Dastaan – Ishqbaaz Ff ( episode 50)

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Recap – Kaurwaki & Raichands face off

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In OM (Oberoi Mansion) –

Yog : Let me call Siya.

Yagya : Why are u waiting ? Should I give special invitation to u.

Yog : Look like someone is so desperate.

Yagya : No ….I just want to take this burden down.I don’t live with guilt anymore & I have no interest in that complex girl.

Yog : When I said that u have interest in Kaurwaki ? I said that u are very desperate for apology .

He asked while smirking .

Yagya : Chod usee….Can u please call Siya or else I will call her.

Yog : Okk…I am calling . Wait.

Yagya : Where are u going .Talk in front of me .

Yog : Not at all….

Yagya : Hmm….Private talks.

Yog : Shut up ! Don’t start ur devil mind.

He said while leaving . He reached in his room & dialed her number but it is non-reachable.

Yog : Why is she not picking the phone ? She is busy somewhere .

In RM ( Rathore mansion)-

All are doing their lunch respectively.

Siya : How was ur meeting ? I noticed from many days that u return home in afternoon only.

Sona : So, What do u want that di return in evening like before .At least , now we get some family time with each other.

Siya : I don’t mean that .

Kaurwaki : I know ….Actually , I am tired nowadays that’s why .

Sona : Di, Are u alright ? I think u should go on daily checkup .Take care of yourself.

Aicchik : It is impossible that she cares about her health . She just know how to take care of business .

Kaurwaki : Aicchik …Not again started. I am not on deathbed that I have to go to daily checkup.

Swadesh : Di, don’t use these type of words . They become sometime true.

Siya : Exactly ….Bola toh accha karo agar soch accha nahi sakti .(If u can’t think better about u ,then say some good words )

Kaurwaki : Relax….I am just saying .

Aicchik : Yeah I see that everything is become joke for u even death.

Kaurwaki : Kya fark padta ….Marna toh hai mujhe.( It didn’t matter..I have to die)

Aicchik : What did u say . Have u lost it .

Kaurwaki : Chill, I was joking.

Sona : Di,don’t u dare to joking like this again.

Swadesh : Di , We get scared .

Aicchik : It’s ok…Now do ur lunch.

They do their lunch & move toward their respective rooms .

In OM (Oberoi mansion) –

Yog : She is not picking the call .

Yagya : What should I do in this .

Yog : Nothing …Go & play something like childrens? ? .

He said irritately

Yagya : Why are u becoming angry on me . I think you maybe fight with her that’s why she is not recieving the phone .

Yug : Who is not receiving the phone ?

Shree : Ha Bhaiya ….aur ye aap donon ki shakal par barah kyun baje hain.( Yeah Bhaiya…..Why are u both looking tensed).

Yog : What are u both doing here .

Anu : Why …Is this room is restricted for us .

Yagya : Actually I was thinking where is the third one devil .

Anu : Bhaiya ….You are calling us devil .

She said annoyedly.

Yug : Exactly ….If we are devils , then u both are also devils .

Shree : Ladna chodo …Kya kar rahe the aap donon hum sab se chupa kar.( Leave fighting…What are u guys doing without telling us)

Anu : Hmm…You get caught . Now, tell us too.

Yog : Nothing…We are thinking to invite Rathores to Mumbai that’s why I was calling Siya.

Anu : Wow …Great idea . I miss Siya & Sona so much.

Shree : Me too. What is the reply came from their side.

Yagya : Not now…She is busy somewhere.

Suddenly Yog’s phone ring.

Yog : Siya’s phone . Ssh….Don’t make noise guys.

Yug : Ohh….Okk .

He recieve the call & they all start listening deeply.

Siya : Ohh….I am really sorry .Now, only I see ur missed calls.I was busy in something.

Yog : It’s alright ….No problem .

Siya : So, Tell why did u called me ?

Yog : Now, I need reasons to call u .

He said huskily.

Shree : Bhaiya….Romance baad mein kar lena pehle kaam ki baat karo na.( Bhaiya Do ur romance after work)

Yog : Shut up

He said embarassedly .

Siya : What do u mean by shut up ! I don’t say anything , then.

Yog : Nothing …It’s not for u.I want to tell u something .

Siya : Yeah …Say.

Yog : Why don’t u all come Mumbai for some days .

Siya : For what !

Yog : Umm …Actually everyone is missing u all especially Shree & Anu missing u & Sona a lot .

Siya : Is it so….U are not missing me.

