Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 37)

Guys my 2nd semester has jusT stated so I am not getting time to write the story but i can do one thing I can post three story in a week it will be fine for u
I tried to post yesterday but net is very slow nowadays…

Recap….truth about adarsh past..

Swara comes back to home and goes to her room..and cries she don’t know what to do what will happen next…yea she was knowing that now sanskar will come back to her but she was also knowing that she will never accept him now …after this swara sleeps…
And this all time someone was using her he was non other than sanskar…

Sanskar pov
Today I come know about the biggest truth of my life…today I am guilty like hell I don’t know how I will face swara now…I have hurted her alot I have betrayed her without knowing the full truth …I could never forgive myself never..
Pov ends..

At the morning

Swara was getting ready for the office…

Swara pov..
From yesterday everything has been changed..in all these matters I comes to know that there was a time when I truly loved sanskar but now that feeling with I have a way back can never come…yea I cared for sanskar but I also want him to cry…soon mr maheswari soon…

Pov ends..

Swara going in a car and she was seen by someone from different car ..swara steps down the car and than move to a mall and hugged someone that person is revealed as abhay…

Abhay…ooo swara I was waiting for u it’s been 30 min yar..

Swara…sorry abhay m late…let’s go..


Swara..I want this engagement should be grand…i want everything perfect abhay .
Abhay… caressing swara ‘s face it will be beautiful as u want everything would be like uRs choice u don’t worry…and he kissed her forehead..

There whole conversation was heard by someone and he was none other than sanskar he has tears in his eyes…
Sanskar pov
Swara is getting engaged but how … sanskar what r u thinking she will be happy with abhay see na how happy she is how beautiful she is looking
She can never be happy with me never
Pov ends

Swara comes to home when she enters lights gets open and kavita comes there kavita has tears on her eyes

Kavita….swara how dare u to destroy my di’s family how…I will not leave u swara

Swara smiling …uff kavita plz no melodrama here ok …u know what i am bored of ur this all melodrama and ol ahh leave it I tired m going to my room…

Kavita stops her she has blood shot eyes she holds swara ‘s hand and pulls her towards her and holds swara ‘s neck swara starts breathing heavily ..

Kavita…u have destroyed every thing my marriage with sanskar …
I have seen many dreams with him like I will become the mistress whole property in my name u know u have taken my dream of becoming rich getting fame…I will not leave u swara

Swara was feeling dizzy…

Scene change ..

When swara comes home she was talking to arjun so all that was listened by him so he was bringing police

Arjun..plz god save my swara plz…

Scene changes

KaviTa was not leaving her and swara’s face becomes red when a loud voice come of a slap and kavita falls down and swara fainTed…
Who slaps kavita was non other than sanskar

Sanskar…I have seen u as a best frnds but u I can’t believe u can stoop so low …how dare u to touch swara…he again slaps her

Just than arjun comes there with police

Sanskar… inspector arrest her

Kavita…sanskar sanskar plz don’t plz sanskar

Arjun runs to swara and sanskar too

Arjun…swara plz open Ur eyes swara…

Sanskar….I think we should call doctor

Arjun…ya wait

Sanskar looks aT swara with tears

SanskaR took swara to bed and he sits beside her

Sanskar …I know I have betrayed u than only god is punishing me first ragini, than bhabhi now kavita that day if ragini don’t forced me I would never betrayed u….never…and he cries

At night swara was sleeping peacefully when a shadow is shown that shadow comes near swara and took out the knife and was to stab her when swara opens her eyes and shouts…
Sanskar also wakes and follow the person but the person runs from there..
Swara and whole family comes there..

Dp..again someone tried to kill u but could be if ap comes to know about this than she will be tensed
Ragini comes there
Ragini…what happen

Laksh .. someone tried to kill swara
Ragini …what goes to swara u r fine na swara oh god..

Swara finds it some fishy but she did not encloses it..

Dp…swara u go and sleep and everyone go to ur room

Swara seEs ragini with suspicious and ragini smiles

Precap….the real culprit

Guys I want suggestions tell me that what do u want u want swara to go back with sanskar to forgive him or u want that swara forgive him but don’t go back to him …
And tell me who is the real culprit let’s see who gets The write ans

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  1. want swara forgive sanskaar…after he suffer for some days… she go back to him..

    1. Drishya

      ok dear i will see

  2. Real culprit might be Ap…

    1. Drishya

      keep guessing 🙂

  3. Nice..want swara to forgive Sanskaar. .bt don’t want her to go back to Sanskaar..

    1. Drishya

      lets see what will story took forward

  4. Awesome

  5. May be AP or Dhruv

    1. Drishya

      keep guessing

  6. No swasan plz whatever may be d reason sanskar betrayed her he couldnt be forgive n if he should suffer worst dan only forgiven

    1. Drishya

      lets see what the story took forward

  7. nice epi dr i think real culprit is dhruv/ap

    1. Drishya

      thanx dear…

  8. Rabia0032

    Swasan plzz

  9. Awesome update……….Swara should not forgive sanskar easily………I think ap is the main culprit……..

    1. Drishya

      thanx dear

  10. Arshaanya

    Dun want swasan 2ghtr… u can’t justify his deeds… want evry1 to suffer sanskar ragini n even laksh also to some extent…

    1. Drishya

      ok dear lets see what stored in swara and sanskar’s fate

  11. Soujanya

    Awesome…. Want swasan only at last

    1. Drishya

      yes dear and thnx

  12. Malika

    well who is the real culprit ?? that i cant guess as its a long time that i am reading this story!! kavitaaaaa i hate her for hurting my swara !! very good sanskar , that you slap her !! well i feel bad for swara as she had suffered a lotss i can say !! * cries* well for suggestion !! i think swara should not for give sanskar easily !! and raglak also !! due to them swara was hurted the most !! i really hate kavita for property she want to marry sanskar !! i hate her!! * angry face* thank god arjun heard the conversation of swara and kavita and at right time he came and arrest kavita !! i love it!! * scratching my head who is the person who want to kill swara?? i really wanna know it!! the story is really mysterious one !! must say sister your wrote this part very beautifully and superbbb one . i am loving your stroy !! update soon and keep smiling and stay blessed!!

    1. Drishya

      thnx a lot dear i will try to post soon…

  13. Nice….swasan

  14. I think the culprit may be ap….may be she is step mom of sanky and coming to ragini I think she is being used by ap or may be she herself doing bcoz laksh care for swara and now sanky.

    1. Drishya

      keep guessing dear…

  15. Nice……

  16. Simi

    Make swara forgive sanskar..

    1. Drishya

      thnx i will try lets see where the story takes

  17. Areeeyyyyyyy…….i told u so any times

    But u never reply me ( sad pout )

    Nice epi

    Damn sure that the real culprit is ap…….i think there must be ap only who blackmailed everyone one by one and finally swara was attempted to murder by sanskaar……..according to me and the way ur story is going the track must be like this……..and when finally truth will be out ap will be punished…..swasan raglak will reunite and finally everything will be settled……enough of my bak-bak

    Although fantastic epi

    Update soon

    1. Drishya

      awwww sorry dear i could not reply…lets see how the story goes

  18. this is soooo confusing but amazing

    1. Drishya

      thnx a lot dear

  19. Shifa96


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