Hi guys it’s riya here…aditi would have introduced me.actually I am big fan of abhigya and raglak.so after many hurdles I am posting ….so let’s get into the story..

Abhiskek mehra : a rockstar who really cares for his fame
Laksh mehra: a young businessman, younger brother of abhi… who really works hard to achieve onething
Pragya mehra: wife of abhi.she works as a stylist
Ragini mehra: wife of laksh helps in pragya’s work.

Aditi mehra : daughter of abhigya.lives with pragya .a cute 4 years old girl who loves her mother very much
And rest of the characters are same…

The story starts with a big mansion in Paris with a name MEHRA MANSION…
A small girl runs here and there .she is aditi.
Aditi : chachi you cant catch me…
A lady was running behind her.she is ragini.yes she was wearing a pink tee with black night pant.
Ragini: arey baby..come let’s sleep..it’s late n.a.
Aditi: no today I will sleep with mumma
RAGINI : but mumma didn’t reached yet

Aditi: so what chachi,we can wait and runs.
When she was running some one takes her in arms
Aditi: offo,arey chachu why you lift me…put me down
Laksh: are you sure I will put you down
Aditi: no and holds his collars.
Laksh: come princess let’s sleep
Aditi: no I want to see mumma.she is leaving in early morning before I wake and returning after sleep.
Laksh looks at ragini

RAGINI : arey adhu ,let’s see movie
Aditi: no I won’t…come with you.
Laksh: ok let’s wait till your mumma comes and takes her in his lap and makes her to keep her head on his chest and pats her back
Aditi: today your magic won’t work chachu…I will not sleep .
Laksh: acha you are becoming too smart …and tickles her.she runs and stands behind ragini
Ragini: don’t drag me into your stupid games
Laksh starts to tickle ragini.both ragini and aditi starts to tickle laksh.
That time pragya comes .she was stunning in her black top with jeans..aditi sees her and runs towards her.

Aditi: mumma
Pragya kneels down saying arey slow….you will slip.before she could complete aditi falls on floor.RAGINI,laksh runs towards her but before they arrive pragya makes her to sit on her lap.she shouts….can’t you see baby.what’s the need to rush like this …have you got any hurt…and rubs her legs
Aditi kissed pragya’s cheeks saying don’t worry I am fine mumma.
PRAGYA gazed at ragini and laksh and aditi continued …I am waiting for you mumma.since I have not talk to you for last 4 days. PRAGYA could see aditi ‘s sadness and says baby I am back n.a….
ADITI : I know mumma…come on you will be tired n.a. …let’s sleep and tomorrow is Saturday n.a.chachu can we go out
PRAGYA : no need to go out
Aditi: we are going that’s it
Pragya: arey you are mumma or me
ADITI : ofcourse you
PRAGYA : then you are ordering me

ADITI giggles. ..please mumma
PRAGYA says ok for my cute baby..
Ragini: come let’s go aditi
Aditi: chachi tday I will sleep with mumma
Laksh: are you sure..in midnight you should not disturb mumma that you want to see your handsome chachu
ADITI : today I will not miss you as I am going to have mumma …so good night
PRAGYA : you guys go..I will take care of her
Ragini: ok good nyt di and adhu..sleep well
Laksh and ragini leaves to their room.

In raglak’s room
RAGINI : laksh , I can see pain in pragya di’s eyes
Laksh: ha what can we do as my brother doesn’t deserve her
Ragini: but what about adhu..if she ask about her pappa what we will say
Laksh: time should answer.don’t take stress. .let’s sleep.it’s almost late

In Pragya’S room
ADITI was talking and pragya was listening to her.
Pragya: arey baby how much will you talk ,take a breath
Aditi: mumma. ..please today only I am going to sleep with you so please
PRAGYA could feel pain in her heart

PRAGYA; ok baba it’s late lets sleep.
ADITI : but mumma
PRAGYA : chup and close your eyes…aditi closed her eyes.PRAGYA says that’s my girl…and kisses her forehead. ADITI kissed her cheeks and and keeps her head on pragya’s chest.she too wraps her arms around aditi and both sleeps.

Hope you enjoyed…keep reading..will be back soon.

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