when darkness meets light (Episode 8)


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The episode starts with abhi gets up and sees pragya and aditi sleeping peacefully.aditi was hugging pragya and she too.abhi carassed aditi’s face and gets an idea.he takes his phone and takes a selfie with pragya and aditi in sleeping position.he looks at the picture and thinks soon she will forgive me.

After sometime in hall…
ADITI was playing with abhi and pragya was preparing lunch when laksh and ragini comes there.aditi sees them and runs towards them.laksh takes aditi in his arms and kissed her cheeks and aditi too kissed him.
Laksh: did my princess missed me
Aditi: no because princess is with pappa.
Laksh looks at abhi.abhi smiles at him.
ADITI stretches her hands towards ragini and ragini takes her from laksh.
RAGINI: missed you baby…
Aditi: aditi too missed chachi….
PRAGYA comes there and sees laksh and ragini and hugs them.
Laksh” how are you bhabhi..and what happened to adhu
Pragya: nothing ..just fever..
Laksh: ok bhabhi…I came to inform that tomorrow we have to go to court…so be ready bhabhi…I will take you.
Abhi:I will take her
Laksh: no need…
Pragya: laksh …I will be ready.
Laksh : okay. …then we are leaving bhabhi.
Pragya: but you can stay here n.a…its too your home.
Laksh: no bhabhi…I am leaving.
Pragya: I am saying n.a….you have to stay here..dadi will be happy.
Dadi comes there and hugs laksh.RAGINI gets blessings from dadi and she too hugs her.
Dadi: beta…how are you both…I am really happy to see you both.
Laksh: dadi we are fine.
Dadi: come here…pragya Is preparing lunch…you should stay here beta..aditi too drags laksh.RAGINI leaves with pragya to kitchen.

In kitchen…
Pragya: is he is still in anger
Ragini: ha he is in anger….di. .
Pragya: leave it…he will become normal once he understand you…
Ragini: hope so….how is adhu…is she is comfortable with jiju
PRAGYA : don’t know ..yesterday he called me.aditi is not feeling well.I came here..and yesterday I stayed here.now she is not leaving me..so I thought to leave after she slept .
Ragini: why di. .why are you hurting yourself and also…adhu ..she needs her father di. ..she too wants to live like other kids.because of your problems you are making her sad. .better talk with jiju and solve this.
PRAGYA says come let’s go…ragini too leaves with her.

In dinning hall.
Dadi sits in centre and abhi sits left to her and aditi on his lap and pragya next to him.laksh sits opposite to abhi and ragini next to him.abhi feeds aditi and pragya too feeds her.PRAGYA sees aditi happy and an thinks to talk to abhi as ragini told…

In abhigya’s room.
ADITI was playing and pragya was cleaning the room as it was dirty. ..abhi’s phone rings
Aditi: mumma…pappa’s phone is ringing…
Pragya: pappa …where is he
Aditi: he is in washroom.
Pragya: ok you go and inform him.
ADITI shouts pappa…
Abhi: ha baby doll
ADITI : pappa your phone is ringing
Abhi: cut the call beta …I will talk later.
Aditi: ok pappa…and runs from there.
ADITI : mumma…pappa asked me to cut the call
Pragya: then cut the call.
ADITI cuts the call and shouts mumma…see here.PRAGYA asked what happened and sits on the bed.aditi comes to her and sits on her lap.
Aditi: see mumma ,pappa’s phone ka wallpaper.
PRAGYA sees it and aditi says we three are looking good n.a. mumma.
Pragya: ya…your dad n.a….ok come let’s sleep …aditi: no I will not..if I sleep you will leave.
Pragya: who told like that
Aditi: I heard when you are speaking to chachi..
Pragya: you sleep…you are weak n.a…I will not go
Aditi: pakka…promise
Pragya: pakka..now come..
Abhi comes there and sees aditi and pragya.pragya trying to make her sleep.he sits beside ADITI.aditi hugs him and abhi looks at pragya
Abhi : what happened beta
Aditi: mumma is asking me to sleep
Abhhi: she is saying for your good n.a.
Aditi: but if I sleep..she will leave.
PRAGYA : I am saying n.a….I will not leave
Abhi: see she told and today evening ca we go out.
ADITI in excited tone …where..
Abhi: it’s suprise to my baby doll
Aditi: say na pappa..
Abhi: first you sleep…and makes her to lay on his chest and pats her back.
PRAGYA too sits near abhi and aditi holds her hands. PRAGYA looks at abhi…Abhi looks at pragya…bolna song plays….

ADITI sleeps and pragya tried to remove her hands but couldn’t.Abhi says leave it…
Pragya: I want to talk to you
Abhi: ha bolo…
Pragya: abhi…I know it’s my decision to move from your life but I don’t want to see my daughter longing for father. ..and I don’t have right to seperate you both…so i thought…
Abhi: don’t say that you are leaving her and me…she can’t stay without you…and I too
PRAGYA looked at him.
Abhi: bus…PRAGYA..i could not live anymore without you and aditi.I know I only asked you to go but now I am saying please return to me…I need you…these years I am not the old abhi…I am a lifeless abhi…please don’t go yaar…if you go..I will die pragya…please and he cries
PRAGYA hugs him and says I am sorry…Abhi says I have to say…there is nothing wrong with you..
PRAGYA says past is past….now we have to think about our future…our daughter and caressed her face..Abhi says ha..how sweet she is…I am really happy to see her.
ADITI gets up by their talks…Abhi pats her back.PRAGYA says give her to me…and takes aditi.
ADITI in sleep : mumma…you are here n.a…
Pragya: see mumma is here..
Abhi: arey baby doll I promised n.a.i will bring mumma here…
Pragya::ha …we decided that we are going to be with our pyari baby…
ADITI :really and hugs both and kissed on their cheeks. Abhi and pragya hugs her.

RAGINI was about to enter laksh room but she fainted and falls on the floor.laksh comes out to drink water and he was shocked to see ragini lying on the floor.
He takes her in his arms and walks towards bed and placed her.he calls doctor and calls pragya…pragya and all comes there.
The doctor checks ragini and says congrats…she is pregnant. All gets happy….laksh too gets happy.
Abhi : laksh ….congrats…
Laksh looks at him in anger.
PRAGYA holds abhi’s hands and abhi too smiles at her.
Pragya: congrats laksh…
Laksh: you both United….
Pragya: ha…for aditi…we decided laksh…to stay with each other..not only for aditi but for us too…
Laksh: really ..then I will to talk with bhai..if my bhabhi forgiven then what’s there inbeteeen us. ..

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Credit to: riya

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