Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 37)

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RECAP – Aavya is lost somewhere.


Siya searched the whole park but she didn’t find her . Tears start rolling down from her eyes as she don’t want to lose her. She asked from everyone but her all efforts go in vain. At last, she has no hope & she kneel down. She start crying & cursing her fate for this tragedy.

She is still in her press conference but her heart not present there. She lost in her thoughts & reporters asked to her about next project.

Kaurwaki : Tell them that this conference is over here.

Rohini(her P.A) : But this conference is important for our company.

Kaurwaki : Now, u should tell me that What is better for our company.

Rohini : Sorry Mam, I didn’t mean that…

Siya stand with lot of courage & start searching her outside . She noticed Driver & Car is not there. She call the driver but it is switched off.Siya leave for Mansion.She reached there.

Aicchik : Where is Aavya ?

Siya : I don’t know..

Yog : If u don’t know, then who know about her……She is ur responsibility.

Siya : She is lost.

Sona : What are u saying? How is she lost?

Swadesh : Do u have any idea where is she?

Siya : If i know, then why should i come here.

Yug : I inform Kaurwaki di about this.

Siya : What’s the need of telling her ?

Shree : She is her daughter……She is worried for her.

Siya : Aavya is my daughter not her…..She never worried for her.

All are shocked.

Anu : What ! She is your daughter.

Yagya : We try to find her , it’s not the time of discussion.

Yog : Yagya is right..

On other side –

Aavya : Driver uncle, don’t drive car like tortoise .I want to meet Mumma….If we are going with this speed, it take full day.

Driver : Do u inform Siya madam ji about this ?

Aavya : Haww….I forget about Siyu maasi ….You give ur phone ….I call her.

Driver : What u had done….Now, Mam will surely fired from job.

Aavya : Ohh….so sad…but it’s ur fault as this is ur duty to ask her.

Driver : I think we return to park……wait I will  turn  the car.

Aavya : Don’t dare to do this Driver uncle otherwise i will start crying…..You know me Who is my Mumma….if she knows that u make me cry , then she will definitely kill u.

Driver is scared.

Aavya : Now, don’t talk too much & give ur phone as i want to call Siyu maasi.

Driver : My phone has no battery & it become switched off.

Aavya : Uff…u can’t do a single thing properly. You know way na…..

Driver : Ya , Baby ji i know that.

Aavya : Hmm…don’t talk too much….concentrate in ur driving.

He nods her head & after they reached there.

Guards trying to stop her but nobody can stop this little storm.

Rohini : This conference is over here…

Reporter : One more question…

Kaurwaki : You didn’t get it what is she saying….this conference is over here….so no more questions.

Aavya run toward her & she is shocked.

She hug her.

Aavya : Mumma, Guard uncle don’t give permission to enter.

All reporters are shocked as they all know she is not married yet. They start gossiping . She is in dilemma that how is she going to handle this situation. She don’t say that she is her adoptive daughter infront of Aavya as she don’t want to hurt her.

Kaurwaki : Where is Siya…..Why she didn’t come with u ?

Aavya : I forget to tell her.

She patted her forehead as somewhere she know about her condition.

Kaurwaki : Rohini, Handle them …..I don’t want any excuses.. Do anything but this news is not going to spread at any cost.

She nods her head while she hold her hand & move toward car.

Kaurwaki : Who told u to do this….

Driver : Baby ji want to meet u.

Kaurwaki : Shut up !  You have ur own brain,then why u come here without taking Siya’s permission.

Driver : I told her but she don’t listen anyone.

Kaurwaki : I will see u later.

She call Siya & told her about full matter.

Kaurwaki : Is this any manner to behave Aavya?

Aavya : I don’t do anything.

Kaurwaki : Who told u to come here without informing Siya.

Aavya : My lil heart told me…..that is not my mistake.

Kaurwaki : Don’t be over smart  with me….Sit in the Car now.

They move toward mansion. She enter in mansion .

Kaurwaki : Sona, take Aavya with u in her room for sometime.

She nods her head & take her in her room.

Kaurwaki look at her .

Kaurwaki : Siya, there is some misunderstanding.

Siya : Hmm…..Ya, misunderstanding is there that u are my friend.

Kaurwaki : What’s wrong with u ….Why are u talking like this.

Siya : What’s the wrong with me. Everything is wrong….

Kaurwaki : I know u are angry from me but at least listen me once.

Siya : If u want to take Aavya with u , then what’s the need of doing this much drama….ohh, if u don’t do this, how should u prove urself a angel…right.

Kaurwaki : It’s not like that infact i don’t know that how is she come there.

Siya : Really …..Am i looking fool to u ….

Yog : You misunderstood her Siya.

Kaurwaki : Yog …..this is our matter, u don’t interfere in this.

Siya : I know u very well…..Your drama & ur real face.

Kaurwaki : You never understand me as a friend but for me u are not lesser than my sister…….She is ur daughter na, then tell her at that time. Why u didn’t tell her. Ya, i am double faced. I am accepted……now happy.

Aicchik : Shut up both of u….At lease behave like some sensible & mature .

She start leaving from there.

