Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 40)

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Recap – Siya & Kaurwaki talk

They are still fighting.

Siya : Okk…..I am sorry na….Now, show some pity on me.

Kaurwaki : Hmm…..Ok, I am going.

Siya : Now also I think that u should thanked him.

She give deadly glare to her & she shut her mouth .

Siya : Why are u seeing like that….You want to go.

She leave from there .She is walking in the corridor & in a dilemma to say thank you or not. After a lot of thinking, she decided to thanked him as she never do wrong with anyone. She move toward his room . She knocked the door many time but there was no reaction & this increased her irritation. Finally, she enter & shocked to see the room. All the things scattered here & there. She nods her head in disbelief.

Kaurwaki : What the hell…..It is room .

He come toward his room while humming a song when her eyes fall on her who is busy in checking out his room & obviously she start placing things. He smile seeing her .

Yagya : What are u doing in my room ?

She turn toward him .

Kaurwaki : I have to say something.

Yagya : Okk….Then , tell me .

He move toward her.

Kaurwaki : Talk from there only….Don’t move forward because…..( cut by him in between )

Yagya : What do u think of yourself ? You again start giving orders. I move forward ……What should u do ?

She patted her forehead.

Kaurwaki : No, at least listen to me….There is ….

He move forward & his leg trap on cushion which is on floor. As a result, both fall down on bed. He is continuously looking on her while she is really irritated now.

Kaurwaki : Mr.Oberoi ……Are u listening…….

He is lost in her .

Kaurwaki : Mr .Oberoi , Can u get up.

He get up & move his hand for her.

Kaurwaki : No, I don’t want….

She stand by her own .He notice injury on her forehead.

Yagya : When u get this injury.

Kaurwaki : Deewar main sar de maara tha aur kuch ( in a angry tone )

Yagya : Ohh…..Which wall ?

Kaurwaki : Why are u asking ?

Yagya : Because I want to check that wall…..Poor wall get more injury than u ? ?

Kaurwaki : Shut up ! You are impossible.

Yagya : Umm…..You want to say something ….. Then say that three magical words.

Kaurwaki : What rubbish !

Yagya : I mean ” Thank You Yagya ”

Kaurwaki : Ohh…..that’s your mean .

Yagya(smirked) : What do u think.

Kaurwaki : I am…..( she stop in middle)……I mean nothing.

Yagya : Thank me…..after all I do a great favour on u.

Kaurwaki : Really….favour….You know what ……..You want to listen three words…..Go to hell ! ……

She leave from there.

Yagya(shout) : Kaurwaki…..I mean Miss rathore …..This is not done…..You are Hitler.

She move to her room.

Kaurwaki : What he think of himself…..He do favour on me…..idiot.

In morning –

All are doing their breakfast . She come downstairs & sit on her chair.

Yagya : Sona……Give me butter.

Sona : Ya…..Sure bhaiya.

She give him butter while he look at her who was busy in munching her breakfast .

Yagya : Thank you ….

All look at him with shock.

Yagya : What ! Why are u guys looking like that …..

Yog : Teri tabiyat toh theek hai…..

Yagya : What do u mean ?

Yug : Yog want to say that u never say thank u to us ……& now say thank u to her for single reason.

Sona : Why u don’t say clearly that u are jealous.

Yug : Jealous…..from you….it’s impossible.

She intentionally pinched while taking fork.

Yug : Ouch….

Shree : What happen Bhaiya ?

Yug : Nothing mosquito…..

Anu : Now tell Bhaiya……When this miracle happen that u say thank u for these small things.

Yagya : I am not like those ungrateful people who don’t say thank you.

Siya giggles because she very well know that he throw tantrum on her after all they three only know about last night conversation .

Swadesh : Now What happen to u…….Why are u laughing….

Aicchik : You guys can’t do ur breakfast quietly .

Yagya : You know Sona Some people are so selfish that they don’t thaked anyone.

Kaurwaki : Ya, people say thanks to those who deserved..

He chocked on his coffee after her reply.

She start leaving.

Sona : Di, Wait for a sec.

Kaurwaki : Now what !

Sona : Can u come early from office today because we three are going to discuss something from u all.

Siya : Three……Who three.

Anu : Me, Shree & Sona.

Yug : You guys only decide about shopping.

Shree : Bhaiya……Are u become serious for sometime.

Yog : At least tell us …….You guys are decide in which matter.

Sona : No….not at all.

Kaurwaki : I become late…I will try to come.

She leave from there while all looked to trio.( Shree,Anu & Sona).

Precap – ** Planning with a twist**


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