Yog : Naah….Of course I am missing u . I want sometime for understand u .

Then he realized he is standing between all. They all give him smirk.

Siya : I see ….I don’t know maybe tell u after asking from Aicchik & Vrisha(Kaurwaki) ? Vrisha is very busy in her meetings & all . I don’t think she will come but we will come except her.

Yog : Not at all ….This is very important that Kaurwaki will come .

Yagya : Yeah….That’s plan is for her only.

Anu : One min….Wait…What did u say Bhaiya . Why u want that Kaurwaki will come here ….Huh?

Yagya : Badon ke beech mein na bolo ? ? .( Don’t talk in between when elders are talking)

Yog : Can u all shut up ur mouth for some time ? Let me talk.

Yog : Yeah Siya ….Do u get my point.

Siya : No, I don’t ….Why are u all behind her.You know if she don’t want to come , then there is no one who make her agree against her wish.

Yog : Okk…But please talk to her. It’s good if we all are together.

Siya : Fine, I will try .

She cut the call while they all look suspeciously toward Yagya & Yog.

Yagya : What ….Don’t give us this alien look.

Yug : Tell Bhaiya ….What is going between u both.

Yog : Why do u want to know …Concentrate on ur works.

Shree : Told us or else I will tell to family about this .

Yog : Ohh…Bhuddhu ,.We already take permission of elders before inviting them here .

Anu : But they don’t know reason behind all this .We told them that u both are hiding something from them .

Yug : Good one di…

They both hi-fi each other.

Yagya : That’s the reason we said that you three are devils.

Yagya tell him that Yog want to fixed marriage date while Yog is standing in a shock . He tell his secret to them & poor he get trapped because of his brother ? ? .

In RM(Rathore mansion)-

She is searching something when Siya enter.

Siya : What is the thing that u are searching this much desperately .

Kaurwaki : What’s ur work …Tell.

Siya : I want to go Mumbai . Oberois invite us .

Kaurwaki : Hmm…So u are missing Yog . So what ! I will book your tickets .

Siya : Not only me ….They invite us.

Kaurwaki : Okay ….I will book the tickets of u & those who want to go.

Siya : What do u mean by those ? Are u not coming with us .

Kaurwaki : Of course not …Look Siya , I am already busy in my business & on the top of that I just hate Mumbai to the core .

Siya : Why……Your work is to tell ur employees about work , then do with video conference …You know after sometime we are planning to decide our marriage date.I don’t talk to him about this but I know he become agree. I want that my best friend is present there with me .

Kaurwaki : I am not Pandit who decide muhurat( dates) of ur wedding & second thing when ur marriage date will decided, I will surely come there . Take Sona,Aicchik ,Swadesh & even Aavya too with u if they want to go. But I am not going .That’s my final decision.Now, if u done…U can leave .

Siya : I am going only ….

She said annoyedly & leave from there while she feel her angry behaviour .

Aicchik : What happen ? Why are u upset ?

Siya : Don’t ask me….Go & ask from ur stubborn sister.

Aicchik : U both again fight on something …Huh…She is ur friend too not only my sister. What is the matter.

Siya : Oberois invite us . Yog want sometime to understand me & after that we will decide our marriage date .I just want from her that she is with me like every best friend .

Aicchik : Then what did she say ?

Siya : She said that she don’t want to come & that’s her final decision .No one can change this .

Aicchik : Hmm…Don’t worry , I promise u that I will make her agree.

Siya : Sacchi …(Really)

She said excitedly.

Aicchik : Of course ….You are also my sister.Don’t forget .

He said while caressing her face .

She leave & run aways toward Sona’s room who was busy in playing with Aavya .

Siya : Sonaaa……..

Sona : Kya hua …Bhookamp aa gaya kya kahin.( What happen ? Is amy earthquake is coming)

Aavya : Ahh…Siyu Maasi , Why are u shouting?

Siya : Guess what we are going to Mumbai .

Sona : Oh God …Pinch me .. Wow .You know Di never give permission to go Mumbai .I mean she don’t put restriction on me but I never know why this banned for Mumbai only .

Siya : I know …She don’t agree till now but Aicchik said that he will make her agree.Go & Pack ur bags.

Aavya : Ohh.. Koi mujhe nahi batata.(Nobody tell me anything)

She said with a sad pout.

Sona : Aww….My kiddo .We are going to Mumbai , the city of dreams.

Aicchik knock the door while she is still busy in searching something .

