Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 35)

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RECAP – Yog give punishment to planned together a date to Kaurwaki & Yagya for him & siya……Kaurwaki & Aicchik serious talk.


He wished her & leave from there while she is still confused.

Kaurwaki’s P.O.V

Everything is become fine , Siya is happy now. Aicchik again start talking with me though i am not good. Aavya is very happy with Siya. I am not jealous from her but she was right no one can take place of a mother.

I was the only one who say her that she tell truth to Aavya but still something pierce in my heart. It was my mistake that i become emotionally attached with her, treat her like my own daughter.

P.o.v. ends

She lost in her thought when a sweet voice of her broke her chain of thoughts.

Aavya : Mumma , Finally u got some free time for me…..It’s one week now , Siyu masi still sing lullaby but she is not like u….Come…now i want to sleep in ur lap.

A smile smile crept on her lips.

Kaurwaki : It’s nothing like that princess . I am lil bit busy.

Aavya : Now u are free na….

Siya : Aavu, she is tired. Why u want to disturb her??

Aavya : Siyu masi , u don’t know Mumma…she is Superwoman . She never become tired.

She hug her while she too reciprocate . She look at Siya who feel somewhere feel bad. She move toward her & pull her also in hug.

Kaurwaki : Aavya, You go to ur room . I am there in five minutes.

She leave from there.

Kaurwaki : I know u still feel bad but i suggest u , that tell her truth after some time.

Siya : Hmm…..I am sorry , i am really become rude for her….She is waiting for u….

Kaurwaki : You don’t need to insecure from me….she is only your daughter…She is only responsibility for me.

She smile at her .

Siya : You are the world’s best friend….No one is like u.

Kaurwaki : No one want to become like me…

Siya : What happen ??

Kaurwaki : Nothing…..i am going..

She leave  while she move toward her room.

She enter in her room . She sit beside her & in no time she go in deep slumber .

In Morning –

Yagya : Where are u going ?

Kaurwaki : Jahannum(hell)….tumhe bhi chalna hai.

Yagya : Ya, u deserve that only….(in a teasing manner)

Kaurwaki : Shut up ! What do u want .

Yagya : You only.

He bit his tongue while she is shocked

Kaurwaki : What are u saying ?

Yagya : Slip of tongue…i mean ur help.

Kaye walk : For what?

Yagya : Jung ladne jaa raha hun…toh socha ki sherni ko bhi saath le chalun.

Kaurwaki : Shut up !

Yagya : How should u forget that we planned date for Yog & Siya.

Kaurwaki : I don’t know how to planned a date.

He start laughing while she give deadly glare to him.

Kaurwaki : I don’t crack any joke….then why are u laughing like a maniac.

Yagya : You really don’t know….The great Kaurwaki Singh rathore don’t know…..This is only expected from u.

Kaurwaki : Shut up ur mouth otherwise i will throw u out .

Yagya : Okk…don’t come in Mahakali avatar. We can take help of others.(still laughing)

Kaurwaki : Hmm..ok fine.

Yagya : Guys we need ur help….There is no secret between us.

Anu : Bhaiya, we always here to help u.

Kaurwaki : Guide me & i have done all the arrangements .

Yagya : We planned for a date not for a conference.

Shree : Bhaiya, plzz don’t start again. We are not in mood to see tom & jerry fight.

Sona : Ok…fine, theme is Pink.

Shree : You snatched my words.

Yug : Kar di na bas typical girls wali baat tum donon ne , sab kuch pink.

Sona : Then u only tell idiot.

Yug : What! How dare u to call me idiot.

Swadesh : Guys calm down….we are planning a date…not war.

Aicchik : Why don’t we mix everyone ideas.

Anu : Smart option….i am agree.

Yug : First i will say.

Sona : I didn’t know brainless like u have also ideas.

Yug : Your ideas also useless like u.

Shree : I think we choose pool area….

Swadesh : That’s brilliant .

They all move toward the area & done all the preparations.

Kaurwaki : I will message Yog.

She text to him while he is jump on the bed with excitement.

He knock her room door.

Siya : You here….

Yog : May i come in…

Siya : Hmm….ya sure.

Yog : Siya…..i want a favour from you…..i want some precious time of yours…. Come with me.

Siya : Why do u want time ??

Yog : Actually….Main tumhe kahin le jaana chahta hun.

Siya : You mean date…..if i say no.

Yog : then it’s ok…..as ur wish.

Siya : Umm…..ok , i will give u one chance.

He hug her while she is shocked.(o saathiya plays)

Yog : I am sorry …. I am waiting for u.

She come here in Pink Anarkali with minimal make up. He is mesmerized by her beauty & lost in her.

Siya : Let’s go…

She waved her hand infront of his eyes.

Siya : Where are u lost ?

Yog : in ur beauty….

He realized what he said while she blush on her statement.

Yog : Come…..let’s go.

He forward his hand .

On other side –

Sona : Wow…..how intelligent i am….I don’t believe that i am done these arrangements.

All nods their hand in disbelief for her notanki.

Yug : Wait a minute …..You done this….nice joke….

Sona : How dare u ??

She start running behind him & pick nearby water jug. She throw water on him while he escape & it’s fall on Yog & Siya.

All cupped their mouth in a shock.

Yog : What the hell !

Shree : Phail gaya raita.

Swadesh : Raita nahi pani.

Yog : What are u guys doing….You messed my clothes Sona.

Sona : So sorry Bhaiya….i have no intention to do this.

Aicchik : Bro…i think ur time is bad, first proposal & now date.

Yagya : No, Date is not fully messed…

Yog : Shut up ! You only pray for this. I only said to u both for planning…then why u joined others.

Shree : Bhai….we have still some time….don’t worry everything become alright.

Kaurwaki & Yagya see to each other & cursing themselves for taking help of others while Yog give deadly glare to them.


Aavya is lost somewhere…..


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