when darkness meets light (Episode 6)


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The episode starts with pragya ,aditi ,laksh reaching arora’s house.
Pragya: aditi go to your room.bulbul take her.
Bulbul : di what happened….you are fine n.a.
PRAGYA shouts ….bulbul I am saying n.a. take her in.
BULBUL without uttering a word takes her in. ADITI could see pragya’s anger.she hugs bulbul Nd they both leaves inside.
Sarla : what happened beta
Pragya: mumma…ADITI came to know about him.now she will ask about him.what I will say ma…how will I say that he doesn’t want her mother or her.
Laksh:bhabhi…you don’t worry…because of this ragini.
RAGINI enters…laksh was about to scold her but pragya stops him.
PRAGYA : the fault is not on her laksh.I failed to be a mother….ragini runs to her and says don’t say like this di…i am sorry. ..I thought to unite you and jiju…PRAGYA says but we can’t ragini…understand this.laksh ,me and aditi are leaving India tomorrow..you and ragini stay here for some time …visit ragini’s home and come back if you want.
Laksh: bhabhi…what are upu saying …
PRAGYA : the thing is from now I wil take care of aditi …no need to worry for her and leaves in.

After sometime abhi reached arora’s home.Sarla was shocked to see him and calls laksh ,pragya and everyone. Malay comes there and gets anger.
Laksh: I said n.a….not to disturb…
Abhi: I am not here to talk to you.sir please come with me.
Kaman sees who’s it.the lawyer comes with abhi inside.
Laksh: what’s this new drama
Lawyer: Mr.laksh I am senior advocate.Mr.abhishek mehra had got the legal custody of his daughter.PRAGYA comes there. Kaman asked what..the lawyer says first thing pragya mam didnt informed abhi about their child…and second he is allowed to see.third pragya mam is not financialy fit like abhi.seeing all this the judge accepted this custody.from today aditi mehra will stay with abhishek.
PRAGYA was shocked.she says no I can’t give my daughter. ..please don’t take her.I can’t live without her. I know he is doing purposely. The lawyer says you can say whatever mam not here but in court.for now we are taking aditi. …Abhi call her.Abhi goes inside ,pragya tries to stop him but she can’t.bulbul was playing with aditi in her room when abhi entered .aditi sees him and runs towards him calling pappa…
Abhi takes her in his arms….and kissed her cheeks.
Aditi: pappa you came here
Abhi: ha baby doll..let’s go
Abhi comes to hall with aditi.aditi sees pragya crying.the lawyer says ok sir we can go.PRAGYA stops abhi and says please abhi leave her.Abhi says I am her father right…I have equal rights on her. PRAGYA cries.aditi looks at pragya.pragya says abhi ..please leave us .Abhi says you have separated me from my daughter…I will not let to happen anymore. ADITI asked pappa ,mumma is not coming with us.Abhi says no beta..better you ask is she coming.Abhi looks at pragya.PRAGYA says I will not come there and abhi you should not take her.Abhi says you are not coming means ok..but you have no right to stop us.aditi says pappa ,if mumma is not coming …I am too not coming with you.Abhi says beta see pappa will take care of you…you can get whatever you want.and dadi,dasi is there….aditi asked can you give whatever I want pappa.
Abhi says ya baby doll…what you want.aditi says I want to be with mumma. ..Abhi says I tried a lot to convince you but there is no use.come let’s go aditi.PRAGYA holds aditi’s hands but abhi tools her forcingly. PRAGYA cries by sitting on the floor.Sarla consoles her.PRAGYA says I will not leave him and asked laksh to arrange a lawyer.the lawyer says pragya mam …you can meet aditi whenever you want…Abhi sir have given you rights..I am leaving by saying this he leaves.

Abhi reached mm with aditi.all were happy by return of their grand daughter.Abhi takes aditi in .but she cries a lot to take her back to her home.but abhi asked her to stay here as it’s her house from now.dadi asked abhi not to become angry with her as she is a kid.she takes aditi with her and gives her a chocolate.aditi says I don’t want this ….I have to go to mumma and cries.Abhi says you are not going anywhere.rachna take her to room …I will come in few minutes.

Rachna takes her to abhi’s room .aditi could see pragya’s photo everywhere and also a photo where abhi having a small child in his hand with tears in his eyes.rachna sees aditi seeing and says it’s you…when you born n.a. ,on that day pappa was so happy ..purab chachu took a photo…it’s your first photo with your dad.
ADITI without saying anything sits on the bed.rachna says I will bring chocolate shake for my princess and leaves.aditi thinks how ragini used to do and cries.

PRAGYA comes there and shouts aditi…aditi…aditi hears her voice and runs down.pragya sees aditi running towards her and wides her hands by kneeling down.aditi says mumma and hugs her .pragya too hugs her.botg cries.aditi says I will come with you mumma. ..take me with you…pragya breaks the hug and wipes her tears.Abhi and all comes there.pragya says soon mumma will come and take you…untill be with pappa…ok..aditi says no..pragya says aditi is mumma’s cute little princess n.a…aditi nods.pragya says then be here.mumma will take you one day.pragya walls to rachna and says take care of her…and its her tablets…give her before sleep.Abhi asked whats this.pragya says it’s vitamin tablets.pragya says rachna I am leaving aditi here because I know you and akash will take care of her.rachna says don’t worry di. …
PRAGYA turns to leave but aditi stops her.

Precap : abhi calls pragya…..pragya come here as soon as possible…pragya asked what happened and she gets shocked. …

Hope you all liked…see you In next episode…

Credit to: riya

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