Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 5th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Salim gets crowned as the King

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 5th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khanam thinking how she had fainted the guards and then added something in the crown. She thinks none can save Salim now. Anarkali prays to Lord. She counts all the sorrows of her life. She prays for Salim’s happiness and long life. Abul fazal takes the crown for Salim. Husna asks Anarkali to come for Salim’s sake. Anarkali recalls Salim’s words. Husna teases her. Anarkali says you are so stubborn. Husna takes her along. Anarkali sees the crown and thinks she is jealous of crown, since crown will be most closest to Salim. Mahabat smiles seeing Husna. He stumbles. Anarkali saves the crown from falling down. She keeps it back. Mahabat says thanks. He rushes. Anarkali feels some sting and says its nothing. Abul fazal gets the crown to Akbar and Salim. Khala stops Anarkali.

She asks her to come for a talk. She asks Anarkali to give her a reply. She gets shocked seeing Anarkali’s hand turning purple. She asks what’s this.

Anarkali says it seems some poison effect. She recalls holding the crown. She thinks it means Salim’s crown has some poison. Khala asks Anarkali to come with her to Vaid. Anarkali says Salim’s life is in danger. She runs. Akbar feels proud and says Salim will become the King. He gives responsibility of many provinces to Salim. Salim takes blessings. Pandit goes his tilak. Anarkali runs to Salim. Anarkali comes to Mahabat and says the crown has poison in it, anything can happen to Salim, go and stop them. Mahabat asks what are you saying. She shows her hand turning blue and red. He says poison is spreading a lot in your body. Salim looks at her. She asks him to rush and stop them. Mahabat runs to tell Abul Fazal. Akbar goes to take crown. Abul Fazal says sorry and gets back. Anarkali gets relieved. Akbar asks what’s this bad behavior. Abul fazal says forgive me, but this crown has poison. They get shocked. Rukaiya thinks how did Abul Fazal got to know this.

Akbar asks Salim to come with him. He makes Salim wear his crown. Everyone smiles. Akbar says you had to wear this crown some day. He declares Salim as the king. Rukaiya gets angry. Anarkali and everyone smile. Akbar asks Abul Fazal to check what’s inside the crown. Abul Fazal checks the crown and finds a scorpion. Everyone gets shocked. Akbar says evil plotting has reached the crown too, find the culprit. Jodha worries and prays for Salim. Anarkali sees Salim. Salim thinks Anarkali is here. She leaves. Ammijaan says thank God, Anarkali got to know this, if Salim had worn that crown then… Jodha asks her not to say this, a mum should think and say good. Akbar scolds Abul Fazal for not doing duty well. Ammijaan says this plan is of some insider, it was impossible for anyone to reach crown, we have to find this enemy soon. Jodha says who can be the enemy. Akbar says whoever it be, he can’t be hidden from me for long. Salim comes to Anarkali. He asks why did you come there, you promised me. He says I regret that your promise and intention were weak. He goes. She stumbles.

Salim gets angry. Khana convinces Anarkali for meeting the groom.

Update Credit to: Amena

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