Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 37)

Guyz this is not a revenge story.

Dastan…ishq ya nafrat ni (ek nya adhay)
Recap….swara attitude towards sanskar…laksh diff nature..
Swara.,……bhot ho gya rona ab royenge vo
4 shadows are shown and they all come In light they are arjun arohi abhay and…………….laksh(I guess u all know that)
Swara sees laksh and laksh in tears hugs her
Swara…plz laksh plz don’t cry I am in front of u standing alive..
Laksh..why swara why don’t u believe me that time

Swara..what happen laksh u here do u want anything..
Laksh..u r looking happy what happen..
Swara..u know na laksh today is my marriage anniversary and urs too m really happy its 1 year wao..
Laksh..hm so whats the plan today
Swara..nothing sanskar is takin me somewhere don’t know where u know he is going to give some gift m veryyyy excited…
Laksh..where ???
swara…I don’t know why what happen u look tensed..
Laksh..swara u will not go plz..
Swara…why what happen why will I not go..
Laksh…plz swara believe me..
Swara ..but why..
Laksh …swara I can’t tell u u will get hurt..
Swara…but mr laksh I want to know …u r going to tell or not
Laksh…start telling everything and swara’s expression changes… and she slaps laksh..
Swara..how dare u laksh say this about my sanskar he things u like brother u r ragini’s husband and u r saying this all listen laksh I don’t want to know more..
LaKSH..i am not lying swara m not lying..
Swara..ok I believe u but I know my sanskar can never hurt me if u r saying they r planning for something so let them plan I know my sanskar could never excecute that plan he loves me more than anyone he can never hurt me laksh never..
Laksh,…hope so swara it can be true ..plz swara u will not go wherever he will call u plz..
Swara…no laksh I believe him and I will go..
Laksh..but swa
swara…plz go laksh I don’t wanna talk about this plz go..
And laksh goes from there
Laksh..hope so swara ur love wins if not I promise I will surely help u in any cost..and he goes from there
Flashback ends

Swara..but laksh how did i get to arjun..
Laksh ..i told him..

Laksh…outside swara’s room seeing swara phone.. m sorry swara I can not take any chance
Laksh sees the contact and sees a msg
Arjun…swara m in india with aru will be meeting u soon , tried u contact u but not reachable
Love arjun
Flashback ends

Laksh..than I remember sanskar telling me about some arjun who is ur friend..
Arjun..than he called me first I don’t wanna believe but after insisting I have to believe as per the address given by laksh I reached there but I was late and I saw sanskar stabbing u …and then burning the house I reached inside and took u to the hospital..and called laksh in the hospital doctor told us tht u r out of danger but u were in coma ….
Laksh …after listening this I told them to take care of u…and I goes to my house..but there was police I asked sanskar so he told me that adarsh killed u because ur wallet was found there I was shocked listening this adarsh was so broken that we tell him everything ..so for ur safety he dosen’t open his mouth..
Swara in tears..

Abhay… plz swara don’t cry now he goes towards her and gives hanky..
Swara…ryt now I have tears but very soon they will have I promise sanskar maheswari u will beg infront me for forgiveness…u will mr maheswari u will
Arjun…whats the plan now..
Swara.. um laksh I guess there is kavita’s birthday coming next week
Laksh..ya its on Wednesday 4 days later at royals blue me ragini and sanskar and bhabhi will be there..
Swara.. tht’s unfair..when she is calling ragini’s husband means u than why not sanskar’s wife.. means me..
Laksh..so what do u mean..
Swara… u will get to know soon and arjun howz ur plan going
Swara.. ok there u carry on and here I am…
Swara smirk
4 days later
Sanskar getting ready for the party..
Swara come..mr maheswari going somewhere
Sanskar…none of ur business
By saying this he goes from there and swara smirk
At the royals blue

Everyone sitting in a chair
Kavita’s friend.. what is this kaviu u and sanskar were going to marry na now sanskar’s old wife..
Kavi..oh common only for some time I know sanskar will soon take divorce haina
A voice
Why would he take divorce
Everyone looks tpwards the voice and find swara..
Sanskar stands up .. what r u doing here
Swara.. I have come here with friends and than I find u all so I came to meet u all
Avoice is heard swara
All look to the voice and finds abhay
Sanskar .. u have come with abhay
Swara,,.,… yeah why not any problem
Sanskar..don’t forget u r maheswari’s daughter inlaw and everyone knows that..
Swara.. uff mr maheswari plz I have done nothing wrong only enjoying with abhay a song starts and swara take abhay to dance
This angers sanskar and he goes towards swara..

Kavita..let her do what she want if aunt ji will get to know about her she will surely kicked her out of the house..
Sanskar goes to the desk and stars drinking seeing them both dancing he don’t know but in his heart somewhere he gets hurt..
This was much for him he stand and goes towards them and pulls swara and song starts
Dil ibadat
And sanskar start dancing agrresively and swara too.. everyone stops dancing and start seeing them kavita becomes angry and goes out
And soon the song ends sanskar sees swara with anger filled eyes and swara with victorious smile.,……
Swara goes towards the bar tender and start drinking shocking ragini and sanskar because swara never drinks…

And then after 1 hour she drinks too much
Abhay..come swara I will get back u to home..
Sanskar.. wait she’s my wife and I can take her u can go..
Sanskar..kavi u go with ragini and laksh..i will get her home soon when she will be fine she has drink too much..
Laksh..hm ok sanskar come..
Sanskar take swara with her..
Swara …u know sanskar I feel sooooo light I wanna dance,..
Sanskar..r u mad or what just sit down
Swra…noooooooooo I want to dance no no no wait I will drive.
Sanskar.. sit properly swra ..
Swara..if u will not give me na will shout and irritate u ahhhhhh
Sanskar come close to shut her mouth and places her hand to shut down and flashback come

Swara…mr maheswari plz stop the car I wanna eat icecreame..
Sanskar..sit quit swara..
Swara ..if u will not stop the car I will shot and irritate u ahhhhhh
And then sanskar comes and shut her mouth by coming close..
Flashback ends..
Sanskar jerks his hands and starts the car..
Scene ends here..

Precap… sanskar takes swra to bed room
Sanskar gets to a dark room .

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    D peson who shows no emotions regarding swara while killing her n nw her comebck is getting jls… cn’t digest it…
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    nice….thanks for many updates

  7. yaaaa i think Arshaanya di is right
    if sanskar loved swara sooooooooo much then plsssss show how he suffered after killing her

    this episode was tooooo gooood

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