Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 38)

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Recap – Siya blame Kaurwaki ….


All get a shock after Siya’s confession.

Shree : What is happening here ?

Anu : Anyone know about this .

All look toward Yog.

Yagya : You know…..right.

Yug : If u know, then why u didn’t tell us before.

Sona : You think that we are kids….last time u guys promise us that never hide anything from us .

Yog : I know but don’t want to make u worry.

Yagya : Even u didn’t tell ur brothers….we are not matter for u .

Yug : Right Bhaiya…..I don’t say about Kaurwaki di but now Yo also start hiding .

Shree : Ya, Bhaiya …..we are stupid na that’s why u didn’t tell us.

Swadesh : Ok…Shut up …..Tell me what are u guys doing , if he tell u …..If this truth come out infront of Aavya, then…..who is responsible.

Yog : Exactly….We already in problem & we are busy in arguments.

Sona : Where are u going Bhaiya ??

Aicchik : I will tell u later Sona……

He take his car’s key & leave from there.

Yagya : Now what should we do….

Yog : Nothing….just wait for everything become fine……

All nods their head & move toward their respective rooms. Yagya is really upset from Siya’s behaviour toward Kaurwaki . He is about to move toward his room , suddenly his eyes fall on Siya who is sitting near the pool area. He look her & she is lost in her thoughts with tears in her eyes. He sit beside her & she wipes away her tears.

Yagya : Do u feel guilty ?

Siya : I don’t know..

Yagya : Hmm… But ur tears tell that u have guilt.

Siya : Nobody can understand my situation……Everyone say i am wrong…

Yagya : You don’t do anything wrong but u hurt her for ur happiness…..I don’t want to say anything as this is ur life…….bas itna kehna chahta hun ki wo khushi nahi hoti jo humein dusro ko dard de kar milti hai, aisi khushi se dard behtar hai.

(that happiness is not happiness which we get while hurting others …..pain is better than this type of happiness.)

He placed his hand on her shoulder.

Yagya : If u don’t understand others situation, then they also don’t understand ur situation…..think about this that u are really right .

He leave from there while she again lost in chain of thoughts.

On other side, he is still drive his car. At last he stop his car near a big mansion. He enter in the mansion & found it empty but full of darkness. The Mansion look like no one come here from so many years. His eyes start shining with tears. He wipes away his tears.

Aicchik : Where are u ? Give the damn answer Kaurwaki.

She come downstairs.

Kaurwaki : Aakhir tum yahan aa hi gaye.

Aicchik : Main Kaise nahi aata tum jo yahan ho.

He notice injury on her forehead.

Aicchik : What are u doing here ? What’s that…..again u hurt urself.

Kaurwaki : Umm…..Don’t worry it’s not paining….I came here bcoz i don’t want to go home as everyone asked about this injury……Aur phir tum jaante ho jhut bolna mujhe aata nahi aur sach bolna main chahti nahi.(You already know that i never tell a lie & i also don’t want to tell truth)

Aicchik : Fine…..u wait here & i will come in two minutes.

He come with first-aid box. He start cleaning her wound with concern.

Aicchik : When u leave this habit of hurt urself ??

She look at him & smile.

Kaurwaki : ” Dard meri aadat nahi meri zaroorat hai….aur koi apni zaroorat ko kaise chod sakta hai”.
(Pain is not my habit, it’s my need & how could anyone leave his/her need).

Aicchik : Enough of ur rubbish talks & i really didn’t get it what were u saying ?

Kaurwaki : Tootey hue logon ki baatein sirf tootey hue log hi jaan sakte hai tum nahi.

He nods his head in disbelief while she smile with tears in her eyes.

Aicchik : This is done…..Come now… Let’s go home.

Kaurwaki : I don’t want to go.

Aicchik : Why ?? I will tell a lie in ur place.

Kaurwaki :..this house have our childhood memories…..this house is small but very important to me….I know we move from there as u didn’t want that Baba’s (father) memories haunting me everytime after his death….but when i come here, it feel like that Baba is near to me.

Aicchik : This is the main reason…..Why shouldn’t u forget everything & tried to move on.

Kaurwaki : If i am really want to move on , then i already done that before….Now there is only one way to move on for me that is revenge…
Ab waqt aa gaya hai , jin logon ne meri khamoshi ko meri kamzori samjha, unhe humesha ke liye khamosh karne ka.

Aicchik : Are u out of ur mind…..Fine tell me do u get any single proof in last four years against them. No one become happy after taking revenge …..

Kaurwaki : I don’t need your advice….I already told u that i never change my decision.

Aicchik : I am not in mood to do arguments with u …..Let’s go to home…

Kaurwaki : I don’t ……

Aicchik : Not at all….u have to come with me.

She nods her head & they both move toward outside.

Aicchik : Where is ur car ?

Kaurwaki : That was damaged & i already told the driver to repair it.

Aicchik : Hmm….Come…

They sit in the car & move toward the mansion.

Siya is still in thoughts. She know very well that somewhere Yagya’s words pierced in her heart. She realized that her mistake. She hurt Kaurwaki for her happiness. She remembered that how she help her when there is no ray of hope in her life. She called her but her phone is switched off.

They enter in mansion while she is waited for them. She run toward her & hug her. They both are shocked but she reciprocate the hug.

Precap – Kaurwaki & Siya talk.

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