Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 36)

Dastan..ishq ya nafrat ki (ek nya adhay)

Recap..swara entry and new look
In sanskar room sanskar roaming here and there swara comes there with a smirk
Swara..sanskar why r u roaming like this u r not happy seeing me and saying this she hugged him from back
Sanskar puches her..
Sanskar..wht do you want money wait he goes toward cupboard and gets a blank checkbook take this fiil ur amount and get lost..

Swara..what r u saying sanskar I am ur wife..
Sanskar..oh just shut up just tell me who r u
Swara..oh my god sanskar how could u forget ur wife In these 5 years..
Sanskar…just shut up she can’t be alive she is dead I kii
Swara..u stabbed her..
Sanskar gets shocked and swara smirked..and he looked towards her
Swara… u know what it’s a magic hain na u stabbed me and I am infront of u atanding alive wao seriously god is there..huh u know what sanskar u must be thinking why I don’t tell to all about that night…u know why because I was not in the mood to tell …what to do yar I am sooooo much yar..

Sanskar…oh now I understand u have come here to take revenge …great..
Swara..ah revenge what revenge ha how could I take revenge yar m not that bad yar…(swara yawn)oh my god m tired yar ok than mr maheswari m going to sleep ok goodnight
Sanskar.. I will see u you swara..
Swara ..not ryt now mr maheswari tomorrow ok tomorrow good night
Sanskar angry face is shown..

Scene changes….

Kavita in her room ..
Kavita..di is swara has a memory I ..i mean she don’t tell anyone about that night
Shraddha..no kavita what we r thinking is not ryt the thing is something different…but what that we have to find,…
Raglak room
Ragini sitting on the bed and thinking about swara hug on the stage
Laksh comes there and start talking

Laksh…I was knowing I was knowing that swara is alive but no no one was believing me…I am sooo happy so happy
Ragini..will u be please keep quit ryt now laksh whats ur problem tell me today so much attachment to swara .. I remembered when we were making plan for that night u was the one against us..
Kavita…so this is the plan laksh u come with ur jeep
Laksh..i will not come …
Ragini..what r u saying laksh why
Laksh.. I am against u all I am not telling to anyone does’nt mean that I am with u all… I can never betray swara I am going to swara to stop her
Ragini.. u will not go laksh if u go I will cut my hand
Laksh.. r u mad ragini

Ragini..ragini??? from ragu u have come to ragini ..laksh I don t know whats oing on ur min d but m doing this because her brother killed my sister my father her brother has taken e very happiness from me if I will not take revenge today than I will kill myself
Laksh…r u mad leave that ragini.. I will come with u..
Flashback ends
Rgini..tell me today what the relation..
Laksh .. r u doubting me ragini
Ragini..yes laksh tell me
Laksh.. ok than if u want to doubt so u can I am not here to give explanation( saying this he goes out from the room)

Ragini stands there with tears..
Outside the room laksh got the phone call
Laksh…hm ok am coming
Laksh…hm ok bye
And he cuts the call the goes from there
In the morning swara wake up late it was 9 and without bathing she goes down in a gown
She enters the kitchen without bathing shocking everyone
Ap sees her with shock noticed by swara..
Swara..mummy ji what happen why r u seeing me like thi than swara remembers something an smirk ( sanskar …ma don’t allow anyone in her kitchen without bathing)
Flashback ends

Swara..oh sorry mummy ji I don’t remember about the rule m really sorry mummy ji
Ap…its ok beta no problem u go and take rest
Swara smiles and goes from there
Sanskar also went behind her
Sanskar..swara what was that ha why did u hurt ma
Swara was not listening to him and was busy doing her work
Sanskar gets angry and goes towards her
Sanskar…r u mad I talking to u about something
Swara…plz sanskar what r doing listen mr maheswari…don’t u dare to touh me again…
Sanskar..what do u want swara tell me cleary..
Swrar..ryt now I want u to go from here
Sanskar makes face and goes from there…
Swara looks frustrated…

At night..

At 12:00
Swara opens her eyes and she sees sanskar sleeping and slowly..wakes up and goes out…
A dark place is shown…..
Swara walks inside and says..
Swara.. bhot ho gya rona ab royenge vo
4 shadows are shown

Precap…kal hoga ek maha khulasa…

So guyz here is the next update sorry for short update…hope so u all likes it…

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  1. I think the 4 shadows are of Arjun, Arohi, Abhay and LAKSH?

    1. Drishya

      U will get to know soon dear

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    Superb dr…
    Nxt one soon….

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  5. can’t wait for the khulasa u know

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  6. awesome loved it

  7. Arshaanya

    Wat is dis yr… all told u v dun want revenge n wat is al dis???
    Sanskar is not even lil bit guilty???… n nw again revenge game wil start arjun arohi abhay laksh n swara ???
    U ve not shown sanskarz emotion in dis… how he frgt he once loved it… he killed her bt atleast he shud ve some emotions like guilt love shock sad???

    1. Drishya

      No dear it’s not a revenge story…soon u will get to know ….soon sanakar emotions will come out…

  8. Shreeyu

    M not so satisfied with this update yar… But no worries m sure you will rock in next one… Anyways it was nice

    1. Drishya

      Sorry dear if u don’t like this part…

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