when darkness meets light (Episode 7)


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The episode starts with aditi stops pragya
PRAGYA looks at aditi and kneels before her.
ADITI : mumma i want to stay with pappa but without you I don’t want.I want to come with you ma
PRAGYA looks at abhi and then aditi
PRAGYA : baby,you stay just for few days after I will take my princess to our home
ADITI : no I am coming with you
Pragya:you are my good girl naa …
ADITI : for you I am staying here ..and hugs her.PRAGYA too hugs her.abhi sees this and smiles.PRAGYA says I miss you. ..aditi says aditi too miss mumma.PRAGYA kisses her cheeks and leaves .ADITI cries but abhi takes her to his room.
Abhi: so my babydoll wants icecream.can I tell purab chachu to bring
Aditi: no I don’t want .and sits sadly on bed.
Abhi sits near her.Abhi says so someone is missing her mom.aditi looks at him.Abhi says I know you miss her na.aditi : you know n.a…then why you took me here.
Abhi: as you are missing her today I was missing her these days. …I longed to see you and your mumma but she didn’t give a chance.
ADITI : why…
Abhi : may be she is angry on me
ADITI : you did a mistake
Abhi: yes I did a big mistake by leaving you and your mumma.
ADITI : why you left us pappa.
Abhi: bcoz I am an idiot so only…but now I recognized my mistake.
Aditi: don’t worry mumma will forgive you
Abhi: ok it’s time to sleep…so drunk this milk and we can sleep
ADITI : how you both mumma and you are same
Abhi: why baby and makes her to sit on his lap
Aditi: I hate milk pappa.but mumma used to give me..and you also
Abhi: ha..I too hate milk but what to do your mumma had ordered me.be a good girl.
ADITI : ok I will drink and abhi gives her.

In arora’s home
PRAGYA was thinking about aditi.she thinks to call abhi but something stops her.
Sarla comes there
Sarla: are you thinking about adhu
Pragya: ya ma.if she slept or not
Sarla : then call abhi n.a…
Pragya: no ma..I will not.
Sarla: then you better go there..for our adhu. Pragya: I have to bring adhu back to home
Sarla : when the case is coming to hearing
Pragya: day after tomorrow ma
Sarla : ok did you arranged for lawyer
Pragya: you know n.a. sheela ,my friend she is an advocate and gonna handle my case
Sarla : ok beta you sleep its late …
Sarla leaves from there

In midnight ….
PRAGYA gets a call.
Pragya: hello..what ..but now ..ya I am coming now…
PRAGYA thinks I have to go to there and she leaves in car.

In mm
Abhi: akash please cal the doctor
Akash: ha bhai and he leaves.
Abhi: rachna please do something…
Rachna: bhai ..wait let bhabhi come .

PRAGYA reached there.Abhi sees her and goes to her
Pragya” what happened to aditi
Abhi: I don’t know what happened. We were sleeping suddenly I felt she is droubling to breathe and also fever. Then only I remembered that I didn’t give her medicine.
Pragya: how could you forget that
Abhi: later I gave. ..she is now sleeping but the temperature is still high.I called the doctor he is on the way…I am just don’t know what to do…
PRAGYA rushed to aditi and sits beside her she makes her to sleep comfortable and abhi sits beside pragya.PRAGYA just ignored him and pats her .the doctor comes and checks aditi.she says nothing to worry.everything will be fine.she is just having fever…that’s it.
Abhi: thanks doctor.and akash…please
Akash: ya bhai .come doctor.
Abhi looks at aditi and cries.everyone leaves
Leaving abhigya alone.
Abhi: bcoz of me…bcoz of me she is in this condition. I would have given her medicine.how can I forget it
Pragya: it’s ok…now she is fine n.a….
Abhi: no pragya..its my mistke. Don’t support me when I am doing mistake.
Pragya: what can I do…and she cries.
Abhi: please don’t cry..I can’t see.
PRAGYA looks at him.
Abhi: please stay here for one night.I don’t know how to console her. And it’s not safe to go in this late night.
Pragya: okay for aditi I will stay here.
Abhi hugs her.PRAGYA could not resist him so she stayed quite .after sometime pragya broked the hug and says it’s late lets sleep.
Abhi says ya let’s go

Precap: abhi takes a selfie of pragya and aditi while sleeping…

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Credit to: riya

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