Kaurwaki : Accha hua Tum aa gaye …Main tumhe bulane wali thi.( It’s good that you come here by own or else I will call u)

Aicchik : Hmm….What are u looking for .

Kaurwaki : Wo ring aur Baba ne jo letter likha tha mujhe , kahin dikh nahi raha .Lunch se pehle tak mere paas the .Tumhe pata hai toh batao.( That ring & letter which Baba written for me. Those things are here before lunch but I don’t see them now….If u know, then tell)

Aicchik : Mere pass hai , zameen par gire hue the isliye apne paas rakh liye.( I have those things)

Kaurwaki : Ohh…Then, give me those things .

Aicchik : No …I am not going to do this .

Kaurwaki : What type of stubbornness is this ?

Aicchik : Same applies to u .

Kaurwaki : Ohh Please …Don’t riddle me .When I will do any stubbornness.

Aicchik : What about that when Siya is asking u something .

Kaurwaki : Okk…Now , u will tell me to change my decision .Let me tell u I will not go to that city …Get it.

Aicchik : Why will u not go ….Tell me.

Kaurwaki : Tum acche se jaante ho waha ki hawa mein mujhe ghutan hoti hai …Wahan ki har cheez mujhe ehsaas dilati hai ki mera naam , mera wajood , meri pehchan…Ye sab kuch jhoota hai.( You know very well that I feel suffocated in that city…Everything of that city make me remind that my name, fame & identity is fake)

Aicchik : Kaurwaki Kab tak bhagogi . Siya ye nahi jaanti , humari is jang mein use mat kheencho. (Kaurwaki , how much u run . Siya don’t know this .Don’t involve her in this fight)

Kaurwaki : Mera dimag kharaab ho jaata hai un kaatilon ki shaklein ko dekh kar .Wahan toh wo sab ek saath dikhenge ….Kasam se keh rahi hoon ya toh khud mar jaungi ya zinda dafana dungi un sab ko zameen mein.( I lost my mind whenever I see those murderers faces. I swear I will get die or else I will kill them)

She said while throwing her new branded phone on mirror .

He put his hand on her shoulder .

Aicchik : Be patience … Marna toh hai un sab ko par aise nahi …Jung ladne ke liye bhi taiyari karni padti hai ….Ek hathiyaar le kar dushman par toot padna bewakoofi hai …Mere khyaal se tumhe bewakoofiyan pasand nahi na kisi aur ki na apni .( They have to die but not like that.We have to be ready for fight . It’s stupidity to attack them without preparing .I guess u don’t like stupidities of other as well as yours).

Kaurwaki : How much patience ….Tell me …Now, my patience is start breaking Aicchik. How many times I tried to destroyed them on the name of business. Whenever they sit in from of me , they didn’t reconginized me but what about me . I died every moment for my helplessness that they are in front of me & what I am doing ….Playing Cat fights with them.

Aicchik : Enough ….This is the last time we are going to suffer . Maybe it is the sign of God.

Kaurwaki : Don’t take this name . Where was ur God when my childhood got snatched . Leave me he can’t protect my father who is his great devotee ….Hell with these superstitious things. Now, don’t give me lectures on his so called existence .

Aicchik : Calm down…You don’t think about other things. You just think about Siya . She is expecting with her best friend to become the part of her happiness. Don’t break her expectations because who understand the pain of breaking hopes more than u.

Kaurwaki : I don’t want to hurt her but I am helpless.

Aicchik : You know what Baba said that u are lioness. Lioness never attack like cats . You are not one of those who attatck on enemy’s back.

Kaurwaki : Hmm….I will book tickets for us .

He cups her face .

Aicchik : Thank you …

Kaurwaki : No need …Now give back my belongings .

Aicchik : Hmm…Take .

He said while giving her.

Kaurwaki : Ye ring rehne do….Swadesh ko jaa kar de do . Nirnay ki hai , mein deserve nahi karti . Aur waise bhi uske paas apne bhai ki aakhiri nishaaniyan honi chaiye .( Take that ring with u ….Go & give it to Swadesh , I don’t deserve . After all it is his right to have his brother ‘s last things )

Aicchik : Fine ….

He said & walked out from there while she is still holding the letter.

He move toward his room.

Swadesh : You here …

Aicchik : I want to give u something.

Swadesh : Hmm…Give Bro.

Aicchik : Okk…..

He said while giving the ring.

Swadesh : But this ring Bhaiya give to di ….Why are u giving to me .

Aicchik : She said that she has no right in this . This belong to u only.

