Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 31)

Recap…sanskar betrayel to swara
Leap of 5 years
A big mansion is shown a lady is doing pooja her servent comes from back
Servent….madam the food is ready
Lady..ok go and lay all that in the table malik should be coming soon
by saying this she goes up stairs and sees towards the room a girl is laying there she goes towards her and put her hands on her head she has tears on her eyes.. she says
lady..please wake up soon we r waiting to listen your voice please…
soon the lady listened to the horn she runs to the door and stands there with the pooja thali…

the man comes there and hugs her with a smile and tears in his eyes…she did pooja and comes inside..
as the man come inside he ask howz she
she did not reply anything he goes upstairs and goes to the same room and goes towards the girl and put his hand on her forehead
man..please wake up swara (yes the girl is swara ) your arjun is waiting for u from 5 years (yes the man is arjun swara’s best friend ) he has tears on his eyes the lady comes from back

arjun…arohi please say to her na to wake her (the lady is arohi swara’s childhood friend and arjun’s fiancé)
arohi..she will not get up I know she don’t care about us…and she runs out
scene changes
maheswari mension is shown
a man wearing black coat pant and black shades there comes his servent and says sir mam is calling u
man..hmm coming
he goes out whole house is decorated the lady was sitting on the sofa and was doing shopping the jewelry was there she looks and smiles seeing the man
lady…come sanskar see I have selected some jwelery for your marriage see howz it
yes the man is sanskar

sanskar….mom select yourself I am getting late for office
and he went from there…
Annapurna smiles and starts shopping..
Sanskar goes to his car and starts it and goes to the parking area..their comes a lady
Baba give some money for my daughter you will be happy ever please baba
Sanskar opens the mirror and gives 100 rupees to her by that time the signals becomes green so he starts the car and goes..
Scene changes..
Arjun sitting in a dining area and anger and pain was clearly visible from his face
Arohi comes there
Arohi…what are you thinking
Arohi..what u will do
Arjun..my mission will be start soon what to start it has been started …
Arohi..started ??
Arjun.. you know why I have gone to new York..

Arjun…to start my mission to take revenge from maheswari family..
Arohi…whattt r u going to do
Arjun..my company has done a meeting with maheswari and it is successful now my company and maheswari company will work together and my mission will start (smirk)
Arohi in tears
Scene changes
Kavita getting ready and ragini is helping her.

Ragini…wow kavi u r looking realy beautiful bhai will get impress today sacchi..
Kavita..oh common ragu sanskar is already impressed from..
Ragini laugh ..oh common kavi..and she goes from there..
Shraddha..but she is ryt u will really impress sanskar today..u know what kavi soon u will get marry and whole property in our name…
Kavita and shraddha smiles…
Scene changes..

Laksh stand near swara photo his look is fully changed he now wore spectacles and has anger and pain in in his face..
Laksh..i know swara you r somewhere here only… everyone says you are not anymore but I know u r somewhere..
Ragini.uff laksh app bhi how many times I have told u swara is dead bhai killed her burned her…she is not anymore than also if you have this much problem with this truth ..than why were you with us that time..
Laksh don’t say anything and sees towards swara’s photo
Ragini makes face and goes from there

(In these 5 years everything is changed between ragini and laksh relation sanskar and laksh relation ..
Laksh and ragini lives in maheswari mension only but laksh has started his new buissness)
Scene changes.
Swara was lying and movement is shown in swara’s hand

Precap…arjun and sanskar face off New entry..

Thank you everyone for your appreciation and sorry for short update ..so here I have taken karan kundra and kritika karma of kitni mhobat hai as arjun and arohi..
I want some some suggestion also what do you want to see i.e swara’s memory loss or swara’s revenge….or something else..
For some parts their will no swara’s scene

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  1. Shreeyu

    Awesome Dr…. And more than Sanskar m hating Ragini …. And wanna ask something … Were ap and dp with Sanskar in his revenge…? And I guess Swara’s revenge will b better …. First let her b in little shock then slowly she will plan for revenge… Wanna c Sanskar’s POV in next one if possible… And m sorry m becoming too commanding for this ff …. Hehe??

    1. Drishya

      No dear AP and dp don’t know about the revenge and sure I will try to give Sanskar’s POV and it’s nice u and m liking that u r commanding this FF…

  2. I don’t want swara to be associated with such a guy in any manner neither love nor revenge

    1. Drishya

      I will try dear

  3. Simi


  4. nice, i want swara revenge.swara dont forgive sanskar family.

