Dastan–ishq ya nafrat ki (Part 27)


M really sorry really sorry I know u all are angry on me but I was so so busy …m xam r going on but than also m posting now I don’t k ow when I will post …sorry sorry for late posting…hope so u have not forgotten me..

Recap…. Swasan and raglak marriage

Next day…
Sanskar was sleeping …Swara comes out from the washroom and sees sanskar sleeping and she smiles and watches him sleeping…
Soon swara’s mind was distracted by the phone…Swara smiles and goes from there…

Scene changes…
Everyone was in the breakfast table and Swara was serving everyone…

Sanskar comes there and Swara and sanskar had an eye contact

Sanskar sits there and start the conversation..

Sanskar…umm papa I am thinking to go for a trip …um I mean me swara Laksh and  ragini… Umm but if u also wanna come so u can…

Dp..and ap smiles silently whereas swara blushes..

Dp..you can go dhruv is here for the business..

Sanskar …thank u papa

Scene changes..

Swara…sanskar where are we going plz tell na

Sanskar …not so soon baby wait wait ..
Just pack everything OK..

Swara…uff ok…

Scene changes .

On the other hand ragini packing her bags…and Laksh starts irritating her. .
And ragini starts beating Laksh… with pillow
Scene ends…

Next morning
They all meet at the airport and swara and ragini comes to know that they are going to ooty…
They all sit on the plane..
Soon they reached ooty and the car was ready there they goes to their farm house…

In the room..

Swara….wow sanskar this is very beautiful seriously..

Sanskar…back hug swara and say not more than u..
Swara sees sanskar and they both have a passionate eye contact .

On the other hand

Ragini…Laksh why don’t u tell me that we are coming here ..tell tell(pout face)

Laksh…aww Mera baccha this was a surprise for u…sorry ..(sorry face)

Ragini …it’s ok.  …humne maff Kiya apko..and they both laugh…

The scene zooms and both the couple is shown from the window romancing..

Next day…

Swara was sleeping in the arm of sanskar and she got a call…

Swara sees the caller ID and gets happy..and gets up from the bed..

Swara…ha Bhai(yes he was Adarsh)

Listening Adarsh name sanskar also gets up and his face expression changes unnoticed by swara because she was busy talking to her Bhai..

Swara…I hate u Bhai u do no attend my weeding…huh

Adarsh…sorry baby I was busy apne Bhai se gussa hogi tu sorry na plz..

Swara…rhene do ap th huh don’t talk to me..

Adarsh…(listening this Adarsh becomes emotional and swara understands it)

Swara …Bhai r u fine…
Adarsh …hmm
Swara … no u r not give the phone to uttra..

Adarsh…I am not at home…mai ooty Mai hu..

Swara gets shocked and gets happy…

Swara…wao sacchi we. Are also here plz Bhai meet me plz plz..

Adarsh..par sanskar ni swara I don’t have guts to face sanskar …

Swara…plz Bhai sanskar is so nice…he also wants to meet u plz Bhai plz..

Adarsh …par swara..

Swara …no par war apko Meri kasam ..

Adarsh…ok Meri jaan tum se Kon jeet sakta hai… Chal by love u..

Swara…love u 2 Bhai bye…
After cutting the call swara goes to washroom and whole conversation was listened By sanskar..

Sanskar …I was waiting for this day only ..Adarsh gadodia… Nice to meet u soon…(smirks)

Precap…sanskar and adarsh meet..

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