Aicchik : Kaurwaki , Where are u going…  Are u listening…..

She throw the flower pot & all are shocked.

Kaurwaki : I don’t want to tell u.

She leave from there.

Aicchik : Siya…..How could u do this.

Siya : Now, u also take ur beloved sister’s side & u also know her real face.

He hold her hand & move toward her room.

Aicchik : Are u lost ur mind…..like seriously….what is this. You both are my sister….Who told u to say about her in front of all.

Siya : You also know i only said the truth….

Aicchik :  What’s the need of telling this to all….Now God only know what should she do .

Siya : Nothing more she throw me & my daughter out of the house.

Aicchik : This shows you don’t know her at all. That’s the different between us & her. She don’t hurt u because she don’t know how to hurt others like us. She only know hurt herself.

Siya :  Say clear na that she is mentally afflicted.

Aicchik : Shut up ! She don’t do these things intentionally, u only forced her to do this. You forget about her favours . Who make u free from that hell ?Just think about it …..

He leave from there while she lost in chain of thoughts.

She drive fast as much as possible, speed is increased on every second.
Her words echoing in her mind. Her innocent smile change in smirk. Her eyes which always show self-respect , now those eyes full with hatred not for Siya but for herself . She intentionally hit her car from nearby tree. Her head collide with  steering & her forehead start bleeding. She look on mirror & touch her forehead .

Kaurwaki : I am the problem of her…..It’s my mistake , then i need punishment .

PRECAP – Yagya make Siya realized her mistake…..

Sorry for such a late update as i have fever because of seasonal changes. Kindly Ignore grammatical & spelling errors.Do comments & Keep smiling. Be happy & Stay safe . Sorry for such a bakwaas update . I know many of u are angry on me to make Kaurwaki like this but it’s the efffect of her past.I already told u that she is character with different layers.I will sort out everything in next part. Keep reading.

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  1. Nandni

    Superb niyu….I feel really sad for karuwaki….plz update asap

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank you so much dear. Glad that u like this & don’t worry I will sort out everything soon…Ya, will update son & Happy Diwali dear.

  2. Such a heart touching episode Niyu di….Aavya is so cute….driver & her convo is awesome….Siya blame Kauru ….What a twist Kauru has some mental illness but it’s different she ohly hurt herself….why….precap is good as everything between Siya & Kauru sort out….do update soon & take good care of health …you have fever….this is not done….plzz take care & luv u….Happy Diwali to u.

    1. Niyati

      Thanks Ishi for ur such a sweet comment darling….glad that u like this….ya, will updare soon & take care if myself….I am better now dear….lots of love & a very big hug to u.

  3. Ohh God …..this one is emotional…..rulaogi Niyati …..Feeling bad for our Kauru…That one is my favourite character……..don’t know how much layers & secrets she have….thank God Yagya clear all misunderstandings betwwen them…..now , I am totally sure u face lot of problems while writing Yagya & Kauru love story…..Such a unique concept….but I didn’t get it why she hurt herself…..do update soon. Happy Diwali & Take care….

    1. Niyati

      Hey my bestie.,.thanks for ur comment dear,…..glad that u like this….ya, their story is complicated but when readers like u support me….anything is possible….will update soon& lots of over to u dear.

  4. Aashi9

    Niya, it’s awesome dear. Siya is so idiotic. She at first didn’t owe up that Aavya is her daughter now she’s being mean. Hope Kurwaki doesn’t harm herself much. Take care, happy Diwali in advance and loads of love.

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u so much di for ur comment. Glad that u like this.It really means a lot to me. Don’t worry everything will sort out in next episode.

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  5. Riana

    Siya is ridiculous…first she didnt took anycareof aavya…and now bashing at Kaurwaki…Stupid lady ??…
    Emotional & Goood Episode ????
    Take Care

    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u for ur comment . Glad that u like this & don’t worry everything will sort out in next episode.Happy & Safe Diwali to u di.You too take care & lots of love.

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    Superb update

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  7. That was a lovely chapter Niyu! ?
    I have been reading for quite a few days but I hadn’t been commenting. So sorry!
    I feel so bad for Kaurwaki! ?
    Siya is behaving so foolish! ?
    First she doesn’t reveal the fact that she is Aavya’s mom and now she’s behaving so rudely! ?

    1. Niyati

      Mansion , this is not done dear I am angry from u bcoz u say sorry to me….Don’t say sorry as we are fruends right…..Glad that u reading my story & thanks for commenting. Don’t worry, in next episode everything will sort out .

      1. Niyati

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    1. Niyati

      Aww, thank u so much di for ur comment. Glad that u like this…..don’t worry everything is sort out in next episode di. Ya,will update soon.

      1. Niyati

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  10. Just an incredible update as always. looking forward to the next part. Post sooner please ?

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  11. Amazing dear…..do update soon.

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  12. I am really feel very bad for Kaurwaki…..loved the episode….do update soon & don’t hurt Kaurwaki …plzz…she is my favourite character.

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    1. Niyati

      Don’t be sad dear….kauru is character with different layers….glad that u excited for their love story…..don’t worry dear…after sometime u liker this behaviour of her also when u know the reason of her behaviour .

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