Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Akbar punishes Jodha Bai

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khanam saying Akbar has commanded that Anarkali will perform dance in Salim’s marriage, if her feet are burnt, how will she dance. She goes. Jhillan asks Jodha to save Anarkali’s life. Jodha cries and says I know Anarkali did a lot for us, but I m helpless. Jhillan says you aren’t a mother, you won’t understand my pain. Jodha shouts Jhillan. Jhillan gets some clothes and says you remember the night when you saved Anarkali and Salim, I can just see bangles in your eyes, you are caged in my eyes, I have raised Anarkali, I can’t see her dying, its better that she dies by your hands. She asks Jodha to go and kill Anarkali.

Jodha says you don’t need to beg to anyone now, since I have picked my sword, this sword will free Anarkali. She takes her sword. She

says Anarkali shouldn’t be at the place where she has no respect, you and Anarkali should leave this palace, if Salim comes back and sees her in this state, he will burn the palace in fire, come with me, don’t delay. The dancers dance for some men. Hakim Mirza asks for wine. An informer says Salim is going to attack on you soon. Salim comes there. Hakim says you could be just Salim, you have come to meet me, we shall talk in private. He sends away the goons. He asks Salim to hug him once. Salim hugs him. Hakim tries to stab his neck. Salim smiles.

Jodha goes to Akbar. He asks will you go against me. She says the biggest truth for a woman is her marriage, but I m a queen, truth matters more to me, its my right to stop your injustice. He sees Jhillan and says I think someone has provoked you. Jodha says yes, injustice has provoked me. Akbar asks what will you do if I don’t move. She gets her sword and says I will forget that you are my husband. Salim stops Hakim and taunts him. He asks him to lift weapon if he wants. Akbar asks Jodha to strike him. She asks him to lift sword and fight. He says I don’t fight my family. He says you have fought with your son. They argue. He takes the sword from her hand and throws it. He says I m the king, you are caged inside this palace, you won’t be permitted to go out.

Jhillan and Jodha are taken away. Akbar gets sad. Salim asks Hakim to throw away the weapons. Hakim says I didn’t come here to drop the weapons. Salim says then we shall meet in the battle field. The soldiers stop Salim. Salim says if I don’t go out, then this tenthouse and you will be burnt, you can stop me and see. Hakim says I was testing your patience, you may go. Salim leaves. Hakim says you did a big mistake by clashing with me. He pities Salim. Nargis forces Anarkali to wear ghungroos. Husna comes to give the bad news to her. She says Jhillan got arrested and Jodha also got caged.

Hakim says I have to tell Salim about Akbar’s past. Salim prepares to meet Hakim. Anarkali says I want to meet Akbar.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. From Jan 1st some other show(kesari nandan) scheduled on 8.30 to 9 slot..
    Can anyone tell DMSA is going to off air( or) it will be allotted to some other slot in colors tv

    1. i think timeslot may be changed.

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