Aicchik : Leave that …I know Siya didn’t tell u that we have to go Mumbai .

Swadesh : She didn’t tell me. How will di get agree?

Aicchik : Don’t think about her agreement much & I think Siya forget to tell u because of excitement …

Swadesh : Ohh…okk.

In Kaurwaki’s room –

She sighed .

Kaurwaki : Don’t know what’s my destiny store for me . Hope again that city don’t snatch anyone because I already lost many things .

She open the letter which her father wrote when he transfer all his property to her before he died.

Jaanta hoon tum mujhe bahut naraaz hogi .Mujhe tumhari kabil hone par koi shaq nahi hai par phir bhi sab kuch tumhein isliye de raha hoon kyunki sach toh ye hai ki Duniya aap se aapki worth (keemat )maangti hai , wo aap se poochti hai ki aap use kya dey sakte hai Uske baad wo aapki jagah aur ahemiyat tay karti hai . Yeh tay karti hai ki aap ko kitni izzat deni hai aur jab duniya ko ye ehsaas ho jaaye ki aap us ke liye kuch nahi kar sakte , toh wo aapko aap ki saari khoobiyam samait bahar utha kar bahar phenk deti . Main nahi chahta ki tumhe bhi ye duniya itni saari khoobiyan ke bawajood bahar utha kar phenk dey Kaurwaki . Ab meri har cheez ko , business ho ya family sab ko tumhe sambhalana hai. Yun toh Aicchik aur Sona aise nahi hai ki ye keh kar tumhein bahar nikal de ki tum unki sagi behn nahi ho….Par Insaan ki ek khaami hai …Wo rang bahut jaldi badalta hai shayad girgit se jaldi …Tum sawal bahut poonchti ho, isliye jaanta hoon ki yahi soch rahi hogi ki mujhe ye kyun nahi laga ki Aicchik aur Sona ki tarah tum bhi rang badal sakti ho lekin tum aisa nahi karogi . Jaanti ho kyun kyunki jis insaan ne patthar se zakhm aur thokarein khayei hoti hai na, wo doosron par patthar phenkne ki galti nahi karte. Jis din tumne mujhse kaha ki Baba aapko khone ka dar lag raha hai , tumse zyada dar mujhe lag raha tha ki mere jaane ke baad tum sab ka kya hoga par jaanta hoon tum sab sambhal lungi . Kaurwaki ek baat dhyaan rakhna , tumhe haarna nahi hai . Jis din toot jao toh khud hi judna hai kyunki jo insaan khud jud nahi sakta use tootne ka koi haq nahi hai.

Your father

( I know u will angry from me . I have no doubt in ur ability but still I give my property to u because the truth is this that society always ask ur worth , they ask how much u can do for them & then they will decide ur place in society .They decide how much respect u deserve & when they get to know that u can’t give them anything , they will throw u out with ur qualities from the society. I don’t want that they throw u out despite of ur qualities.You have to look after everything whether It’s business or family. I know that Aicchik & Sona never thrown u out of the house because u are not their real sister but Human have a bad quality that they can change their mind very fast .You ask questions a lot . So , I know that u will think this that why I didn’t said that u also show ur true colours but u never do this …U know why because who get wounds from stone , they don’t throw stone on others. When u said that u feel fear of losing me, I was more scared that what will happen to u three after me but I know u can manage everything .Kaurwaki, never get broken …Get it. Those who don’t get fixed by own , they have no right to get broken.)

A tear drop fall from her eyes after knowing again her father trust on her.

Kaurwaki : Aapse waada karti hoon Baba ki Kaurwaki ko koi tod nahi sakta ….Koi bhi nahi , Main bhi nahi.Ab dekhna ye hai ki jeet kiski hoti hai is Mahabharat mein …un logon ki ya phir aapki Kaurwaki ki. (I promise Baba , nobody never break Kaurwaki ….No one , even I too.Now,it’s time to see who will get win those people or your Kaurwaki in this Mahabharath(war) ) .

Precap – Rathores in Mumbai …..

What happen when Kaurwaki’s revenge turn in obsession for her.

Will this revenge going to destroyed their lives.

Will she forgive Yagya this much easily ?

Who is going to sacrifice his/her life in this revenge game.

Hope u like it . Sorry for late update . Kindly ignore grammatical & spelling errors . Keep smiling .Be happy & Stay safe . Stay tuned because the real thrill is going to start from next update.

Most importantly question , story is really complex itself .Just want to know u guys want happy ending or a relative sad ending according to storyline .

Love u all

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