Dastur A Love Story Dependent On Time And Destiny Chapter 5

Author’s note : 

A very big thx to Sanveer, Swethaa, Samidha, Aafiya, Khann__Sannah,Anu88,Niyaaa Niyu di, Amnaa nd priyanka di for commenting on my previous post nd if by mistake I missed anyone pls forgive me

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Recap-Some super crazy moments 

Here we go to today’s epi

Place-Malhotra Mansion kabir’s room
Time-Mid night
People presentOnly kabir


Kabir was moving around the room scratching his head let’s see why he is so much worried nd all he did was talking to himself

K-I can’t even tell to veer he is sanchi’s best friend after so much time I m ib luv bt still not able to confess only 5 days r left .O god pls help me

He started moving again this time an idea popped in his mind

K-Thx god for giving me idea.

He took out his phone nd searched ‘ways to propose a girl’ on Google nd guess what he choosed nothing (akhir duniya ki sbse badi pagal pr cute larki ko propose krna tha toh tarika bhi kuch alag hona cahiye)At last he slept thinking so day 1 he did nothing day 2 he tried to make plan bt cudn’t let’s see what he will fo on day 3

Morning broke bt our Mr.Punctual I mean Kabir was still sleeping as his sleep wasn’t completed

Whole kabir was thinking bt poor kabir cudn’t concentrate due to which day 3 also wasted

K-Wah kabir ek kaam tu thik se nhi kr skta har baar ki tarah is baar bhi kuch nhi keh paayega tu .8 saal se jaanta hai tu use pr har baar dil ki baat zuban pr aate aate reh jaati hai aur phir uske saamne tera mazak ban jaata hai. Woh pehli larki hai jisne teri bolti band kr di. Itna toh anchal ko baatane waqt bhi dar nhi laga tha. kahin aisa toh nhi ki anchal se srif ek infatuation tha haan aisa hi hoga so it means sanchi is my 1st nd true love

(Very good kabir one job also u can’t do properly . Like everytime this time also u won’t be able to say her anything. U know her from 8 years bt everytime u r about to say her ur feelings bt u r not able to tell due to which ur fun is made in front of her. She’s 1st girl in front of whom u r unable to say anything. I wasn’t so much scared to tell anchal . Is it that I was jst Infatuated from, yes that’s the matter so it means sanchi is my 1st nd true love )

He was smiling whole day long. And guess what he got an idea to propose her

So at last he got idea on day 3. Day 4 was spent doing preparation nd finally the most awaited day, Day 5 yes the poposal day came guys I m keeping it sunday for the sake of kanchi’s workoholicness

In early morning when sanchi woke up nd stretched her arms nd flowers were showered on her she luked around nd found no one as Isha took a week off since last day as her dad’s health was not going well Pragya left with Isha to meet her dad only sanxhi was here as she was going to cover Ishgya’s duty.

S-I know who has done this so at last he managed to be courageous nd propose me. I know u love me bt I want to listen from u golu.

She got a note on her study table with a red rose

Note stated:

World’s most crazy girl

Dear Mishri,
I know u hv gussed by it’s me ur golu who has done all this nd why I did this nd u want to listen it from me hey don’t luk at me like that I know u from 8 long years so I know what thing u will do when. So meet me at the same restaurant we first met on the same time 5pm that too on same day we met 8 years ago today is that day hope u be on time.
Kabir ur golu”

S-I really forgot it how silly I m idea I sud buy a gift for him k I’ll buy it on the first let me decide what sud I wear

She has take out her each nd every dress all she did was to find fault in every cloth

S with a cute pout-I don’t hv any gud dress I sud buy one for this occasion. Hey what happened to me I was not like that it’s same place same time same date same person bt I m totally changed

(Guys I know there r many non benagli’s here who can’t understand bengali bt pls bear this bg music I luv it so I wanted to include itin my ff nd don’t forget to read the part between lyrics nd if u r fond of arjit sing pls listen this song parbona by arjit sing while reading )

Vall lage haate tor haath dhore
Vabhna tor asche din raat dhore(×2)
Elo-melo mon take ki kore kheyal rakh
Keno ami eto kore toke chai

she was remembering the day when she refused to dress differently to meet kabir nd a huge smile has made his way to her face

Parbona ami charte toke
Parbona ami vulte toke
Parbona chere bachte toke
Hoye ja rajie ek bar….

She was thinking about her first meet with kabir nd how she flirted with him . Her silly behaviour nd his way to handle her.

Vall lage chaile tui aar choke
Chaichi tor oi du chokhe
Elo melo dis kore
Sarata dupur dhore
Bose bose ure cholu kolpnay

Kabir was selecting his dress when he came up with a bangle which his mother gave him for his wud be wife
He became emotional nd kept in a beautiful jewellery box. At last he got a perfect dress, he wore it nd came he was luking like a greek god.

