Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (trailer)


Shocking trailer…this part will take some time…till there is a small trailer… hope you like it

5 years later

A big bungalow is shown a lady doing puja
Lady …ramu kaka ramu kaka is breakfast ready ..Sahab will be coming soon..

Ramu kaka…ji betiya everything is ready…

The lady smiles…she goes near the bedroom and sees towards the room and her smiles faded

Scene changes…

Mm is show ..

A handsome man in a black suit is getting ready he goes towards the care and starts the car …he stops his car near the traffic light …some children comes there he gives 100 rupees …they all smiles and goes from there …

A dark room the same man drinking beer with red eyes
A mandap is shown there is a marriage
A bride is shown wearing red color lhenga…

A small dark room is show …a girl is lying on the bed and get hands moves…

A dark room the man picks the glass and broke the mirror…

Who was the lady in the first scene why her smiles faded seeing towards the room
Who was the boy in second scene …
Who’s marriage is going to happen …

Who is the girl in a dark room
Why the man is angry…
Many ques one ans ….
If u want to know stay tuned dastan….ishq ya nafrat ki

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  1. Sanswa

    Yeh kyaa he drishhhuuuu???

  2. Soujanya


  3. Rosey

    Swasan sepratuon I think

  4. its awesome! In suspense

  5. So nice continue

  6. Vyshu10

    oh god…so much suspence. Upload soon

  7. A.xx

    Nice upload soon xx

  8. what a suspense

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