when darkness meets light (Episode 5)


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Getting into the story. …

The episode starts with abhi looking at aditi
ADITI : you ….pappa….
Abhi: yes mere bacha…I am your pappa
Purab: aditi…Abhi the rockstar Is your pappa
ADITI looked at ragini.ragini realized that she is confused and kneels before her.
Ragini: beta I know you can’t believe but you believe me n.a.
ADITI nods her head and looks at abhi.she smilled at him and hugs him.
ADITI : I am so happy. ..that I got my rockstar pappa
Abhi too hugs her…..he says I am so happy…baby doll. ..
ADITI : pappa I like the name baby doll
Abhi winks at her.
RAGINI gets a call.she says it’s di.
Ragini: ha di. ..we are on the way…us we are coming and cuts the call.
Ragini: we have to go jiju.
Abhi: purab take aditi to car.aditi kissed abhi’s cheeks and leaves with purab.Abhi doesn’t want to leave her but he has no option.
Abhi: thanks for your effort..athat day I told you to try but you did it…thanks ….ragini
Ragini: jiju don’t feel bad…you asked me to pragya di to India…I did and you asked me to bring aditi…I did …so don’t worry…when ever pragya di is out I will bring aditi to you.Abhi says thanks And ragini leaves from there

In the car,
Ragini ” so cute princess how is my suprise
ADITI : super chachi. ..I liked…oh my god.i got my pappa…
Ragini : one condition…don’t say to ma
ADITI : why chachi
Ragini : beta …mumma is quite angry with dad.so let’s dont say to her…
ADITI : ok but if mumma finds..
RAGINI : I will look for it…In pinky promise
ADITI : pinky promise.
They both reached home
Pragua sees them and runs towards aditi
PRAGYA : beta…are you ok na…ragini…how much time
ADITI : mumma i am fine…you don’t worry.
PRAGYA: ok meri ma. ..come let’s go.we have to eat na. .you will be hungry.
ADITI : ya mumma i am so hungry and winks at ragini.ragini signed her to be quite.

Next day……pragya and laksh went for meeting..Abhi calls ragini
Ragini: ha jiju bolo
Abhi: can you bring aditi to my home…dadi wants to see aditi.
Ragini: offo no problem jiju as di went out.I will come with adhu.
She calls adhu and both gets ready.
Sarla: where you both are leaving
Ragini: ma…I am going to see my friends.adhu will be bored n.a. so I am taking her.
Sarla : ok beta.

In the car, ragini says we gonna meet pappa.aditi jumps in eagerness
They reached mm
ADITI holds ragini’s hands as the place is new to her.
Ragini: arey…are you feared. ..it’s your home
Abhi comes there and aditi runs towards him.
Aditi: pappa and hugs him.Abhi too hugged her
Abhi: so my baby doll is looking quite pretty..
ADITI : because she is with her sweet pappa.
Abhi was feeling guilty and says really I am too happy to see you.
RAGINI sees dadi ,dasi and gets blessings from her.aditi too bends to her blessings.Abhi takes her in his arms and dadi missed her cheeks.dasi says she is like her mumma.
ADITI says but mumma will say I am looking like pappa and hugs him.

Suddenly they heard a voice….ADITI….all turns to see its laksh and pragya.pragya was shocked and she could not believe her eyes that her daughter whom she thinks her life lied to her.
Laksh comes to ragini who was standing in shock
Laksh almost shouts …what’s this ragini….you cheated us.for this you asked us to come back to India.I could not believe.you are doing a favour for him.answer me dammit.
Abhi: laksh…ragini didn’t…
Laksh: stop your drama mr. Abhiskek mehra. I am talking to my wife.
Abhi: it’s not like that yaar.
Laksh: oh please don’t start your drama
Dadi: laksh he is your brother.
Laksh: sorry dadi…I don’t have a brother.
Abhi was shocked….
Ragini: laksh it’s important that aditi should know about her father.
Laksh: ragini and raises his hands to slap but he stopped because abhi stopped him.laksh pushed him and starts to beat him…..saying,because of you…we are impatient here.did we did anything wrong…we were enjoying our life in Paris but why the hell you came again.aditi cries by laksh beating abhi.she goes towards laksh and asked him to stop…but laksh asked her to go…she didn’t ….Abhi could see her love for him.she comes inbetween…when laksh raised his hands to beat abhi….it falls on aditi and she falls but abhi catches her.
Abhi: are you mad…you can’t see she is here and makes aditi to stand
Laksh: oh stop your so called drama…we are not interested.
Abhi,I am not doing drama man…I am saying true…that I was searching my daughter and wife for these days.I used to see them only on social sites.I really need both of them.I am asking for a chance only.
Laksh: look at bhabhi…how has she became…and see she is sacrificing her whole life for aditi.but what you did…you ditched her.
Abhi goes to pragya and asked her to speak.prafya could not utter a word because she is really shocked.
PRAGYA moved towards aditi.
Aditi: mumma i…
PRAGYA kneels before her.
Peagya: with teary eyes…adhu beta why you didn’t tell about this
ADITI looks at ragini
PRAGYA understood and says we are leaving to Paris by tomorrow….and takes aditi in her hands and leaves the mm.laksh says it’s her answer…so don’t follow us…and leaves.ragini says sorry to Abhi.Abhi says it’s ok…as he deserves….

Precap: abhi says it’s my daughter so I have all rights on her….pragya cries….please abhi leave us.Abhi tooks aditi with him..

Hope you all liked…see you In next episode

Credit to: riya

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