Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Akbar tricks Salim

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The Episode starts with Akbar saying Salim and Anarkali are just friends. Maanbai says Salim has gone to marry Anarkali. Akbar laughs and says you would believe my promise, trust me, you will become Salim’s first wife. I won’t let injustice happen with you. He blesses her. She goes. He turns and kills three men. He says I have seen the strike of this sword, now the country will see my strike. Anarkali comes with Husna. Salim sees her and smiles. Anarkali thinks I have named after you and now my death too. She happily cries. Salim asks the matter. She says tears don’t leave a person in sorrow and happiness. Salim and Anarkali sit for the marriage. Salim says Qubool hai. Qazi asks Anarkali is she accepts the marriage. She says Qubool hai.

Salim and Anarkali see each other and smile.

Salim’s imagination ends. He says I m seeing my dream coming true. Anarkali smiles. Salim says Qazi didn’t come yet. Qazi is on the way. A man passes him and applies something to his face. Maanbai’s brother kills the man. Akbar does tilak to him with the blood. Maan Singh says there is a bad news. Qazi proceeds with the Nikaah. He dies suddenly. Salim says he is dead. Husna says marriage isn’t possible now. Anarkali prays that everything stays fine. Salim says marriage will happen now itself. Akbar and army are on the man. The guard says Akbar and entire army is coming here. Salim gets shocked. Akbar reaches the place. Salim’s friend and Husna say Akbar shouldn’t see this. Anarkali says we should leave right away.

Salim says marriage will happen today, its my decision. Anarkali says you told me that you will keep this a secret. Salim says its not a secret now, I have done a sin by hiding our love, marriage will happen today in front of him, its fine if relations become a chain. She says it will be a disaster. He says country has seen my love, now it will see its rebellion. Anarkali says I will give my life, you have to choose either of love or rebellion. Akbar gets his sword out. He comes there. Salim faces Akbar. Akbar throws a sword at Salim. He asks Salim to strike him. He says its time you forget this difference between us now. Salim says if this is your decision, I will respect your decision. They have a sword fight. Akbar says I didn’t know my son will betray me, I will strike you and it won’t go waste. Anarkali sees them fighting and cries. Salim asks will you battle with your blood. Akbar says there is no relations in battle, its just right or wrong, heart breaks when someone dear cheats. Salim defends his strikes. Salim says many times people think of their ego breaking as heartbreak, nothing is much bigger than heart. Akbar says principles and country are imp, feelings don’t matter, be it a father’s feelings, be it of any son or brother. Salim asks brother? Akbar says yes Salim, my step son has rebelled against me, he is coming towards Agra with his army. Anarkali thinks it means Akbar doesn’t know anything.

Salim says we have to stop him. Akbar says yes, so I m going for this battle, country is your responsibility in my absence, I will win, no one knows who will die and who gets a life, if anything happens to me in that battle, it will be worse, many lives go, I want to make you the king in my place before leaving. He makes Salim wear his crown. Salim stops Akbar and makes him wear the crown. He says this crown will always be yours, I will go for the battle. Anarkali thinks Salim took the right decision, I m with you. Akbar says but your marriage is after two days. Salim says marriage has to wait, this battle is imp. Akbar gets glad and says I trust your bravery. He gives his sword to Salim. He says the army will be with you to support. Salim says I won’t let you and your sworn get ashamed. Akbar hugs him. Salim sees Anarkali and goes. Akbar thinks its time to decide about this maid.

Akbar makes Anarkali a dancer. Anarkali comes to dance in the court.

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