Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 32)

Thank you everyone for your appreciation…and your suggestion now I know what I have to do swara will not take revenge nor she will get a memory loss…but something else hope so you all will like it..so here is the next part

Recap.. leap of 5 years kavita and sanskar marriage preparation arjun and arohi taking care of swara difference between laksh and ragini’s relations

Singhania mension
Arohi in her room seeing their childhood photograph with tears..
Arohi..swara please get up soon please we want to listen you please swara
When she was talking then she listned to the door bell she runs downstairs to open the door and soon as she opens the door a man hugs her shocking arohi..
Scene changes
Sanskar in his office seeing some files when a car comes infront of maheswari company a man with white blazer gets down and goes towards the reception and asks something the receptionist smiles and goes from their
Sanskar was seeing to the files when that receptionist comes their and say something to her sanskar shook his head and the lady goes out and says to the man to go inside
He opens the door and sees sanskar with a smile
Scene changes
The man has hugged arohi and she is shoked… the man gets apart and arohi says
Arohi…r u mad or what abhay (he is abhay arjun arohi and swara’s childhood friend played by Vivian dasina)
Abhay…common darling this is my style and winks at her
Arohi smiles and says come inside
As abhay comes inside he starts calling
Abhay..arjun arjun where r u dude ..arohi where he is its 7 years we have not met tell na where he is..
Arohi smiles faded..

Scene changes
Sanskar…welcome Mr.
Man.. arjun…arjun singhania..
Sanskar….oh yea mr singhania.. nice to meet u we have really listened many things about you how only in some year you get so much popularity..
Arjun..(while sitting) thanks mr maheswari I have also listened many how u became popularand how!!!
Arjun…ah leave it so from when r we going to start our new project ..
Sanskar …I guess soon ..the project we r going to start has been half done we were doing it with our previous partner who betrayed us…so we stopped that project now I guess we should start that project again
Arjun..yea ofcorse.. betrayal I see..its very bad to betray someone you know I have listened one thing that if we betray someone …god punishes us…
Sanskar…ahh u believe it
Arjun..no I don’t but what if its true what if the karma will take revenge soon..
Sanskar gets lost somewhere
Arjun sees him with a smirk
Arjun…so mr maheswari nice to meet u …we will surely start our project hope so to meet u soon..
Sanskar..umm yea ya..
And snskar gets lost somewhere from the door arjun sees sanskar..
Arjun(in mind) sanskar maheswari your end is near what u have given to swara that will be given back to u soon..
And he goes from there

Scene changes
Arohi and abhay near swara bed and abhay was holding swara’s hand..
Abhay…swara please open your eyes na please..To arohi arohi say to her na ..
Arohi crying..
Abhay..that sanskar m,aheswari how dare you to hurt swara io will not leave you he was going when arjun stops..
And takes him to his room
Abhay…why you stop me today I will live or that maheswari
Arjun…no abhay no revenge like this by killing someone we cant take revenege …you know revenge means to hurt someone..
Abhay..hurt huh u know only those gets hurt who have heart not like the one like maheswari…no arjun I will not leave him..
Arjun …wait abahy first listen my plan than only you decide what you will do..
Arjun tells his plans to abhay he looks towards arjun and goes from there..
Scene changes,,
Laksh packing his bags ragini comes inside
Ragini…laksh is it necessary to go now there is a marriage function here and you will go like this and I am not understanding which meeting is this
Laksh..you know ragini I am not interested in a marriage function of your family you be happy with the function and let me go and do my business please. And yes you don’t have to understand that business and by saying this he again get back to his work.
Ragini..please laksh don’t be like stranger please u r my husband
Laksh…husband only for the outside world but not in this room ..please ragini go from here
Ragini cries and goes from there and laksh has also tears in his eyes..

Scene changes
Abahy sitting with swara
Abhay…what is this ha I am here and you r silent like this swara we r meeting after 10 years you don’t remember when we were small u and uttra used to fight becoming my wife
Swara please please wake up soon I want to talk to u please and saying this he breaks down
Arjun and arohi was standing near thew door listening all the talks arohi was going to see him but arjun stop her
Arjun..let him cry let him be alone with swara…from many years the feeling what he was hiding is coming out let that feeling to come out he loves her truly let his felling to come out today don’t go there
Arohi noded…and sees to them…
The screen splits with swara sanskar and abhay…

Precap…sanskar ..i guess we should keep a party

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