Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 45)

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Recap – Siya tell her feelings to Kaurwaki 

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She don’t decide whether she is right or wrong but she know whatever she does , it is required. Suddenly,someone knock on the door.

Kaurwaki : Come in….

Rohini ( Her P.A) : Mam, Rajputs want to deal with us . You refused to do last time.So, if u want , then I say no .

Kaurwaki : You know my answer , then why the hell u disturb me.

Rohini : Sorry mam ….

She move from there cursing her. Kaurwaki hear that but don’t react . Something, strike in her mind.

Kaurwaki : Rohini …I thought to give them a chance .

She turn .

Rohini : Ok mam, I will send him inside .

Kaurwaki : Wait ….Is Mr. Rajput come to do the deal.

Rohini : Yes mam.

Kaurwaki : Fine .

She come outside & mutter to herself.

Rohini : Meri toh zindagi jahannum bana kar rakhi hai isne ? ?

She order him to go inside.

Kaurwaki : Ya, u can come in.

She look on .

Kaurwaki : Please sit .

Mr. Rajput ( Narayan Singh Rajput …..hope u remember his name ) :  How are u .

Kaurwaki : I am fine …. Do u want anything Tea, Coffee or Poison.

He stand from his chair .

Mr. Rajput : What do u mean ?

Kaurwaki : Relax, I am kidding . Don’t take it seriously. Seems like u are very scared from poison.

Mr. Rajput : No, nothing like that. You check this file.

He said with a fake smile .

Kaurwaki : I want sometime to think about it maybe three or four days . You can leave , I will inform u later about my decision.

He notice stitch mark on her forehead.

Kaurwaki : Now , What …..Why are u looking like this.

Mr.Rajput : That scar ….How do u get that.

Kaurwaki : Kyun kisi ki yaad aa gayi aapko .

Mr.Rajput : What are u trying to say ?

Kaurwaki : It’s a injury , I get hurt from something . Ab aisa toh hoga nahi kisi ne mera sar deewar par de mara ho.

She said raising her eyebrow .

Mr.Rajput : I think I should leave.

Kaurwaki : Sure why not .

He move from there in hurry & collide with the gate.

Kaurwaki : Aur kitna neeche girenge aap.

He look on.

Kaurwaki : Mera matlab hai aur neeche mat giriye , chot lag jayegi.

She said shrugging her shoulder while he leave from there. Her phone rings & screen flashes the name of Siya.

Kaurwaki : I forget about this.

She called her P.A.

Kaurwaki : I am going ….You manage all this & Don’t forget the work which I give to u.

She nods her head while she is cursing her for giving this much work.

Kaurwaki : You can take leave tomorrow for rest because today i give u double work.

She gave her  brightest smile after all she get leave.

She stand from her chair but feel dizzy & hold the table.

Rohini : Are u Okay Mam?

Kaurwaki : Ya, I am .

She said while controlling herself .

Rohini : I think you need Doctor.

Kaurwaki : You don’t have to worry about me . I very well know what is good for me.

She leave from there & reach mansion. Siya is waiting for her.

Siya : Where were u ?

Kaurwaki : I was busy in meeting. Do u tell him.

Siya : No, not now ….I am waiting for u.

She drag her with her toward his room. They both stand outside the room.

Kaurwaki : Go , Why are u standing here ?

Siya : You also come with me na….

Kaurwaki : Are u serious …..What I will do in this matter .

Siya : Help me ….Which type of friend u are …I am hell nervous.

Kaurwaki : Siya, I also don’t know what to do .

Siya : You know what u are useless.

She said in irritated voice & enter in his room .

Kaurwaki : Am I really useless

She ask from herself ? ?

Yog was busy in some files when he feel her presence. He turn toward her.

Yog : You here….Do u have any work.

Siya : What do u mean …..Whenever I have some work , then only I come here.

Yog : No, I don’t mean that …..

Siya : I want to say something but don’t know how to say.

Yog smile slightly .

Siya : Here I am worried & u are smiling.

Yog : Whatever u want to say ….Just say …Don’t think about that much.

Siya : It is not nursery rhyme , so I say it without thinking.

