Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 33)

Recap…abhay’s entry….
Maheswari mension
Sanskar sitting in his room and talking in a phone..
Sanskar…yes mr khurana this party has to be a grand party their should no fault at all.. ok
And then he cuts the call
Voice… party???
Sanskar turned back and sees Ap
Sanskar..yes ma party our company is joining hands with singhania group and again we r going to start our old project …which was on hold since 5 years..
Ap gets lost which was noticed by sanskar..
Sanskar … ma what happen
Ap…I can’t believe its been 5 years of swara’s death..(listening swara’s name sanskar expression changes and turned his face) I really can’t believe our swara left us like this her body is also not found everyone says her body is burned badly or animals has taken her but don’t know why sanskar why I fell like our swara is somewhere here only
Swara is shown lying

Ap..sanskar today also I am waiting for swara I know his brother has done wrong but I have always seen swara as my daughter…I miss her sanskar saying this she sees him who was not facing her..
Ap wiping her tears ..see na what kind of talk I am doing sorry sanskar I have again started I can understand ur pain u loved her so much and she left u but don’t worry sanskar true love never dies believe me..by this she goes from there..
And camera focus on sanskar’s face pain was clearly visible from his face…
Sanskar POV
Sanskar maheswari this name this much popularity was not with me back 5 years ago but now in everyone mouth my name is there I have gained many popularity…ragini kavita ,laksh everyone thinks I am happy after taking my revenge but I know how I feel …don’t know why but I also think swara is somewhere here only ya its true I loved swara once …or today also but my anger forced me to take revenge…I know I can never get swara’s love again… or I don’t want swara’s love because more than swara’s love I had hatred towards adarsh … in a way my revenge has not yet completed because I have not broked adarsh fully…
Pov ends…..

Scene changes
Arjun seeing towads a slip and he has a smile on his face arohi comes there
Arohi…what happen arjun why r u smiling
Arjun…at last anskar has became my pawn
Arohi.. i..i don’t understand…
Arjun…sanskar has given a party and soon he will tell whole world about our partnership..
Arohi… be ready aru…today is the party..
Abhay comes there…
Abhay…I will also come ther
Arjun… what abhay u??
Abhay with anger …ya lets see who is that who has given pain to swara…..lets see him …
Scene changes..
Laksh is shown in a conference hall seeing to some document when he gets a call by seeing the caller a smile appear in his face..
Laksh..hello …what!!!!! Seriously its really nice its really a great news ok …
Laksh …hm bye…

Scene changes…
Shomi sitting in swara’s room and seeing swara’s photo….
Shomi…swara where r u I know u r alive I know..and she cries badly…shekar comes there and sees her with tears ..screen splits between swara shekhar and shomi

Precap…sanskar and abhay face off

Sorry for short update guyz … I have came very late…and orry I can’t reply all the comments …and thanks every one for supporting…keep supporting love u all.

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  1. Wait I have a question, ragini was SWara’s best friend right?? And also, what realtion did laksh have with swara?

    1. Drishya

      laksh is ragini’s husband and swara helps laksh for proposing ragini

  2. Awesome dear

    1. Drishya


  3. SNY

    Amazing dr..
    Nxt one soon….

    1. Drishya

      thnx…?? have given to tu don’t know when they will post

  4. Soujanya


  5. awesome .even after killing swara sanskar is not satisfied. again he want to take revenge from adarsh.in this sanskar don’t deserve swara.(its only my view.)

    1. Drishya

      yea dear i will don’t worry

  6. awesome epi dr ,had seen ur teaser mindblowing cant wait 4 swara’s entry v.interesting dr

    1. Drishya

      thnx alOt dear

  7. Vyshu10

    superb…waiting for swara to gain consciousness

    1. Drishya

      thnx dear have given to tu

  8. Plz post lil longer..

    1. Drishya

      i will try dear

  9. Sanji


    1. Drishya

      thnx dear

  10. Simi

    Bt this sanskar?

    1. Drishya

      thnx dear

  11. I had read it one go.. this moved me emotionally.. I want swara’s bang entry which makes episode on fire.. I don’t want either memory loss or revenge especially not mahan swara .. I want swara to be strong make sure that ragsan drown in guilt .. v want long episode dr will always support you..

    1. Drishya

      thnx alot dear rag …san would be guilty soon and i will surely try to post longer parts

  12. Nice……

  13. Arshaanya

    Many people take revenge bt wen ur lover ur husband goes dis much blind in revenge dat he stabbed swara n even burnt d house dun dsrve swara bck…. i even dun want swaraz new lover n al… i guess laksh infrmd arjun arohi abt swara or something lyk dat bt hez also at fault… raglak n sanskar dsrve punishmnt… swara trstd dem ragini her bst frn, laksh lyk bro n sanskar her husband… dey need to suffer in hell… jus want to see swara as strong n indepndnt women who can live alone

    1. Arshaanya

      N d way u shown sanskarz pov he dfntly dun dsrve swara… still hez thinking abt revenge n not even 1% guilty of wat he hs done to swara…. dun unite SWASAN in dis

    2. Drishya

      thnx alot dear and yes dear everyone will get punish for there deeds

  14. Shreeyu

    Awesome one Dr…will b waiting for next… And pls don’t make Swara forgive Rag_San….. I wish them to get worst punishment

    1. Drishya

      thanks alot dear they will get worat punishment have give next part to tu…

  15. this was amazinggggggg
    sanraglak must suffer like hell

    1. Drishya

      thnx alot dear…they will surely suffer

  16. Sanswa

    Loved it..awsm

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