Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 36)

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Recap – Sona & Yug destroyed Siya & Yog’s date.


All are shocked after this . Yagya & Kaurwaki are really tensed as they are damn sure Yog is going to kill them while other start laughing like a maniac even Siya too join them.A small smile crept on Yog’ s face after looking the smile on his lady love face.

Shree : I am sure bhaiya, u never forget this date.

Anu : We also not going to forget it.

Sona & Yog take deep breath.

Sona (blabbering) : Mujhe toh laga ye log hum donon ko kaccha chaba jayenge.

Yug : Silly girl….we are vegitarians.

Sona : Shut up ! I know that idiot.

Swadesh : You guys stop not yet…

Siya : I they both might be want a dose.

Yagya : Ya, they badly need it.

He patted on his head.

Yug : Ouch Bhaiya…

Aicchik : Jo hua acche ke liye hua.

Yagya : What ! Bro, Yahan itna bada raita phail gaya aur tum keh rahe ho accha hua.

Aicchik : I mean that at least this much drama brought a smile on everyone’s face.

Siya : I am agree ….

They all move toward their room while wishing each other.

He call out her name while she move toward corridor. He run behind her.

Yagya : Miss Rathore ….Thank God we are saved.

Yagya : Are u listening me….You only lost in ur world.

Kaurwaki : Can’t u shut up ur mouth for a single minute.

Yagya : Why are u talking so bitter like Karela( Bitter gourd ).

Kaurwaki : I am like that only & if u have any problem, then start talking with me. One more thing now don’t follow me.

She leave from there while he nods his head in disbelief .

Yagya : I am not in mood to listen lecture but still she done this. Hitler….She never change.

Siya’s words are the main reason behind her tension as she know somewhere Aavya matter create a rift between their relation.
Her best way to make her busy….She start doing her office work but this is also uneffective. She do her work from last 3 hours.At last she closed the laptop & move toward pool area.

She come there & found that servant clean everything. She sit there while dipping her legs in pool.

Yog come there for water & saw her sitting . He saw watch. It shows 2 a.m. He move toward her & patted on her shoulder which broke her chain of thoughts.

Yog : I think today you don’t see time….right.

Kaurwaki : What! I didn’t get it.

Yog : It’s 2 a.m & u are still awake. When are u going to sleep ?

Kaurwaki : If i ask same question with u then…

Yog: I am completing my office work…..what about u ?

Kaurwaki : I am really sorry about today….i don’t know that Sona & Yug show this much childish behaviour even Children are better than them.

Yog : I am not angry….that is horrible….

Yog : What happen to u ?

Kaurwaki : I am alright.

Yog : What were u thinking late night.?

Kaurwaki : Nothing…

Yog : I noticed u from many days……anything is troubling u ….not only u infact Aicchik also…u both are hide something.

Kaurwaki : Stop becoming jasoos….there is nothing like that.

Yog : So, u don’t want to tell me….

Kaurwaki : No, i don’t want to trouble u.

Yog : Your problem is mine..

Kaurwaki : First u have to promise me that u don’t say to anyone.

Yog : It’s a top secret.

Kaurwaki : Siya want to tell truth that she is her mother to Aavya….

Yog : What ! She don’t do this…..this is not right. I am going to talk with her….Why u didn’t tell me before ?

Kaurwaki : You don’t say anything to her. That’s why i didn’t tell u.

Yog : Are u going crazy ? Just think about yourself…..this is looking easy to u.

Kaurwaki : It didn’t matter me.

Yog : Ya, that’s why u sit here at 2 a.m. & thinking about her…..u are good liar.

Kaurwaki : I never tell a lie….

Yog : Fine, leave about u & think about Aavya….how is she going to handle this that u are not her mother…..She is not in age that she understand this.

Kaurwaki : I don’t know…..but i don’t want that this broke ur relation.

Yog : If our relation is broke from this much, then there is no relation between us.

Kaurwaki : You don’t understand her view….

Yog : I am not interested in that… but she don’t do right.

Kaurwaki : You promise me that you don’t say anything…..So, i expected that u keep ur promise.

Yog : this is impossible to win from u…..You are really stubborn….but it hurt you.

Kaurwaki : Nothing is hurt me now….

Yog : What do u mean ?

Kaurwaki : Nothing…..it’s late night now….i am going.

Yog : You still running from me……

Kaurwaki : Not again..

He hug her.

Yog : I am so sorry….i don’t help you

Kaurwaki : No need to say sorry.

Yog : Take care…..you really need this.

She smile at him.

They both move toward their room.

In Morning –

She is about to leave for office but her voice stop her.

Aavya : Mumma, i am going in Park with Siyu maasi.

Kaurwaki : Hmm….Why are u waiting ?

Aavya : I didn’t inform u na….You also come with us.

Kaurwaki : I have important conference……next time…..pakka.

Aavya : Ok….Bye.

She hug her.

Kaurwaki : Don’t trouble anyone lil devil.

She make puppy faces.

Siya : You don’t worry….i am there for her care.

Kaurwaki : Hmm….i am just saying .

Siya : All the best for ur conference….i know u don’t need this as conference is good as always but still wishing u.

Kaurwaki : I really need wishes nowadays.

She leave from there.

Aavya & Siya reached at park. She is busy in playing. Siya looking her daughter’s antics.

Aavya : Now, i want ice – cream.

Siya : Hmm…..I am going to take it but u don’t go anywhere.

She move toward ice-cream stall but she found her nowhere after returning. Ice-cream is fall down from her hand.


Siya blame Kaurwaki for Aavya.


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