Yog patted his head .

Yog : Fine , then tell when u are sure about it.

Siya : Not at all…..I say it today only. Actually I….

Siya (in mind) : Hey Bhagwan kitna mushkil hai ye .

Yog move toward her.

Yog : It’s not that much difficult.

Siya : How do u know it.

Yog : From ur eyes.

She smiled  shyly.

Siya : If u already know, then what’s the need of saying it.

She start leaving when he pull her toward him.

Yog : But I want to listen.

She look in his eyes & hug him.

She whisper ” I love you ” in his ear . He reciprocate & replied ” I love u too ” to her

Jo na keh sake tum

Jo na keh sake hum (x2)

Kehne lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan.. O saathiya
Kehne lagi dono se woh
Khamoshiyaan.. O saathiya

Saathiya saathiya
Saathiya saathiya (x2

Kaurwaki knock the door.

Kaurwaki : I think i should come later.

They apart from each other.

Yog : No need ….We are together because of u.

Kaurwaki : Congrats ….Don’t u want to share this happiness with others.

Siya : Yeah …..We are going .

She hold his hand & leave from there while she is still there. They told this to all. All elders blessed them & All youngsters congratulate them. Suddenly Yog’s phone ring & he receive it. His smile vanished from his face .

Yagya : What happen bro ?

Yog : We have to go back to Mumbai .

He said while giving them a shock.

Shree : But …..Why Bhaiya.

Yog : Because Raichands have some misunderstanding . They say that we cheated them regarding deal. We have to go for clarificaton.

Anu : Why can’t u contact from here only & solve the matter .

Yog : We can’t Anu….It is impossible , They are not listening anything . I too don’t know What happen to them suddenly.

Shree : Oh no Bhaiya….

Yog : If u guys don’t want to go , then it’s alright…..I go with elders ….that’s it.

Yug : No at all , We don’t stay here without u

Yagya : One for all , All for one.

Yagya : If Shree & Anu want to stay , then we have no problem .

Anu : No , What we both do here alone ?

Shree : Exactly ….I can’t live without u all.

Yog smile at his baby sister.

Yog : Fine , then pack the bags as we have to leave.

Siya & Aicchik look at each other as both think same thing after watching the scenario in front of their eyes.

Oberois move toward their room for packaging their stuff.

Aicchik : Sona , Swadesh Go & help them in packing.

They both nods their head & leave from there but somewhere they feel fishy.

Aicchik : Where the hell is she ?

Siya : Calm down …..We can talk about this to her.

Aicchik : Really ….It’s too late to talk about this in fact there is no need of talking.

Siya : Please Don’t take any wrong decision in anger. Just try to understand her view .

Aicchik : You don’t have to interfere in this matter .

He move toward her room. He open the door with banged . His eyes clearly show anger.

Aicchik : Congrats …..You are successful in ur plan. Kar li apni Manmani.

Kaurwaki : What are u talking about ?

Aicchik : What do u think that I am fool . I don’t know anything.

Kaurwaki : I can explain that .

Aicchik : Now , there is explanation also  needed between us . This show how much wrong u do.

Kaurwaki : I don’t do anything wrong Aicchik.

Aicchik : You know what I am tired of this. What do u think that u are always right.

Kaurwaki : When I say this…..I thought that u understand me but….

Aicchik : Just stop this for God’s sake …..Why don’t u understand that ur revenge destroyed our lives as well as yours. Now, u start doing these conspiracies too. Don’t show me ur face again…..Get it .

Kaurwaki : Aicchik …..Listen me once.

 He said angrily  & leave from there.

Onthe other side –

Yagya : I don’t understand How this happen suddenly ?

Yog : I too don’t know about this …..

Yagya : Something is weird ….

He said while Yog  is busy in packing .

He move toward hall when he heard Siya & Aicchik are talking.

Aicchik : I can’t believe that Kaurwaki do this.

Siya : Aicchik…She have some reasons but she don’t tell us.

Aicchik : She don’t want that oberois live here  but I don’t know she get this method to fulfil it. Thank God, they don’t know anything .

