a heart of rock which his sanchi wud never want . The only thing which made him to choose between brother nd sanchi was his unconditional nd pure love for both of them. At last he decided to scarifice sanchi for veer as he didn’t wanted veer to go through what he has gone through ri8 now he didn’t told truth to anyone nd ended up keeping everyone in a wrong belief even sanchi bt kehte h na jodiyan uppar wala banata hai to phir is jodi ko kabir kese tor skta hai let’s see what will happen on the marriage day

SaIshGya were present at sanchi’s room while Janil(Jaya+Sunil) went to temple where anand nd kaveer were already present kabir hid his emotions by keeping a broad simile on his face

At Mishra House sanchi’s room

I-Sanchi u luved him then why u didn’t told us

P-Yep tell us the reason

S-Actually kabir proposed me the day u both went to a pay a visit to uncle then all of a sudden this all took place I had no time

P-Wait a sec kabir prposed u on behalf of veer

S-What rubbish kabir loves not veer and I too love him

I-Then why r u marring veer

S-What stop this joke

I-We r not joking sanchi someone is there who is telling lie who told u that kabir is ur wud be husband


P-Did anyone else tell u


P-U sud ask him directly what’s the matter

S-Let’s go cum with



SanIshGya came to temple sanchi was in bridal attire she came there nd holded kabir’s hand in front of everyone they were schoked to see sanchi behaving like this on her marriage day

S-Did u lie to me

K-Sanchi actually

S-Yes or no kabir did u lie to me


S left his hand nd bursyed out in tears -How dare I loved u nd u cheated on me. Do u think I m a toy which u will use whenever u want nd when u r bored u will give it to ur brother I feel ashamed to love someone like u I loved u bt now I hate u Dr.Kabir Malhotra I hate u . Tell me one thing did u ever love me

Everyone were surprised

K-I love u bt I love my brother more

He got a tight slap from anand

A-I never taught u cheat a girl kabir we all were unaware of truth bt u knew everything why kabir I won’t forgive u he was about to slap kabir again bt veer holded his hand

A-He has done a sin veer nd u r stoping me so that I cn’t punish him

V-If he gas done a sin then I m a sinner too I knew everything from beginning if u want to punish him then punish me too

Kabir was suprised he tried to speak bt veer holded him nd said

V-Don’t save me today bhai let everyone know the truth

S-I hate u veer how cn u do this with me both of u stay away from me good bye forever hope we don’t meet again

Sanishgya nd Janil left the temple followed by anand

Now only kaveer were present there

K-Why did u lie

V-Why did u sacrifice ur love for me
K-This is not the answer veer u r trying to change the topic

V-I will surely answer bhai bt first u need to answer me

K-Because I m ur brother it was my duty to think about u before myself I didn’t wanted u to get heartbroken that’s it

V-When u cn give me ur happiness then why cn’t I take ur sorrows bhai. why sud u only be blamed when I was the reason of ur act

Kabir became emotional nd hugged him

Nxt day at sdch

Anand came to kaveer nd gave them an envelope

A-Sanchi left sdch I tried to stop her bt she didn’t It’s all due to u both. U hv to leave this hospital ri8 now nd get jobs in some other hospital u hv to struggle tgey way sanchi is struggling u cn stay in my house bt find ur jobs some where else if sanchi won’t be here then u both also sudn’t be here

Kaveer left sdch

2 years leap

Kaveer r working in Zenith hospital in delhi(I m using names of hospital I hv visited they r not in place i hv mentioned over here )

Sanchi is now in meerut with her family she works in Apollo hospital over there

Kaveer went to attend a friend’s engagement ceremony in meerut let’s see what happens nxt.

A girl is shown in silver gown nd diamond jewellery her face is hidden behind a man only her eyes r visible the eyes which can speak thousands of things while keeping mum her dark brown eyes had some magic in them which made our hero kabir admire her he was lost in her beautiful eyes when he got a tap from a guy

G-Kabir whom u r stareing is ur bhabhi

K-Really Rishi I thought that u didn’t wanted to marry her that’s the reason we r helping u to make her run away(So the guy’s name is Rishi played by paras kunawar S.P of meri durga )

R-Relax dude I was kidding bt she is my friend at least

V came from behind -K so where’s my bhabhi i mean whom we hv to help in running away

R points to the same girl-There she is let me call her. Bhootni cum here

Kaveer did saw her

She didn’t saw kaveer as she came from back of them

Girl-Here I m waise itna kyun yaad kar rhe ho khi tumhara mujhse shaadi na krne ka irada toh nhi badal gaya (BTW why r u thinking so much about me did ur desicisoin of not marring me change)Nd don’t call me bhootni u dinosaur

R-Marraige that also with u not even in my dream nd don’t call me dinosaur u bhootni

S-U dinosaur I think u r marring me nd if u will say me bhootni then i won’t run away nd u will hv to marry me I won’t hv any problem because I cn fi8 with u whole life bt think about urself if u will marry me then what will happen to ur gf sristi(Played by sristi jain Durga of meri durga)

R-u won pls leave me I beg u

S-K where r ur friends who were going to help me in running away

R-Here they r guys turn back

Kaveer turned back nd said together-Sanchi

(The girl is turned out to be sanchi )

S-What r u doing here I told both of u to stay away from me then why did u came here leave this place ri8 now

K-Sanchi we

He was intrupted by sanchi

S-Pls leave


R-Relax yaar they r my friends who r going to help u in running away kabir nd veer bt it seems that u all know each other

V-how cn I forget my bestie

K-How cn I forget

Again he is was intrupted by sanchi

S -student I was his student I also didn’t forget them as I hate them the most nd if they r going to help me in running away then I will better marry u

R-Sanchi try to understand I love sristi if I will run away then I will loose my parents bt if u do so then ur parents will still accept u nd ur family will not face any dis honour as sristi will marry me instead of u bt if I will run away then both the familie’s respect will be ruined pls sanchi

S-k bt tell them to focus on their job nd not to irritate me is that clear

R-Yes bhootni I mean boss

S-K commander dinosaur take 10 steps towards ur back while luking in direction I m standing


He did so nd fell into swimming pool

R-U r so mean

S-I know that

A smile made it’s way on both kaveer’s face-Crazy girl

V-Still same

K-Anger has increased

V-hey she has grown lil bit fat too i will call her moti yeah a new name

Kabir gave a U r still a kid wala luk to veer


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