Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 30)

Thank u guys for ur appreciation thank u every…Here is the next part hope so u all like this

Recap…Leap of 1 year

Sanskar was walking to a room there was full darkness and he starts talking at last my mission is over today I will give the most beautiful gift to my dear wife and a smirk comes in his face with tears in his eyes…when he was talking lights turns on and laksh,ragini,kavita and shraddha comes there laksh and ragini has tears and shraddha and kavita has winning smiles…

Flashback is shown 1 year ago…
Sanskar was in the dark place crying when ragini comes there with laksh..
Ragini…bhai what happen everything fine na …tell
Sanskar with heavy voice…yes ragini you go and enjoy the function please..
Ragini ….no bhai I will not go.. laksh say to bhai na what happen ..
Laksh…yes sanskar tell na what happen..
Sanskar ..please I said na go..
Ragini…I understood now I am going to marry so bhai and me has no relation now na so he is not telling me vo khete hai na shadi ke bad ladki parayi ho jati hai..
Sanskar…pagle hai kya…you want to listen na what has happen so see..
Sanskar tells everything to them about the relation between adarsh and swara and about their sister parineeta…
Ragini has tears on her eyes..
Shraddha and kavita also listened their talk

They comes their
Great so what will you do now ha..
Sanskar …I will say her to go from my life forever..
Shraddha… ya it will be nice..you tell your sister’s murderer sister to go it will be nice
Sanskar…so what can I do tell
Ragini…what but why swara is innocent she has not done anything..
Shrddha..what was parineeta”s mistake what was your father mistake what was your choti ma mistake tell …
Sanskar..but what revenge..
Shraddha smiles and says marry her..
Flashback ends..

Sanskar..The time has come to take revenge from the girl whose brother has taken everything from our..

At the party
Swara has worn red drees
Swara…ramu kaka where is sanskar..
Ramu kaka.. ptani bitiya..
Swara..uff where r u
She sees sanskar from the stairs she blushes
And the song starts..
Sanskar comes smiling and stands there swara goes there and sees sanskar with tears of love

La la la … la la la … la la la
Tere naam humne kiya hai
Jeevan apna sara sanam
Ho jeevan apna sara sanam

Swara and sanskar marriage is shown there rounds are shown the scene is shown when sanskar puts sindoor to swara..

Tere naam … tere naam
Tere naam humne kiya hai
Jeevan apna sara sanam
Ho jeevan apna sara sanam
Pyar bahut karte hai tumse
Ishq hai tu humara sanam
Ho ishq hai tu humara sanam

Background dancers comes and dances and swara also dance with them and then stand there seeing sanskar

La la la … la la la … la la la
La la la … la la la … la la la

Tere ishq ne saathiya
Tera haal kya kar diya
Tere ishq ne saathiya
Tera haal kya kar diya

Swara bent down and sings
Then she goes to sanskar and stats dancing with the lyrics of the song..

Neendon mein, aankhon mein, pyaase khwaabon mein
Tu hi tu hai yaara mehki saanson mein
Har bechaini reh rehke yeh kehti hai
Har dhadkan mein teri chahat rehti hai
Tere bina, tere bina
Tere bina namumkin hai
Zindagi ka guzara sanam
Ho zindagi ka guzara sanam

Then she does her hands action and hugs sanskar with tears

Lagi chote na lagi chote na lagi chote na
Ishq ka dhaaga toote na
Lagi chote na lagi chote na lagi chote na
Ishq ka dhaaga toote na

Everyone comes and separate sanskar and swara and at last swara says

Tere naam humne kiya hai
Jeevan apna sara sanam
Ho jeevan apna sara sanam

Song ends

Sanskar takes swara to side and says at 10 pm and gives the address..

Swara smiles..
After the party swara wears the saree sanskar has given her..
She goes with the driver but the car does not work properly so she step down and
And starts running because she knows that she was getting late and her sanskar was waiting for her..
She was running and ends up to an old mansion it was beautifully decorated with the candels at the enterance
She goes inside and and sanskar back hugged her
Swara…I love u
Sanskar..i love u 2..and today I am going to gift you the most beautiful thing
I can’t live without u swara..
Swara..me 2 sanskar..