Siya : Please …..Don’t talk about this matter  … we can talk later .

Yagya is dumbstruck as well as angry after listening that. He get furious. He enter in her room . She turned toward him.

Kaurwaki : Don’t u have manners …..Is this any way to enter .

Yagya : Now, u should tell me  about manners….I am manner less but I am not selfish like u.

Kaurwaki : Look Mr. Oberoi ….You don’t talk to me like this.

Yagya : How could u do this ….How could u so selfish.

Kaurwaki : I don’t do anything.

Yagya :Wow… Great acting …..You deserve oscar ….What a great actor u are ? You are a  double – faced person who is kind & honest in front of the world & behind the world is something else. Is it ur brother , father or whole family same like u or u have something special.

She slap him .

Kaurwaki : Don’t u dare to say anything about my father & family .

This  added more fuel in fire which is inside him. He pinned her to nearby wall & blocked the ways with his both hands. He twist her right hand behind her back.

Yagya : How dare u to slap me.

Kaurwaki : How dare u to bring  my family in this ?

Yagya : Why ….Do u feel bad ? What about that u done with my family. If u don’t want that i live here , then say to me.Who told u to involve my family ? I always thought u are egoistic , rude & arrogant  but u are selfless . You prove me wrong …..I never seen a person  who is more selfish than u . You are only a statue , a stone hearted person.

Kaurwaki : You are crossing ur limits…

Yagya : Really ….What do u think ….You can buy anything , anyone from ur money & power. I will never forgive u.

He said while pushing her. He throw the vase & leave from there. She somewhere get scared from hatred in his eyes.

He enter in his room . Yog & Yug both are shocked .

Yug : Why are u so angry Bhaiya ?

Yagya : We are going now …just now .

Yog : What happen…..Flight is after 2 hours …Why u want to go now .

Yagya : I don’t want to stay here for one sec …..Inform other too.

They both are worried from his furious behaviour. He take his suitcase & move downstairs. They all follow him.

Shree : What happen Bhaiya ….Why are u in hurry …

Anu : Bhaiya , Let me  say bye to all  …..We really enjoyed here.

Yagya : There is no need of this ….

He growled while others are shocked. He realized the situation.

Yagya : I mean we are getting late.

Sona : I also come with u all .

Aicchik : Swadesh, Drop them to Airport.

Swadesh : Why don’t u come with us …

Aicchik : I have some work.

He nods his head .

 Siya again take blessings from all elders . She look in Yog’s eyes. He move toward her ,  hold her hand & drag her in corner.

Baadlon mein
Ghul na jaayein
Hain jo naghme thehre thehre
Do dilon mein jazb karle
Saare jazbe gehre gehre

Yog : What happen ….Are u going to miss me?

Siya : What type of question is this ?

She said with annoyed face.

Yog : I am sorry but this deal is so important.

Siya : Is it more important than me.

She asked while he smiled at her cuteness.

Yog : Maybe , it is more important.

He said in a teasing manner.

Siya : What …..How dare u .

She playfully hit his chest.

He join his forehead with hers.

Yog : You know what Everything is happening for good. I promise to u that we are getting married very soon. Because of this deal , u have chance to come Mumbai.

Kal kya pata milna miley

Nazdeekiyaan o saathiya
Kal kya pata milna miley
Nazdeekiyaan o saathiya

Saathiya saathiya

Saathiya saathiya.. (x2)

He kissed her forehead & leave from there.

 Sona & Swadesh  accompany them to airport.

Siya : Aicchik …. She don’t come outside from her room. Let’s check it.

He leave without uttering a word & she is worried for her .

In Kaurwaki ‘s room –

She get broken after this all. She don’t believe on that which is happening. She kneel down & tears start rolling from her eyes.

Background song – 

Zindagi ae zindagi
Gham na de ae zindagi
Na jalaa haathon ko yun
Chhune de koi khushi
Kismat ne yun chhoda humein
Sheesha bana ke toda humein

Zakhmon se hai saansein bhari
Zakhmon ko thoda seene de na
Jeene de na… jeene de na
Zindagi tu jeene de na

Jeene de na… jeene de na
Zindagi tu jeene de na

She open sleeves of her right hand. There is a deep cut which is badly bleeding because of his tight holding. She hold her own hand & sat down in a corner.