    1. Drishya

      Thank you…

    1. Drishya

      Thank you

  5. i dnt want swara to take revenge bcoz it gives nothing back to a person

    1. Drishya

      There will be no revenge story

  6. Awesome.. i dont want revenge nor love

    1. Drishya

      Thank you…

  7. Samaira

    Memory lose i dont want swara to remember a guy whom didnt care that she have give her picus time for them. M sorry if i hurt u.

    1. Drishya

      No dear you don’t hurt me…

  8. Hi,i want swara revenge and i donot want kavsan marriage . I want sanskar and ragini suffer a lot and sanskar crave for swara love but swara not forgive him easily and also join business hand to arjun,but i do not want kavsan marriage please.

    1. Drishya

      There will no kavsan marriage don’t worry

  9. short but superb epi dr really ragini is making me more angry dan sanskar plz make swara punish dem if no revenge game den punishment is necessary plz update asap

    1. Drishya

      Thank you dear surely no revenge game here surely there will be punishment for them

  10. Arshaanya

    Dun want swaraz memory loss…
    N not revenge also bt want dem al spcly raglak n sanskar to suffer hell…
    Dey al r her culprits n dsrve punishmnt

    1. Drishya

      There will no revenge and no memory loss story they will surely suffer

  11. Dear revenge gives nothing, first sanskar took revenge now if swara took revenge then wat will be difference between them.

    A real revenge or punishment is that after taking revenge you are nithing in front of victim. Swara is mature enough she has +ve thinking and next revenge will give swara more pain, its better she goes with punishment or leave them as don’t recognize their value only. Do watever with humity only

    I want her strong enough however person come to break her, she never show that how much broken she is

    1. Drishya

      OK dear there will no revenge story of course swara is mature and she so everything from her mind

  12. Nice..no revenge..give nice punishment to everyone. .continue soon ..

    1. Drishya

      Thank you dear

  13. the chapter is increasing the suspense
    and do ap, dp , gadodia family and specially adarsh know about swara or sanskar’s revenge
    and the shadow that u wrote in the last chapter was whose

    well this is my advice
    for sanskar adarsh is the reason for parineeta’s suicide and swara also knows this but she thinks adarsh is innocent and we readers too don’t know the truth
    but i guess swara is right and adarsh is innocent
    in that case the revenge arjun is taking is not the way i want swara to take revenge
    if adarsh is really innocent i want swara to take emotional revenge and make sanskar repent destroying his company or anything is not the solution sanskar should have understood swara
    i want this to be highly emotional as sanskar has to understand the wrong he did
    swara could make him helpless mentally as he didn’t believe her if adarsh is really innocent

    very very very sorry if i hurt u or said too much i just could carried away
    just ignore this if u didn’t like it
    again very sorry

    and yes plsssssssss post the next part soon

    1. Drishya

      Thnx alot dear and I will surely try to take ur advice and yes I have given next part to tu don’t know when they will post next part

  14. Awesome part nd i want swara revenge from everyone…..

    1. Drishya

      Thnx dear

  15. Nice …….

    1. Drishya

      Thank you

  16. I don’t know.. I want swara to take revenge from raglak and Sanskar and make the suffer A LOTTT but then on the other hand I want her to become a big bussinesswoman and just ignore raglaksan and then make them beg for her forgivness but she should not forgive them… Awesome episode btw, update soon!

    1. Drishya

      Thanks alot dear…They all will surely suffer alot

  17. Arjun should take over maheshwary business. They should b in road. Moreover sanskar should suffer like hell.

    1. Drishya

      Yes dear I will surely make them suffer

  18. swara should take revenge from raglaksan and she should not forgive them and have to marry another person and live happily .sanskar should see this and have to suffer like hell.plzzz in this ff swara should not forgive them.only my suggestion.

    1. Drishya

      Yea dear she will not forgive Sanskar soon

  19. Manasvi

    Hey drishya can you plz send me your profile pic on my wall?? Plz??

    1. Drishya

      Which profile pic??

      1. Manasvi

        This swasan pic..

  20. Soujanya


  21. Memory loss is very common.so I don’t want that here….bcoz it will become same to swaragini serial.there should be something different .no memory loss nor revenge. Swara should become successful business women tycoon.and more over I want her not to forgive sanky.she has be the boss for sanky. And sanky should lost his house as well as business deals.swara should ingnore sanky as if she has not met him before.bcoz after reading this part I feel neither ragini nor saky r feel guilt for their act.

  22. Vyshu10

    superb….aww my first fav couple-swasan and second fav couple- arjuhi together

  23. Hemalattha


  24. Sanswa


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