Parbona ami charte toke
Parbona ami vulte toke
Parbona chere bachte toke
Hoye ja rajie ek bar……

He went to buy a boquet for sanchi nd then he headed towards the restaurant

Dekha diye tui jodi chole jas
Ki karone bol eto kichu chas
Amio ki cheye bosi tori kachea
Sadasidhi mone koro ki ekhon
Ki korone boleto uchaton
Amio ke peye bosi tor kache
Kotha chinuk kothar rokom
Amay dakuk

Here sanchi was in a mall finding a perfect dress for this awaited occasion. At last she got a beautiful red gown She came out wearing that gown which increased her beauty

Parbona ami charte toke
Parbona ami vulte toke
Parbona chere bachte toke
Hoye ja rajie ek bar……

She went to a flourist’s shop nd buyed a beautiful boquet of red roses then she buyed a very beautiful watch for him not very much expensive bt everything gifted with pure feeling nd lots of love is mosy expensive gift in the world

She reached the restaurant where no other customer was there nd decorated with red roses nd balloons

Kanchi’s pics were hanging all around the restaurant some musicians were playing voilen nd guess what they had to eat a pizza , 1 chocolate pastry ,1 coke nd a plate of noodles same order which she gave the day they 1st met

Sanchi steped inside nd each nd everyone present there gave her a red rose

Then kabir came to her

K-pls hv a seat

S-So much formaility is dangerous for health BTW u still remember that order which I gave that day Really I was so silly

she starts laughing as she gets flashes of that day

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤fb starts¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

S-Ummm What about a pizza , 1 chocolate pastry ,1 coke nd a plate of noodles nd u , I know it’s less bt now a days I m on a diet

K-Really it’s too less

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤fb ends¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

He also laughs as he got flashes of same incident

S-Why r u laughing

K-I got same flashes which u got

S-How do u know I got which flashes
K-Don’t u know it is cleary written above

S-Go acording to script don’t read anyone else’s part or else I’ll call u cheater

K-Sorry Sorry I won’t read anyone else’s part

S-Forgot u was going to tell me something

K-K bt first hv ur food

S-Usually people prpose first then they dance then they kiss nd eat at last I saw yesterday on PTKK

K-Bt we r not usually


K-Yes because u r craziest girl I ever saw

S with a cute pout-I know that bt u sud not tell it seems so mean

K-K I won’t telly u craziest I’ll tell u pagal

S-As whish Mr.KKKKK

K-Now what is this Mr.KKKKK I know KKK

S-It’s same bt I hv added Karva Karela before Khadoos Kabir Kapoor

K – That’s so mean u call me by these names

S-Many more names r there BTW scores r settled

K-Smart enough

S-No u sud say fair enough

They both laughed at their silly arguments

K-We r so silly

S-I m not silly u r silly don’t include me in this childish thing I m a grown up kid now

K-U r Impossible

S-I used to say u this

K-Really u never told me

S-I said that I say this to u means I always said that u r impossible to veer


S-Wait I hv pasted that text bellow inside star column read it urself


S-Yeh tumhara bhai bhi na ekdum impossible hai off duty kitna sweet aur on duty khados (Ur brother is impossible off duty he is so sweet nd on duty he is khados )

V keeping his one hand on her soulder – I know that bt r u excited for the punishment


K-Ooo now I understood

They ate the food (I know I m writing very silly things bt else cn I do even my teachers call me silly sometimes they know me so well leave it let’s see what will happen nxt)

Kabir asks her for a dance nd she agrees to dance

They dance on Raabta from agent vinod I cn’t elaborate it as dance is not my cup of tea.

After dance he bents on his knees nd forwards the bangels

K-U hv totaly changed me U taught me how to live life to the fullest, how to smile, how to be crazy nd how to fall in love. Will u mind being with me forever will u mind being Mrs.Sanchi Kabir Malhotra from Miss.Sanchi Mishra


She was jumping like a kid

S-Pinch me


S-Pinch me


He pinched her

S-Ouch why u pinched me

K-Seriously u told me to pinch u

S-Bt u pinched me very hardly k leave it BTW from where u learned these lines

K-I made it myself

S-K gud tell me do u know how to cook food

K-U know me from 8 years mishri

S-Answer me


S-Very bad

Kabir made a sad face

S-Did u ever tasted yellow chart paper

K-R u coping those kids

S-Oh hello I m a kid bt grown up, now answer


S-Very bad Kabir only one question cn make u pass

K-Tell fast

S-Do u love me


S-U r passed with full marks


He started jumping bt stoped by seeing sanchi who was giving him death glares

K with a cute puppy face-What did I do now


S-“What did I do now ” like really u don’t know what u did


S-U copied me

K holding his ears-Sorry

S-It’s k

K-My answer

S-Um let me think Yes

K-thk u

S-So Ice cream

K-Same place

S-Let’s go

They went to the same place

K-Bhaiya two

Icecream seller-butterscotch every time ur order is same

Kanchi smile

They enjoy their Ice-cream nd then kabir drops sanchi to hostel nd goes to his home he slept early as he was tired nd at last he got to sleep peacefully


Author’s note :

Guys that’s it for today forgive me if I did any mistake nd specially typing nd grammatical mistakes I hv written in comparitively less time than usual . Nd there is a warning nxt few shots will bring something miserable moments. U all cn try to kill me bt one thing which I cn asure u all is finally u get the pairs as kanchi nd Sanveer(Sanchita nd veer) all I can say is that I can’t guarantee middle portion bt end will be perfect.

Pls press like or dislike button as per as ur preferences. Nd if u hv 2 mins for me then pls drop ur opinion .Till our nxt meet bye tc luv u all


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