Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 35)

Guys here is the next part hope u all like this…
From here the story is full different

Dastan..ishq ya nafrat ki ( ek nya adhay)

Recap..swara gain consciousness
6 days later..
Whole maheswari mansion is fully decorated all the media is there for the coverage of the young business tycoonragini is helping kavita for getting ready she has worn a blue color gown and ragini has worn a red color gown ….
Everyone is busy for the preparation… all the guests are coming…
Sanskar is busy talking to some clients..
Laksh in room seeing to swara’s pic..plz swara come soon plz if today kavita and sanskar gets engaged than nothing could happen nothing and he gets tears in his eyes
Ragini listened all this and gets inside
Ragini..please laksh u started again..plz laksh not today plz
Laksh…ragini what hs happen to ushe was ur best friend
Ragini..bestfriend yea she was before knowing that she was adarsh sister
Laksh…what was her mistake that she born as adarsh sister …u don’t remember anything about her don’t u remember her saying this he left
Ragini is shown with tears and remember swara and her first meet
Ragini..hy myselg ragini
Swara..hy its swara
Then she remember their dance on her engagement and she remembers all the happy movements with swara..
And tears appears in her eyes..

Scene changes..
Sanskar getting ready infront of the mirror her eyes goes to swara’s photo and all the memories flashes him
How swara used to irritate him he remembers about their first kiss and tears appears in his eyes…
Scene changes..
Reporter..welcome everyone for the engagement of the most rich business tycoon…
Song start inside a dancer start the dance (gauhar khan)
Honthon me aisi bat
Honthon me aisi bat
Mai dabaake chali aayi
Khul jaaye wohi bat toh
Duhaayi hai duhaayi
Honthon me aisi bat
Mai dabaake chali aayi
Khul jaaye wohi bat toh
Duhaayi hai duhaayi
Ha re ha bat jisame pyar
Toh hai jaher bhi hai hay
Honthon me aisi bat
Mai dabaake chali aayi
Khul jaaye wohi bat
Toh duhaayi hai duhaayi

Kavita is coming and taken to the stage and they than sanskar also comes there on the stage
Ho shalu
Rat kali nagan si huyi hai jawan
Rat kali nagan si huyi hai jawan
Ho hay daiyya kisko
Dasega yeh sama
Ho hay daiyya kisko
Dasega yeh sama
Jo dekhu pichhe mudke
Toh pag me payal tadpe
Aage chalu toh
Bhadkati hai sari angnayi
Honthon me hay honthon
Me aisi bat mai dabaake
Chali aayi khul jaaye wohi bat
Toh duhaayi hai duhaayi
Ha re ha bat jisame
Pyar toh hai jaher bhi hai hay
Honthon me aisi bat
Mai dabaake chali aayi
Khul jaaye wohi bat toh
Duhaayi hai duhaayi

A car stops in the enerance dance is going on a girl walking towads the stage and sanskar and kavita are going to exchange the rings …winds start to blow wind cine start to sound swara’s photo’s is shown..winds are very strong

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat
Both are going to exchange the rings when something falls on the groung it was a plate with water and red roses in it all look up and finds a girl standing there she has worn a beautiful saree of golden color and curly hair and cut sleeve brown blouse(like ragini used to wear when she has taken over maheswari family)
Ap…swara !!!!!!!
Sanskar ragini, kavita and shraddha gets shocked seeing her whereas laksh is happy ..
Ap runs to her hug her…
Ap…swara u like this where were u in these 5 years..