Pal pal har ik pal sehma hai kyun 

Har lamha kyun hai daraa
Chand aasmaan pe lagta hai yoon
Khanjar hai dil dhara (x2)

Qaatil si kyun har raat hai
Patthar liye kyun har haath hai
Zakhmon se hai saansein bhari
Zakhmon ko thoda seene de na
Jeene de na… jeene de na…
Zindagi tu jeene de na

Jeene de na… jeene de na…

Zindagi tu jeene de na.

Aicchik & Yagya ‘s words echoing in her mind & make her restless. She covered her both ears from her hand. Her nose is start bleeding. She get worried & clean the blood from tissue paper but her nose  start bleeding in double speed.

Shiqwa karein hum ghairon se kya 

Khud se hue ajnabi
Chalne ko aage rastaa nahin
Laayi kahaan zindagi

Aankhein toh hain sapna nahin
Iss bheed mein koi apna nahin
Zakhmon se hai saansein bhari
Zakhmon ko thoda seene de na
Jeene de na… jeene de na…
Zindagi tu jeene de na

Jeene de na… jeene de na…

Zindagi tu jeene de na.

Her gaze slowly getting blur. Her head start spinning. She start searching her phone when she realized that she is not in good condition & it is important to inform anyone. She hold her head & fainted.

At Airport –

Shree notice blood on the sleeves  of Yagya’s jacket.

Shree : Bhaiya , How do u get this injury .

Anu : Your hand is bleeding Bhaiya.

Yagya : No , I am absolutely fine.

Yug : But it is blood.

Yagya : I don’t know how it come here .

He said while touching his sleeves. He senses something wrong but he don’t want to accept it because of his ego.

Nazdeek hai dil ke 

Phir kyun lage mil ke 

Jaise ho meelon door wo 

Jazbat anjana, mushkil hai samjhana 

Apna hai ya hai ghair wo 

Ishq mai adhura sa , Rooh mai hai poora sa 

Dard hai ye sari umar ka 

O jaana , Khoya khoya rehta hai 

Dil tadap ke kehta hai 

Tu hai mere jeene ki wajah 

O jaana…… o jaana 

He shrugged his thought.

Yagya : It’s nothing …talk about anything else.

In RM ( Rathore mansion) –

Siya : It’s enough ….Now , I  going to check her ….I know they both are stubborn . He don’t go to check her & she also don’t come here.

She knock the door .

Siya : Vrisha …..Open the door …. I know u are angry from Aicchik but it’s me ….Please open the door.

She continuously banged the door. She get worried when she don’t give any answer.

She come downstairs. She is breathing heavily because of running.

Aicchik : Why are u panting ?

Siya : Vrisha don’t open the door…..I think she is not fine.

Aicchik : She is angry …

Siya : No , I knocked the door multiple times but she don’t give any answer.

Aicchik get worried after listeninng this . He move upstairs with her .

Aicchik : Kaurwaki , Enough of this nonsense ….Open the door now.

He is tensed.

Aicchik : Siya , Go & get the keys from my room.

She nods hear head & move toward his room . She take keys . She give him keys . He insert key in keyhole & open the door . They both get shocked to see her lying on the floor . He run toward her.

Aicchik : Kaurwaki ….Open ur eyes…

He said in cracked voice & tears in his eyes .

Aicchik : Siya…Call the doctor.

He shouts on the top of his voice.

Screen freezes …..

No precap 

(Author’s note – Sorry for no precap as u have to guess .)

What happen to Kaurwaki suddenly?

What is the reason behind Kaurwaki’s double meaning talks with Mr. Rajput .

According to u , Kaurwaki is right or wrong in her place .

What’s ur view about Yagya ….Is he do right with her.

If u want to listen above songs which I include in article , links are below- 

https://youtu.be/3OdLIDMY-Ac – O jaana

https://youtu.be/RJTQIX7cmx8 – O saathiya 

https://youtu.be/k_YsRRdTYT0 – Jeene de na 


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