when darkness meets light (Episode 3)


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Hope you are liking…it’s just like a short story…

The episode starts with pragya gets a call pragya: ha bolo…laksh and ragini comes there.laksh signed what.pragya nods her head.pragya says how can I..no cancel the deal.no I won’t agree ..no…I said n.a. and cuts the call.laksh asked what happened bhabhi. PRAGYA says actually mr. Sharma wants me to agree as his patner but
RAGINI says di…its great.and his partnership. .it’s your dream n.a. di
PRAGYA says But no..he wants me to come to India.laksh asked India.pragya says ha so that I said no.RAGINI says but di its your dream na.pragya says but I can’t …I can’t go back where I have broken.ragini says but di you have to face it.laksh says don’t force her.ragini says are you mad it’s her dream.bhabhi you go I will take care of adhu.aditi comes there …mumma where are you going…don’t go mumma and was about to cry.pragya kneels before her and says I am not going baby. .ragini says di we are going …and we can stay in my home .and we can meet Sarla aunty also…and they too wants to see aditi di. Bulbul called me last night.aditi says ha mumma ,I talked to mausi.pragya looks at laksh.ragini says let’s go di. ADITI says ha mumma let’s go na please.pragya thinks about doctors words. She said okay. ADITI jumps off from her and says ok I will inform to bunny and leaves.

PRAGYA was packing her bags when she saw ragini on the door.she asked her to come.
Ragini: are you mad at me
Pragya: no and why should I
Ragini: that’s my di..you have to be strong di and I and laksh will always support you
Pragya: I know..

In raglak’s room
RAGINI was packing .laksh sits beside ragini.
Ragini: why you came now..do you gonna help me
Laksh: no
RAGINI looked at him… and says oh my god laksh I could not believe you changed .
Laksh: ya I know I am not a God
Ragini: very funny..but I am not in a mood to laugh
Laksh: oh really but why. ..
Ragini: I thought I hurted di.
Laksh: not like that ….she will not take it tough I think
Ragini: hope so
Laksh: so please get ready soon..otherwise flight will not wait till you arrive
Ragini: ha..I will but you too get ready.
ADITI comes there running
Aditi: arey chachu …again flirting with chachi .
Laksh: arey my princess got ready.super looking cute baba..see and learn how to be fast like her
ADITI : are you praising me or taunting me
Laksh: arey yaar…you are doubting on your chachu
RAGINI smiles at them.
Aditi: no chachu ,I am just telling.and finally I am going to see everyone.

PRAGYA comes there ..and says aditi come let them get ready.aditi says mumma when I am coming chachu is Rom ….laksh shuts her mouth and takes her In his hands.aditi tries to get rid of his hold.laksh says it’s our secret and you get ready…I will take her with me and leaves.pragya says get ready ragini…and leaves…

The four reached airport…the inspector notices pragya as a model comes towards them.
Inspector: hi mam. ..how are you
PRAGYA turns and sees a young man in uniform standing before her.
Pragya: oh…Tum. .what are you doing here
Inspector: watching who is beautiful
PRAGYA laughs at him.
Inspector: is she your daughter
Pragya: ha she is….aditi
ADITI : hi uncle
Inspector takes her in his arms…hi beta. .how are you
Aditi: I am fine uncle…mumma who is he
Pragya: ha woh…I forgot..he is my best friend raghav.and raghav he is laksh and ragini.
Raghav: so where are you going
Pragya: India..actually I am having a deal with mr.Sharma
Raghav: that’s great. Best of luck.
Laksh: bhabhi ..it’s time to board
PRAGYA takes aditi from raghav and says see you in India soon
Raghav: ya sure I will help you in board but a selfie please
All poses for selfie and pragya uploaded in social sites.

In India
Abhi sees pragya’s photo and says really both are looking cute and my daughter is the best …and was about to like but stopped.

Meanwhile all the four reAched India. BULBUL recieved then and aditi hugged her
ADITI screamed mausi….and bulbul too hugged her back…
Laksh: arey princess leave her else she will die
Aditi: are you jealous chachu.
Laksh ::ofcourse how can my princess can hug others and pouted.
ADITI says arey chachu and hugs him.

BULBUL says enough of drama ..come let’s go.ragini says you all leave I have to meet ma and dad.laksh says are you sure. .ragini thinks If laksh comes all plans will flop and says ya I am sure…you all leave.pragya ,aditi ,laksh with bulbul leaves to arora’s mansion.

RAGINI comes to a cafe and calls .
Ragini: where are you..how much time it will take….ok I will wait.but please come soon
A man comes there.his face is not shown
Man: how was your trip
Ragini: ya little bit tired …that’s it
Man:oi listen what you have to do next
Ragini: hey wait first I have to say… I made many dramas to bring pragya di here.you know how stubborn she is.
Man: ya I know…that’s why I asked you to blackmail with her emotions
Ragini: you know I lied to laksh and came here…soon tell the plan
Man says something and it’s been muted.
RAGINI says its nice plan ya. ..I will help you…

Who is the man….what he is planning….wait for further updates.

Credit to: riya

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