Dastur A Love Story Dependent On Time And Destiny Chapter 6

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Recap-Kanchi’s love confession

Nxt morning

At Malhotra Mansion

Veer was not in the house nd anand was roaming around the house while ordering servents to decorate the house kabir cameto him

K-Dad what’s going on?

M-Oh sorry I forgot to inform u sanchi is now this house’s wud be daughter in law so I m arranging house for her

K with excitement nd happiness -What???

A-Rn’t u happy

K-Happy I m super happy bt when u got to know this

A-What do u think I won’t know what’s going on in my son’s heart

K-U r really awesome dad

A-I know that. Oh shit

K-What happened

A-I forgot I hv to go at Mishra’s place to talk about making her my daughter in law

K-Don’t u think it’s too early I mean she is jst an intern now

A-I know that I m going to fix this allaince this marriage will taje place after her internship will be completed

K-K that’s gr8

Kabir went to his room nd called sanchi nd anand left for mishra house

Their convo


K-There’s a gud news nd a bad news which one sud I tell first
S-Tell gud news first
K-So dad is going to ur home for fixing our alliance
S-Bt don’t u think it’s too early I mean
K-Shh I know that we will marry after ur internship
S-So bad what’s the bad news
K-I hv to beair ur throughout my life
S-U r so mean
K-I know that
K-Bye wud be wifey
S-Bye Mr.Cheesy
K-I m not cheesy
S-U r
K-Leave it
S-So finally bye
K-Never say bye
S-Ugh i m disconnecting the call
S-Now what
K-I want to ask something

K-Before mariage u r like this then what will happen after marriage
S-Shut up nd bye


At hostel

S-Idiot bt he is cute Oh god Im so happy

She got an call from jaya

Their convo


S-Hello maa how r u
J-I m alri8 dear I wanted to ask u something
S-I know what u want to ask nd my answer is yes I love him so I want this allaince to be fixed
J-That’s gr8 I’ll inform Dr.Malhotra that u r ready nd cum home fast we need to decide an auspicious date
S-Mom try to find a date after my internship completes nd i hv lots of work I can’t cum
J-K princess
S-Luv u mom
J-Luv u 2 princess
S-Bye i m getting late for my duty
J-Bye nd tc
S-U 2 mom


S-so let’s get ready for work

At sdch

For time first time ever kabir didn’t came to work inspite of being all ri8 nd veer also didn’t came whole day sanchi engaged herself in work so that she don’t feel lonely as whole gang except her was absent.

At pune sanchita’s hospital

Sanchita was doing her job while a young guy came from her back nd shouted loudly


S-Do u think u cn scare me sanket(The guy was sanket sanchita’s friend her gang includes sanket, garv, soumya played by priya ghor, Ankita played by kanchi sing gayu of ykkh )

San-A very gr8 person has said u sud try again nd again one day u will succeed in ur atempts

S-Really then I m sure due to u this saying will go wrong

San-For name only u r a girl other wise u r totally like a boy

S-If I n not scared of ghosts or anything then it doesn’t mean I m not a girl

San-It’s not like that I mean to say that other girls do oh my babu my shona they jst run behind boys

S-Every girl is not like thqt only ur stupid GFs who run behind u nd u change them every week

San-Sorry yaar

S-Let me work

San-Sorry pls forgive me

S-I will kill u or else go from here

GarSouAnk came from behind

Sou-U made her angry again

A-U cn never change

G-I m sure he must hv said something again

S-U know then u sud take him away

A-Angry bird

G-Why r u saying her angry bird I m sure again this hint wud hv said her something


G-Sanket in English means hint

Sou-U nd ur translations

G-Thk u thk u


S-Stop it guys I need to go home early today


A-U forgot

San-Stop this nd tell what’s so special about today

Sou-Today is her granny’s birthday


S-Will u guys cum with me or shall I go alone

San – Miss.Attitude

S-I love my attitude

Sou-Leave him

A-U know him he is a born fool

G-Nd weird too

San-Why do u all r also opposing me

G-Because u do such things first of all u badmouthed about girls then u forgot today’s occasion after that u taunted her for her attitude

Sou-U know that she hates those people who speak against girls Nd she loves her granny a lot after that what u call her attitude is her pride

San-I m really sorry

S-Appology accepted

A-He said sorry many times bt u didn’t accepted it so why now

S-Because this time he really meant sorry previously he said sorry bt didn’t mean it

A-We r getting late rn’t we

S-Let’s go then

They went to sanchita’s home where her granny was sitting on her chair
The house was very glum and silent not a single bulb was glowing. It seemed that there was something very unauspicious about the day. Sanchita came from behind nd hugged her granny

S-Happy birthday dadi

D-U know that what happened this day still u want to celebrate this day every year

S-I know mom nd dad left us this day

D-Then why r u behaving so cool

S-Because I know if tgey wud hv been here with us then they wud hv wanted u celebrate this day

D with angry tone-Bt they r not here why cn’t u understand this every time u force me bt this time I won’t melt with this line

S with teary eyes-I understand dadi bt remember u told me for me u r there as my mom nd dad nd for u I m there as ur kids so I m fulfilling my duty of being ur kid nd u sud also fulfilling ur duty as my mom dad by celebrating ur birthday

D hugged sanchita -Sometimes u speak like u r my mom

S-So my kiddo let’s cut the cake guys cum out

They celebrated her birthday with promp nd show


Author’s note :

That’s all for today school has started so I cn’t be regular really sorry for that nd hope to see u soon

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  1. Swethaa

    nice one but is the alliance for kanchi or sanveer…
    sanket-hint what a translation….i can’t control my laugh on this..its beautiful dear

    1. --Jia--

      Thx a lot u Will get to know it soon

      1. Swethaa

        i thought i missed any scene but now confusion got cleared…its your idea…very well wrote dear

  2. Amazing episode nd don’t be sorry we will wait. Whenever you get time post next part. Take care

    1. --Jia--

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  3. It was awesome

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  4. It waz o7m it waz short bt no prob. vil manage vid dis bt on 1 condition nxt tym come vid a long chap…n post nxt epi soon…by …tc

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  5. Anu88

    So so amazing and outstanding and superb and interesting episode yaar….. please yaar don’t separate kabir and sanchi….it’s my humble request to u dear……….love u dear…..tc dear….

    1. --Jia--

      Thx a lot yaar pr srif 3 ya 4 shot ke liye separate krna parega usi pe puri story based h bt i promise finally they will be together

    2. --Jia--

      Bye tc luv u 2

  6. Nice yaar…Awesome…
    Dont be sorry…
    Take care…

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  7. Dhruti

    superb episode dear………tc……………love you……………..and don’t say sorry……………

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