when darkness meets light (Episode 9)

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i think its boring…dont worry i will end soon…

the episode starts with abhi saying acha…you are pragya”s side.laksh says ofcourse.pragya laughs at them.soon ragini gets up. pragya sits near her
laksh sees them.pragya says congrats and hugs ragini.ragini too hugs her.ragini looks at laksh.pragya understands it and asked abhi to come with her.abhi and pragya leaves from there.laksh sits beside ragini.ragini holds his hands.laksh looks at her.ragini says i am sorry laksh.what i have done is wrong but see tday i am happy that our child is with me.dont make me to feel alone laksh.laksh hugs her saying its ok…i am not angry at you…just i am sad
….here after done do like this.ragini says pakka promise.laksh hugs her.

in abhigya’s room…
aditi was sleeping and abhi, pragya comes inside.abhi hugs pragya saying finally i am with my family..and new member is going to come.then by aditi gets up asking who is the new one
pragya breaks the hug and asked abhi to explain to aditi.abhi sits beside her and aditi jumps on him.abhi says ouch…mumma and bacha both are of same type.aditi asked pappa,did mumma jumped on you.abhi looks at pragya
aditi hugs him by placing her head on his chest.abhi too hugs her.aditi says acha pappa…who is the new member.abhi says arey your chachi na…she is going to have a baby.for you a small brother or sister gonna come.aditi gets sad.pragya sees this and sits beside abhi.pragya signs abhi to ask her.abhi asked aditi,why are you sad my baby doll and lifts her face
her eyes were filled with tears
abhi could not see his daughter crying.abhi asked what happened beta
aditi says then chachu aur chachi will not love me na…they will love their baby na…abhi says arey my baby doll is worried about it..we are here na…mumma aur pappa
we love you more than anything in this world….henna pragya.pragya wipes aditi’s tears saying yes baby we love you…aditi hugs pragya too and abhi gestures that they have to talk.pragya says acha…baby go …dasi na called you, go meet her.aditi says ok i will go mumma and runs.

abhi says aditi is insecured here and if we unformed to laksh and ragini they will feel bad for her.so i think …pragya asked what you wanna do..abhi says lets go for a vocation and aditi will bond with us then she will be able to accept that we are always there to love her.pragya says ya…i too thought about it and lets go to disney land as she used to say that we have to go.abhi says wherever my daughter wants to go…we will..i want her to be happy.pragya says thanks abhi and hugs him

in dinning hall
all assembled there
aditi was sitting on pragya’s lap and abhi feeds her
abhi says baby doll
aditi: ha pappa
abhi : beta …lets go for a vocation
aditi’ vocation…but mumma told this is vocation…and where we are going
abhi: i think disney world will be best,what you think
aditi leaves from pragya and jumps to abhi.abhi too takes her
aditi:really pappa…are we going
abhi’ : yes baby doll and kissed her cheekz
aditi: you are the best pappa in the world and hugs him
pragya: baby…both of you left me
aditi’ says how can we forget you mom and hugs her.

hope all liked

actually i typed in phone, ,any mistakes please forgive me…

Credit to: riya


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