Sanskar..i love u but I am sorry swara,…
Swara… sorry for what
Sanskar.. m sorry and again hugged her I am really sorry and stabbed her with the knife swara sees sanskar with tears and red eyes and she was about to fall but sanskar saves her
Sanskar …m sorry his eyes also becomes red..and he cried aloud
Ragini comes there and tapped him
He looks towards her goes with her

Swara was calling him she had some conscious she was calling him saying him to stop all the flashes comes to her their happy moments their marriage their proposals every flashes was coming and she becomes unconscious a jeep comes there they get the house on fire and all sits in the jeep and they all sees the house burning with tears laksh starts the jeep and goes
A shadow is shown

Episode ends

Precap…leap of 5 years

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  1. Awesome dear

  2. Samaira

    Di i sow the name of ur ff in tu but i didnt read later i see the name of ur ff on wattpad n read hole story n waiting for this chapy from long time. Nice story . Di continue ur ff jonon tere ishq ki plz plz plz.

    1. Drishya

      Thnx a lot Dear…And about junoon Tere Ishq ka I will try to post soon

  3. Oh god…I didn’t expect this from sanskar… He killed her… Even raglak is wit him… Bechare wats swara fault??he lived with her for 1 yr with reverge.. In that 1 yr She lived her life with love for him..n gave everything to him but he…??waiting for next…

    1. Drishya

      Yup dear Sanskar only want to take revenge …I have given to tu next part…

  4. SNY

    Awesome dr….
    Nxt one soon….

    1. Drishya

      Thnx dear I have give next part to tu

  5. Shreeyu

    What the hell yar…. Sanskar u r too much…. The truth is that u don’t deserve Swara… Despite of knowing the fact that she was innocent u back stabbed her…. U were not even having the to face her ….And since begining Sanskar’s behavior was clear but Ragini u r unexpected
    Well awesome drishya… And I guess it is Laksh who would save her or may be adarsh… I have a request that pls make Sanskar suffer don’t make her great and all…. Post next soon

    1. Drishya

      Thnx dear..Sure I will make Sanskar suffer and in next part u will get to know who save her…I have given next part to tu..

  6. oh my god
    this was the intro
    i love that line akhir aisa kya hua jo apne hi pyar ko dena pada apne pyar ka balidan
    oh god
    plsssssssssss post soon

    1. Drishya

      Thnx dear and the real story has now started about Ishq ya nafrat…I have given next part to tu

  7. what was that? is sanskar is so heartless to stab her? feeling sad for swara .plzz in this swara should not forgive sanskar if she is alive plzzzzzzzzzz. swara should marry a sweet person and should live happily . (its only my wish).

    1. Drishya

      Swara will not forgive Sanskar so soon don’t worry dear

  8. nice..waiting for nxt one..continue soon..tc..

    1. Drishya

      Thnx dear I have given next part to tu

  9. Arshaanya

    I knw dere is MUz n f9 he was taking revenge bt wat he did is not at al frgvble…
    He dun dsrve swara… if he thinks adarsh is rspnsble for parineetaz death he did same wid swara even more bigger crime…
    I dun wat swara to ever frgve him…

    1. Drishya

      Yes dear swara will not forgive Sanskar so soon. And yes he did a crime and he will suffer to get swara back

    1. Drishya

      Thank you dear

  10. Parulkashyap

    awesome epi dr plz make sanskar suffer now only story track started hate love story plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update asap

    1. Drishya

      Thank you dear Sanskar will suffer to get swara back I have given to tu next part.. Don’t know when they will post

    2. Drishya

      And you are right now only the real story is started of Ishq ya nafrat ki

  11. Soujanya


    1. Drishya

      Thnx… Dear

  12. Vyshu10

    oh god…i just hope that its all a nightmare

    1. Drishya

      Hope so dear but it’s not…,,?

      1. Vyshu10

        aww…what will happen to swara? she will broken. Stupid revenge

  13. Sanji

    these blo*dy revenge

    1. Drishya

      Yea dear these revenge …If u will decide to take revenge..Your love will also not stop that

  14. Swara was so happy, I thought she was going to giving some good news to sanskar like pregency, if then he stabbed her and then she lost her child, then she should punish him becoz till now seeing swara behavior if someone did something wrong with her she forgive people but now it will be some appropriate reason to punish him.
    No doubt Swara was and is always faithful to him, she never hide anything but he such a coward person he instead of giving the culprit punishment he punished an innocent and that to beyond repairs.
    Useless fellow haven’t used his mind instead of becoming others hand puppet.
    Even I m shocked for raglak, swara helped them alot and after living a complete year with them they are not able to see her goodness.

    Even if swara remains in front of them and just ignore them like no revenge or no punishment that will be a nice slap on their faces becoz they will burn by themselves by knowing the complete truth

  15. Awesome dear…

  16. Simi

    Swara ???
    Sanskar u r too bad

  17. Swarna01

    Upld next part asap

  18. Sanswa

    Hw sanskr cn became so hertless yr..he loved swara den also…dis revenge made him blind totally..nice chappie dr..

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