Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 9)


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Recap…..kavita feels insecure of Swara

Swara…. Ha bolo laksh kya bat krni thi…

Laksh… Ha vo swara…. Ya vo ha bhuk lagi hai mujhe ha bhuk hi lagi hai

Swara… ??? (confused look)

Laksh… Nahi i mean u r looking beautiful…

Swara ?? thnx… (Confused look)
Laksh…. (Slowly) abey laksh ye kya bol ra hai tu. 

Swara smiling… U love ragini
Laksh(unknowingly) ha… Matlb na nahi matlb yes no. No.

Now swara fully confused and angry.. Laksh sees her face…

Laksh… Ok yes i love her…

Swara.. Th duffer mujhse ku bol re ho go and say to ragini…

Laksh… No Swara i don’t know tht she loves me or not

Swara… Uff jab tak u will not ask th kaise pta chalega ha ….

Laksh…. Ni swara not now i will wait..

Swara… But laksh..

He went from there… Leaving swara ..

Scene changes..

Kavita roaming in her room ..

Kavita…. What should i do kuch samjh ni ara oh god i can’t tolerate someone else with sanskar… And i know what i have to do at night we r going to the party na now see wat i do (smirk)

Scene changes

Ragini at the window…

Swara…. Ragu

Ragini…. Ha kya hua

Swara… Ni kuch ni bus i want to talk about laksh..

As ragini hears laksh name he got a smile in her face…

Ragini… What u have to talk about him..

Swara… Umm nothing leave it

Ragini stops her ..

Ragini….. Tell na swara wat happen…

Swara.. No.

Ragini… Plz na..

Swara … Ok ummmm i think ki tht laksh love someone..

Ragini got shocked hearing this..

Ragini…. Who..

Swara… Don’t know..

Ragini… Thn how can u say tht laksh loves someone…

Swara… Because i have listen him he was saying tht he loves someone..

Ragini…. Who is she (with jealousy)

Swara… Don’t know hogi koi leave it hume kya karna na he love someone or not hain na

Ragini…. Ya u r ryt ( verge of crying)

Swara(smiles silently unnoticed by ragini)ok thn i am going ha . 

Ragini ….. Ya go..

When swara leaves there she stands near the door and listen .. Her

Ragini… Who could tht bit….h… Ahhh no i know laksh don’t love anyone but if he do no no it can’t..

Swara(to herself)teer laga nishane mai(smirking)

Scene changes…

Laksh… But swara why u do this..

Swara.. . Because… U r . my friend now nd i am only helping… U

In excitement he hugged swara

Laksh.. Thanku thank u

Just than sanskar enters the cabin and he saw swara and laksh hugging and he fumes in jealousy.. But he control his emotion..

Sanskar.. Laksh..

Laksh and swara get apart… And saw swara.. And laksh indirectly hints her not to tell him
.. Swara understood it…

Swara… Wat r u doing here ..

Sanskar (wat the look)oo its my office i should ask wat r u doing here…

Swara…. Vo i have come to meet laksh any problem..

Sanskar… No no u can come why should i have a problem…

Swara… Ok laksh by and sanskar come home fast aj party mai jana hai u remeber na ?

Sanskar gives a angry look because it was buissnes party where all his family members are allowed…
By saying this swara runs from there..

Sanskar… Oh god is ladki ka kuch ni ho sakta ….

Scene changes

Sanskar was sitting in his cabin and was lost somewhere not somewhere was lost in Swara…. And unknowingly smiles. 

Sanskar… Oh god sanskar wat has happen to u why u always smiles when ever u r with swara today also when i saw swara with laksh why i fell jealousy what is this feeling… Oh God this  girl is driving me crazy…

Scene faded..

Swara comes home and dashed with kavita..

Swara… Oops sorry

Kavita… U should be

Swara… What
Kavita… . watever

Swara… Hah.. (She starts to leave when kavita calls her)

Kavita… Umm swara..

Swara… Hmm ya

Kavita… Today r u going to the party

Swara… Ya going why u r not going..

Kavita…. Ya i am also going vaise be ready fast sanskarka late krne vale log pasand ni..

Swara(giggling) don’t worry kavita i will handle that mr. Khadoos … He he

Kavita.. (Angry)as u wish if he scold u don’t say to me.

Swara.. Ok ok don’t be angry i will come on time (and she goes from there)

Kavita(thinking)how dare she swara u will not able to go to party tonight sanskar is only mine no one has right on him i promise i will make ur life misrable… U have done a mistake swara to touch my sanskar today i will show what i can do… With u whenever u will come close sanskar u have to face the circumstances(smirk)

Scene faded with kavita’s smirk and swara’s simle.

Recap… Kavita excecude her plan… Ragini comes to know about her love for laksh

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