Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nargis blesses Anarkali

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nargis saying Anarkali, you have fallen in love but didn’t claim love, you are becoming a dancer, you have to get courage to fulfill your love. Anarkali says I m not understanding what you are saying, a dancer and a lover are different things, a dancer can’t fall in love. Nargis says fight with this world, always remember this. She advises Anarkali and says understand the power of these eyes, beauty has much power, but love is bigger power, you have both, I have seen you talking to Akbar, I have seen your pride and attitude, I just wanted to see you, you have taught me to love. She cries and asks Anarkali to go now, she doesn’t need Nargis now. She blesses Anarkali to win her love. Anarkali says I will never end this courage and strength, even if my life ends.

Akbar comes to Jodha. He covers her with a shawl. She cries and says how did you come here today. Akbar says you are not in cage now, I m freeing you. She asks what do you mean, Anarkali has accepted to become a dancer, congrats to you. Akbar says don’t give power to that maid that she spoils our relation. She says I m against injustice, not you. He says its a rebel. She says fine, its a rebel if you say this, I will always help Anarkali, she has saved Salim’s life many times, she always respected my word, she has compromised many times, you have forgotten your son for the sake of the world, Salim is going away from us, Anarkali is Salim’s love, you have taken the decision, I m your wife. She goes.

Anarkali gets dressed up in her regular avatar and comes to Nargis. Nargis says you are very pretty Anarkali, but beauty is a burden for poor people. Anarkali recalls Khala’s words. She tells about her journey. Nargis says I have done my work and made you a dancer, but I just bless that you don’t live like a dancer. She gives the ghungroos and says this made us meet. Anarkali asks her not to regret for anything. She says I have learnt that love has no value in politics. Nargis says I will pray that you get your love, I have already given you the pain as gift, I don’t want to give you these ghungroos. Anarkali says I had accepted your pain, and now I will accept this ghungroos too. Nargis cries. Anarkali says your heart is clear like a glass in this world of cheat, I m ready for my first dance by my own wish. She takes the ghungroos. Salim is on the way to the palace. Akbar calls for the dancer. Maanbai smiles.

Anarkali comes there as the dancer. Akbar says I told you Anarkali, that people will recall Ghungroos when they take your name, these ghungroos are your reality, but there is still time for Salim and Maanbai’s marriage, why do you want to dance today. Anarkali says I got insulted when I had become a dancer. She taunts him. He shouts out Anarkali. She says forgive me, but the matter is, you have just known the maid Anarkali, and now you will know the dancer. Akbar asks her to begin the dance. Jodha cries seeing her.

Anarkali dances in the court Salim comes and stops her. He cuts off the ghungroos. He cuts someone’s hands and says I will do justice now, you have tied ghungroos to Anarkali, who is my would be wife. Akbar says she can never become my bahu, arrest both of them.

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  1. Waiting for tomorrow episode. How Salim support Anarkali

  2. Sooo sad new timings for demsa…. Horrible timing… 11:30 night….. Hell with colors

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