Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 39)

Dastan ishq ya nafrat ni (ek nya adhay)

Recap… arohi’s birthday party

Arohi comes to cut the cake than someone calls sanskar so he goes with them….he goes up and goes to arjun ‘s room
Arjun….ah sanskar I was waiting for u…
Sanskar..But why did u call me any problem
Arjun..ya actually I want u to sign see document it will be the contract of u an and ours
Sanskar…ok soo where to sign…
Arjun gives paper to him and points out where to sign….

Sanskar sigh there without seeing….swara was standing at the door …with a smirk…

Next day….
Swara comes to sanskar and throws some paper to sanskar’s face…
Sanskar looks to the paper and says…
Sanskar …..what’s this ..

Swara..u can read na so read it

Sanskar reads it and gets shocked

Sanskar…property papers??? I sanskar maheswari gives this whole property to my wife  swara maheswari…and he was shocked..
Swara…what really sanskar wao

Sanskar…. But I don’t signed it
Swara…but I guess it’s ur signature…

Sanskar….but I (then he remember something )no it can’t arjun (then he remembers he is arjun my best friend ) it was all ur plan…

Swara smiles what plan
By the way in 2 hours mr kapoor will come ur lawyer ryt….
Sanskar….what do u want ….

Swara..I want u to cry u to beg

Sanskar sees swara in anger and goes from there…

2 hours later…

Mr kapoor…so the property and the business is now in the name of swara maheswari…

Ragini..Bhai why u do this
Sanskar sees to swara in anger and swara smiling…

Ragini goes from there…

Swara…ramu kaka today is the party at maheswari mansion give the invitation to everyone and Yes to our guest our friend mr singhania too…

Swara smiles seeing sanskar…and goes from there…

Shraddha…I am not understanding what is this how how can sanskar do this I have said to papa ji do the property in the name of dhruv but no he don’t listen now see ..don’t know what she will do now don’t know…

Scene ends…

At the party
Arjun and arohi comes there…sanskar comes in front of them and sees arjun with anger..

Arjun smiles and says…hello sanskar
Sanskar…..nice to meet u….again….vaise nice plan..

Arjun…not like urs

Swara comes there…

Heya arju hey aaru and hugged arjun and arohi come why r u standing here come…and she takes them with her..

And sanakar stands there with a multiple emotions..

Precap…swara gets attacked
All se shuru hoga shaziso ka maha khulasa… from tomorrow in every episode there will be a dhamaka in every episode the truths will come out..

Sorry guys I m not getting what should I write in this episode so this episode is small m really sorry fr tomorrow there will be bigger episodes…promise…
And guys I want to know would u all want me to post my two story I.e it’s a love story and junoon there ishq ka (ek duje ke liye) name changed to post again or should I continue from where I have stopped and ya I am writing one more story forbidden love vaise it’s not season story its arjuhi fanfic but if u want I will post as swasan story

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