Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 34)

Recap….sanskar Pov ..party at maheswari mansion

A big hall is shown it was decorted beautifully guest are coming songs are playing very loud…
In a room kavita and raginio getting ready in the room next scene sanskar talking in a phone with someone…

Scene changes arohi and arjun are also getting ready and abhay sitting near swara..
Abhay…see swara today m wearing your fav color see blue na dekha I remember..swara plz wake upsoon I am waiting to hear your voice plz swara and he left from there ….swara’s hand movement is shown

Scene changes
at the party
A big car stops at the maheswari mension arohi and arjun steps down and went inside the party hall in next car abhay comes and goes inside…
There in the party arjun goes to sanskar and introduce him to his wife arohi
Arjun…hy mr sanskar
Sanskar hello mr singhania ..and???
Arjun…oh she is my to be wife arohi
Sanskar ..hello
Arohi with tears and anger..
Arohi…nice to meet u mr maheswari have listened many things about u…
Sanskar smiles till than he hears a voice
Voice…hello mr maheswari
All turns back..
Sanskar ..i know u???
Voice…u don’t know me butt I know u very properly u r the man who snached everything from me..
Sanskar don’t understand..
Arjun.. ah he mean that
Sanskar ..u know him..
Arjun..yea actually he is abhay rathore my childhood friend and 50% partner..
Sanskar…nice to meet u…but? What did u said what I have snached
Arjun..he means u have snached me his best friend..
Sanskar..oh ..um ok I have to go meet u all later
Sanskar sees abhay with doubt and abhay sees sanskar with red eyes..
Hello everyone A voice says.. so all r welcome here whole maheswari family welcomes u all
So I would call upon the stage mr sanskar maheswari to talk to u all..
Sanskar goes up and says..
Sanskar..hello everyone..i would like to thanks u all for coming to my party …u all must be thinking why this party ryt..so I should no take time and open the secret first u all know that 5 years ago we have started one project which have to be stopped due to some reason but now that project is again starting with our new partner mr arjun singhania..
Everyone claps…

And second it’s a personal matter but I would really like to tell u about this that soon I am going to get marry with kavita mehra…after 1 week there is an engagement and then after 6 days marriage and u all are invited…
Everyone claps but arohi , arjun and abhay are shocked by this confesion..
Scene changes…
Arjun arohi and abhay sitting near swara’s bed
Abhay…oh so he is mr sanskar maheswari waoo seriously man I have not seen such a personality he has no guilt in his eyes nothing waao really wao I am thinking how could swara love that guy seriously..
Arohi…no abhay swara is not at mistake..its love..u can never know when someone becomes ur world in a small period of time…the feeling of love is very pure love don’t need explanation we don’t have control in our heart when we r In love..and swara her love was pure she loves him truly it was his mistake that he can not understand her
Abhay makes face and looks to the other side
Swara is shown…sleeping she got the flashes of someone stabbing her than she listen a voice I love u swara than she got to here a voice of laughing than she got a flashes of burning house..
And she starts to move noticed by arjun,,,
Arjun…swara…!!! Everyone sees towards her..
Arohi call mr khurana soon
Arohi..ok and she goes from there..

After 1hour..
Doctor comes out from the swara’s room and tell the news that she is now out of coma and soon she will gain consciousness
When he was talking only he listened his nurse calling him..
They all runs inside and sees swara she was gaining consciousness and slowly slowly she opens her eyes and sees arjun arohi and abhay there and gets shocked..
She tries to wake up..but cant so they all helps her..
Swara…ar arjun wh..t m doi ( before completing she gets the clear flashes of everything that how sanskar betrayed her and everything) and she broked down..
Arohi goes to her and says to her..
Arohi..dont cry swara don’t cry for him who don’t care about u..
Swara..no aru I know he is guilty I know aru he would be waiting for me when he don’t get my body na he is finding me I I should call him ok no not call I should go to maheswari mansion and she gets up from the bed and falls down everyone comes forward and picks swara up and help her sit arjun please let me call him please
Arjun ..swara..
Swara …no swara please.. arjun was trying to talk but swara was always cutting him and insisting him to take her to sanskar… in frustration arjun slaps swara and swara holds her cheeks.. and cry
Arjun..you are going to him who betrayed you who was the reason of ur miseries and who was the reason behid ur bhaiya’s suffer..
Swara.. ses with a shock.. bhai suffer what happen to him..

A dark place is shown a man is sitting in a box…someone comes their and told he has got a visitor..he was taken..
Swara was there waiting when she sees a man ahe runs to him..bhaiya..
Yes he was adarsh..he was in jail because he was suspected behind the murder of swara….
Swara..bhaiya what happen bhaiya I am going to police station and telling that uj have not done anything..
But adarsh stopped her. And hold her..
Adarsh..u r fine na I don’t want anything I am getting punishment for my deeds …
Swara..no bahiya you are not wrong you have done nothing wrong.. bhaiya nothing wrong..and she hugs her..
In the hall
Swara… I cant believe sanskar can stoop so low..
Abhay..1 week later there is his engagement.. u have to do something go to the station has tell the truth
Swara..no just wait till engagement …sanskar has seen my love na now he will see my hatered
Scene ends with swara’s anger face..

Precap…sabne dekha tha swara ka ishq ab sab dekhenge swara ki nafrat (everyone has seen swara’s love now everyone will see swara’s hatered)

Kl se shuru hoga swara ki jindagi ka nya adhay (from tomorrow swara’s new phase of life will start )
Only on dastan..ishq ya nafrat ki ( ek nya adhya)(new phase)
So guyz here is agift for u all …from tomorrow the story will be full different u all will get to see new swara..and guyz here is the long update for u all
Hope so u like this…keep loving and supporting me love u all
Can’t reply to all comments sorry for that…

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