Dastaan – Ishqbaaz ff ( episode 34)

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Recap – Yog propose Siya….


In RM (Rathore mansion) –

Yog come back but they are still fighting with each other .He nods her head in disbelief.

Yog : Chup ho jao tum donon.

Kaurwaki : I have no mistake …..Your brother messed everything.

Yagya : You are so bechari….right……Yog believe on me she is only one who destroyed your proposal.

Kaurwaki : Excuse me ! I am not like you.

Yagya : Ya, I forget aliens are not like humans.

Kaurwaki : What are you trying to say …..I am a alien. How dare you ?

Yagya : I am always daring….

Yog : For god sake you both shut up your mouth …….First u both ruined my proposal …..Wait a sec , you guys spying on us ……Whose idea was that??

Yagya : This 2 rs idea of her as u know your brother is so intelligent & he don’t gave these type of ideas.

Kaurwaki : You liar…….u have no brain then why should u talk about intelligence.

Yagya : Who first come here for checking ? You only come first.I don’t understand your ego is become small if u accept your mistake.

Kaurwaki : Listen, Mr oberoi Ego par mat jaiye….

Yagya : Who are the one who reached your ego height as your ego is more higher than sky.

Kaurwaki : I am not egoistic …. Get it.

Yog : I know you both are same…..You destroyed my proposal & now punishment for both of u.

Kaurwaki : I don’t do anything.

Yagya : I know you never give punishment to your brother……& you miss rathore don’t behave like a innocent soul.

Yog : Punishment is equal for everyone & you both planned a date for me & siya .

Kaurwaki : Are u kidding ? We and together…..No way.

Yagya : Same here……Main bhi kon sa mara jaa raha hun.

All youngsters gathered there.

Anu : What is happening here ?

Kaurwaki : Yog want that we planned a date for Siya & him .

She bit her tongue & Yog give him deadly glare.

Shree : Bhaiya, what’s going on between you & Siya di.

Yagya : You don’t know…..Yog propose her.

All look toward Siya while she down her gaze in embarrassment . Yog & Kaurwaki patted their own forehead.

Yog : Tu kam thi jo ab isne sab kuch bak diya hai…

Kaurwaki : Tumhara bhai hai….jhelo( He is your brother……tolerate now)

Yug : Yo , u didn’t tell me…..Koi mujhe pyaar nahi karta. Now, u start keeping secret.

Sona : Tumhe batane se koi fayda hi nahi tha.

Yug : What do u mean that i am stupid.

Sona : Ab khud keh rahe ho toh ho .

Swadesh : You guys hide this from us. Aicchik you also know na….

Aicchik : Hmmm…..I know that.

Anu : Why were u talk in that manner from Siya.

Aicchik : Ya, that one is prank right Siya….

Siya : Hmm…..Ya,he is right . Your faces are horrible when u think that we fight with each other.

Yug : Bro……Today I know you are big prankster than me.

Shree : Ahh…..feel so good……that everything is fine.

Swadesh : But What about that proposal.

Yagya : Now no need to hide…..

He tell all matter to him .

Aicchik : Where are u lost Kaurwaki ?

She look on & tears start shining in her beautiful eyes as she listen his voice after a day.

Shree : This is going……Chori Chori Chupke Chupke.

Swadesh : We can understand ……

Sona : Ya, but from now no need to hide anything as we are not immature.

Yug : I am angry from you all to hide this much important matter from us.( with fake anger).

Yog : We have no worry for you. If u want to angry , then it’s your choice.

Yagya : We are going , u show ur anger .

Yug : Nooooo……..When i become angry…..I don’t remember anything .

All start laughing at his antics. They all move toward their respective rooms.

Siya : For a sec I think Aicchik is behave rudely with me but when he told me that it was a prank , i really feel very relaxed . I know Aicchik is good in acting but i am not sure you are also a good actor . No one say that u acted .

She hug her while she is still confused.

Siya : I never hurt anyone…..You know na…Do u think that I hurt anyone.

She nods her head while she smiled at her & leave from there.

Aicchik : I wish that she realized how much she hurt you unknowingly.

Kaurwaki : You are not angry with me now….

Aicchik : Stupid girl …..No one become angry from you.

She hug him .

Aicchik : I was never angry from you…..I was angry from your habits as i don’t want that anyone take benifit of your kindness..

Kaurwaki : Then ,why u lied to her.

Aicchik :You only tell me that what should i do.

Kaurwaki : I don’t know but lie is lie.

Aicchik : Ok sorry na…..This is not happen again but u also promise me that you don’t do anything which hurt you.

Kaurwaki : You know…..I don’t promise that but should tried this.

Aicchik : Hmm…..This is enough for me.I am going to sleep as I don’t have habit of taking sleeping pills like you.

Kaurwaki : They also stop working…

Aicchik : What !

Kaurwaki : Nothing…..Don’t worry about me.If u are with me , then nothing happen to me.

( Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi plays).


Yagya & Kaurwaki’s preparation for date.


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