Other side shomi and shekar seeing a tv listen swara voice because sanskar engagement was on live ..
Swara… ma I was in coma since 5 years and 4 days ago I gain consciousness. Somewhere in the village a old couple has done my treatment..they have come with me..
old couple comes there and joins there hand..
till than shomi and shekhar also comes there..
shomi..swara ..
swara sees to her and runs towards her ..
swara….ma and she hugs her and cries..
shomi..wher were u beta…everywhere we found u but u were nowhere..
shekhar…we were broken after ur disappearance and after knowing that there was somewhere adarsh hand we were fully broken..
swara (shocking face) bhaiya hand what are u saying papa bhaiya was nowhere in this matter..
shomi…what r u saying so who..

swara looks towards sanskar and moves towards him …ragsankav gets nervous..
swara… that day sanskar called me because he want to give me a gift for our anniversary I was soo happy and getting ready and goes with the driver but the car stops so I told to driver let me go myself I runs to the old hut where sanskar has called me I was going and was (everyone was listening carefully and swara has red eyes with tears and looking staright into the sanskar’s eyes ) sanskar gets the flashes of stabbing swara …
swara… I was hit by the truck badly and then I don’t remember anything ragsankavshra was shocked listening her conffesion
ap..so why were ur things lying in the old hut..
swara..sanskar has taken my thinks there ..and when I opens my eyes 4 days ago I got to know that it have been 5 years

kavita..really so why don’t u come 4 days ago why today..
swara..i was weak and doctor told me to take rest bujt I want to meet u all so I come here..as I was coming I got to know that when I had an accident tht old hut also cathes fire..
kavita..so u were with them so how would u get this beautiful dress
swara,… when I was coming I found my old friend I tell her everything she takes me to her house and give me this look there only I see the tv and find out about sanskar’s marriage I was so angry but than I felt that its been 5 years he would be alone after finding about my death he would be alone so there would only kavita HIS BESTFRIEND to look after him
seeing towards kavita..thanks kavi for taking care of sanskar and hugged her… and swara smiles
then she goes towards ragini..
swara smiling..how are u ragu…miss me na but now please I am where we will go for shopping and we will enjoy ok.. and smiles..
than she goes to sanskar..

swara…how are u sanskar .. I know u missed me a lot please sanskar m sorry now I promise I will neverleave u I promise what we say that yes pinky wala promise but you also have to promise me u will never leave me ok and by saying this she hugged him and and for showing he also hugged her..
swara gets apart .. and says to media
swara… now there will no engagement
swara..kavi how could u marry ha when his wife is here and u only tell sanskarwe have not divorced..u tell mummy ji
ap..ya why would u marry now sanskar..engagement cancel my daughter has been returned… happiness has returned
swara smirks..
swara to media.. I swara announces that sanskar has married 6 years ago only with me I mean swara sanskar maheswari ..
sanskar gets shocked and reporter comes closer and start clicking swara and sanskar photo swara sends near sanskar pushing kavita and looks to sanskar with a smirk
a shadow is shown and the dancer the shadow gives money to the dancer she smiles and goes from there

precap…sanskar..who r u just tell
swara..oh god mr maheswari how could u forget ur wife in these 5 years
next scene…
swara…bhot ho gya rona ab royene vo… (smirk)

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  1. Awesome..tc..

  2. awesome .good swara go for it .i am with u

  3. Arshaanya

    Swara wil stay wid dem n dstry dem?
    Dun unite swasan plz… n plz dun show laksh as shadow.. y hez caring for her nw.. if he wanted he wud ve stopped dem from stabbing her

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    Amazing dr….
    Plz nxt one soon….

  5. We understand that Sanskar lost his family becoz of Aadarsh one mistake so he is liable to get little punishment becoz still adarsh side is not clear yet (marriage cancel hoti hai ya tootti bhi and buy its not adarsh mistake pari did sucide, she is mentally weak without analysing the situation she did sucide)

    Lets just assum Sanskar want to take revenge from adarsh or want to badly hurt him through other means but wats the point of killing Swara,

    Want swara first clear misunderstanding then make them understand right and wrong and then punishment

    I want ap dp should be with swara, they should also help her in giving punishment to sanskar
    Then at a point there should be no feelings in Swara and then Sanskar do everything to make his mistake correct amd save his marriage

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  12. who is his shadow and dancer now
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    awesome episode

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