Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 38)

Dastan ….ishq ya nafrat ni (ek nya adhay)

recap…swara gets drunk…

At night..
Sanskar took swara to the bedroom swara was sleeping he puts swara on the bed and he was about to fall above swara but stops and looks towards her the moon light was touching swara ‘s face and sanskar gets lost in her…but he remembers something so he jerks himself and goes from there
A closed door is shown
Sanskar enters there
And opens the light and close the door again and after closing he looks back..
All the wall was covers with swara ‘s pics….every single pic was there … He moves towards the photos and touches them and tears appears in his eyes
Sanskar…I was knowing swara u r alive…I know it..u can never leave me ….alone….I know I have done wrong and u can never love me back I also know that u r here to hurt me and I will accept every torcher from u…but plz done ask why I betrayed u the night I can’t tell u swara I can never tell u…that night incident is deep inside my heart and I don’t want to remember that night…
(Sanskar looking up….thank u god thank u for sending swara again…in my life I know ahe hates me …I also don’t want her to love me again what I have done is wrong it’s a sin and I can never repent for I don’t want u to live here if u will stay here I knw someone will try to hurt u I know…I will do everything to send u back everything … after saying thia he goes towards a photo and touches the photo and smiles…. )
Scene ends…

At morning sun rays touches swara and she opens her eyes…
Swara..(holding her head)….oh god my heads paining what is this ahh

Sanskar comes there smiling ….good morning sweetheart…and he was holding a tray with a tea on it…

Swara…sees sanskar with anger…..listen I am not ur sweetheart ok. .
Sanskar….oh really ok I will not say dear…

Swara…..oh hello Mr maheswari…listen ( but her talk was cut by the call)

Sanskar….hello yes Mr arjun

Swara sees him

Sanskar.. party.. why any special occasion..

Arjun…yes actually it’s my wife’s birthday..

Sanskar…oh say happy birthday to bhabhi….

Arjun…yup ok bring ur family and yes swara too.

Sanskar …of course…they will come

Swara…(slowly) arohi’s birthday (she sees towards the calendar and it’s 13 Jan…
Swara shouts…
Oh god shit…

Sanskar…what happen
Swara..non of ur business…

Sanskar makes confused face…

Swara calls arohi she picks the call..

Swara sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry I forgot happy birthday aaru really sorry plz..

Arohi…not talking to u how could u forgot my birthday hah..

Swara…. Really sorry aaru…plz maaf kardE …

Arohi…ok ita ok chal maaf kiya …but u have to come in the party..

Swara…ok done.
.so what the plan for the birthday ha.

Arohi..it’s not only about my birthday party…

Swara… soooo..

Arohi…tells something..

Swara….r u serious it’s ur birthday and to execute this plan no plz…

Arohi…but swara

Arjun takes the phone..

Arjun….if not today than never swara today ia the ryt time believe me no one will get to know…and the work will be done..

Swara thinks something and says yes…

Swara…ok umm by than ttyl…

At the evening in the party…

Swara has worn a blue color saree with a cut sleeves black blouse sanskar ragini and laksh has also come there…

Welcome sanskar…welcome everyone…

Swara goes and hug  arohi while hugging

Swara… everything’s ready..

Getting apart .

Swara… happy birthday…dear..
Arohi….thanks and plz enjoy the party
Arohi goes from there
Abhay comes there

Abhay ….hello swara
Swara sees him and smiles …by and by saying this she hugged him ..

Abhay to sanskar

Abhay…maY I take ur beautiful Wife for a while..

Sanskar was about to say but swara cuts him…

Swara…why to ask him of course I will…

And abhay takes swara with him and sanskaR stands there without any expression…

Host… hello everyone mai hu aapka doat aapka host…all of u r welcome by singhania family hope ao u all enjoys the party…

Abhay forward his hands towards swara and swara giving her hands for dancing ….
Sanskar seeing them..
Scene ends here

Precap…sanskar signing some documents…here is one question

What u all thing what will be the sanskar’s problem that day why did he betrayed her …

Sorry guys for short update ….busy  again nowadays…

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  1. Nice….But no reason can be valid for killing a person…..

  2. Swarna01

    May sharaddha n kavi k kuch aur plan ho jo sanky ne sun lia ho

  3. Awesome dear

  4. Arshaanya

    Watever may b d reason still u can nvr justify his doings…he not tried bt killed her, stabd n dan burned d house…m disaptnd dat u r showing derez some reason other dan adarshz to justify his deeds…
    Dun want swasan to unite fine derez some resson na dan u suffer whole ur lyf dat wud b ok

  5. awesome

  6. short n nice epi dr thank u 4 posting it i think shradha n kavi r manipulating or blackmailing him

  7. SNY

    Amazing dr…….
    Nxt one soon….

  8. Mica

    well the repentance may Sanskar will go to police to accept his punishment in jail instead roaming out there kinda like that

  9. Soujanya

    Awesome.. ??

  10. this was so intriguing
    what is sanskar hiding

    but any reason is not valid to kill someone and that too ur love

  11. Hi,i think the shadow was shown in swara stab time is only sanskar, because i read this chapter that only click the mind is only this one. Because u donot show the shadoe person na that night,but sanskar betrayal is have the biggest reason. I think so.

  12. Samaira

    Nice… I guess shradha n kavita was planing to kill her and sanky heared thier plan or when they where telling them how can u leave her like that . So felt fish then he stabed but he did something that swara becomes save. Thats my guess coz when swara falled in river he becomes a mad…
    Ok ok bye no more bak bak

  13. Simi

    Mysterious sanskar?
    Nice chapter dear

  14. I think in precap sanky is signing some documents it may be property papers and he is business.but the q is who is making him sign kavitha or swara.if its kavitha then it might be divorce papers of swasan.

  15. Sanji


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